The Best Receiver For Klipsch Speakers – [2021 Reviews & Buyers Guide]

Best Receiver For Klipsch Speakers

Finding The Best Receiver For Klipsch Speakers

The secret trick to finding the best receiver for Klipsch speakers is finding a well-written, thorough, and insightful article that takes a deep dive into the subject. Unfortunately, you’ll have to settle for this article. But seriously, If you’re like other audiophiles, then your life is incomplete without Klipsch speakers. But unlike them, you’re smart enough to know that if you really want to get under the skin of the music and experience world-class sound, you need to add an AV receiver to the setup. To find out more about the best receivers on the market, read on.

There is a plethora of receivers in the market, each with proprietary technology that is hard to understand. Often you don’t need the full gamut of features offered by any of these brands; Can your receiver can be connected easily with either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?, does it have enough channels, sufficient HDMI ports, and scope for video upconversion?; finally, do you want a multi-room or a single room usage?

List out your must-have features and then start the hunt. If you’re short of time or confidence, this guide will give you an in-depth review of 4 of the Best receivers for Klipsch speakers currently available on Amazon.

1- Denon AVR-X3200W 7.2-Channel

[Editor’s Choice]

 Denon AVR-X3200W 7.2-Channel Full 4K Ultra HD AV Receiver with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Simply the Best Receiver for Klipsch Speakers on the Market

This is the latest release from Denon which will enhance your 3D surround sound experience. In our opinion, it is the best receiver for Klipsch speakers due to the features and sound quality that all Denon products are known for in the industry. It’s not only one of the top receivers according to customer reviews, but It is also one of the few receivers that offer multi-room functions where you can wirelessly play music from multiple sources and multiple rooms simultaneously. The Wi-Fi remote app always keeps you in control irrespective of where you are in the house.

6 Denon AVR X3200W Highlights:

  1. Easy Control – You can download the Denon AVR Remote app to control your receiver with any of your portable devices like the iPhone or Android devices. The front panel is not crowded nor is the rear difficult to understand and maneuver. There are stickers to identify different speaker cables to prevent errors in connection.
  2. Easy Setup – The receiver comes with an exclusive Setup Assistant along with the Quick Start Guide that smoothens the process of connecting and configuring the device. The setup assistant showcases clear on-screen graphics with corresponding text to help you understand the setup process easily. There is an advanced graphical user interface that makes daily operation simple. The remote is a bonus; you can operate the device from wherever you are.
  3. Full support for 4K video – The receiver comes fully equipped to support the latest video processing for the 4K ultra HD at 60 Hz full-rate video. Further, there is a full suite of video calibration controls certified by the Imaging Science foundation coupled with ISF Day and ISF Night video modes to enhance your video quality.
  4. Ultimate home theater experience – You can enjoy movie-quality sound in your very living room with the AVR-X3200W, which can connect a 5.1 surround sound speaker system and 2 more overhead speakers or 2 Dolby up-firing speakers (Atmos-certified). Dolby Surround Up mixing, Dolby TrueHD, and other Dolby Digital technologies are also present in this device. The DTS:X provides surround sound experience of pristine quality.
  5. Audyssey-MultEQ XT – You can experience the most natural tonal balance in accordance with the room’s acoustics with the Audyssey MultEQ XT. This feature includes room equalization, Dynamic EQ, and Dynamic Volume. The Audyssey Dynamic EQ is so advanced that it can adjust the tonal balance even at lower volume levels so that you can hear the full range of sound. It also manages the volume jumps during commercials smoothly.
  6. Multi-Source/Multi-room – To enjoy the full range of music and the delicate nuances you no longer have to be in the same room as the source. By connecting to an additional pair of stereo speakers in another room and pairing the speakers with an amplifier channel you can enjoy music in multiple rooms. You can also connect the 2nd zone with stereo preamp outputs.

Other Notable Specifications

  • 7 channels with 105W per channel
  • Built-inWi-Fi with dual antenna to listen to internet radio stations and supports Spotify and Pandora
  • built-in Bluetooth connects with smartphones
  • Dolby Atmos for enveloping sound
  • DTS: X for immersive sound
  • Audyssey MultEQ XT room equalization
  • ECO mode with off/on/auto setting
  • DLNA certified for streaming music
  • HDMI dual-zone allows watching video from different sources in different zones simultaneously.

Final Conclusions – Why is the X3200W the best receiver for Klipsch speakers?

The Denon AVR-X3200W is an attractive combination of good looks, performance, and great features. It is a well-built receiver that is thoughtfully designed with a simple front-panel and uncluttered rear. A great surround sound complemented with the Audyssey equalizer lead to a mesmerizing audio experience. This is a great midrange receiver that is ready for any future technological advancements.

2- Harman Kardon AVR 1510

Harman Kardon AVR 1510 5.1-Channel 75-Watt Networked

The Best Receiver for Klipsch Speakers for the Price

The brand means business and no fancy minimal usage features clutter the rear or the front of the receiver.1510has 5.1 channel with 4 3D HDMI inputs and 4K pass-through. The looks of 1510 belie the power it can produce at 375 watts. It is a well-designed receiver which is suitable for a home theater and a standard living room.

A little short of $250, this receiver is well worth the price. When compared with the other brands it is cheap, but only in price and not in features, sound quality or build. It is a nice looking matte-finished lightweight receiver that packs a punch in its small size.

Sound Quality

The mid and high frequencies are clean and crisp while the bass is energetic. Overall the sound is well balanced and does not give room for complaint. There is no auto-calibration and you must manually calibrate the multichannel mode. But once done, you will be pleased with the dynamics and the effects.

Color-coded connectors

A common mistake novices make is to err while connecting the various cables and then crib about the poor quality of the product. To overcome this very basic issue, the Harman receiver has color-coded connectors that prevent wrong connections.

Notable specifications

  • 1 surround system with 75 watts per channel
  • Integrated Green Edge technology to reduce the carbon footprint
  • DLNA 1.5 network connectivity
  • Built-in vTuner Internet radio
  • Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding
  • no phone input so you can’t turntable
  • Multidevice, programmable remote control

Overall summary

Good looks, lightweight nature, and great sound quality are found in the HarmanKardon AVR 1510. Harman Kardon’s GreenEdge™ amplifier technology ensures that the receiver is energy efficient as it uses less energy and produces less heat. Thus, when you have a budget constraint but love great sound, and prefer easy to install and ease to connect the receiver, then you should check out the AVR 1510.

3 – Yamaha R-S201BL 2-Channel Stereo Receiver

[Top Rated]

 Yamaha R-S201BL 2-Channel Stereo Receiver

Best Receiver For Klipsch Speakers

One of the most notable names in the industry, the Yamaha R-S201BL is one of the top contenders for the Best receivers for Klipsch speakers in the affordable price range. An easy to set up multichannel stereo receiver, the Yamaha will endear itself to you in no time. You can control the bass and treble too with the remote control in this model. Without too much fuss on high-tech features, the R-S201BL does its job which amplifies sound while maintaining the tone and clarity without distortion.

High-quality Sound and Lots of Stations

The power transformer has been cleverly placed near the power amp circuit to reduce power loss while simultaneously increasing the volume output. The risk of interference is eliminated in this design. As a result, you can experience high-quality sound that is clear and open.

You can listen to up to 40 AM and FM stations that you receive in your area. In fact, auto pre-set automatically registers FM in your area. You can either use the remote or directly tune into any frequency of your choice.

The Best Receiver for Klipsch Speakers for Simplicity of Design

Simplicity is the hallmark of all Yamaha devices and the R-S 201 is no exception to this rule. It blends well with other audio equipment harmoniously with its elegant hairline finish. It is easy to set up and use as well. Some of its other design features include:

  1. Power Saving – The R-S201 is a good energy-efficient model that automatically goes to the standby mode when not used for a long period of time. You can set the device to sleep mode and set the time to two, four, eight, or even 12 hours. During the standby mode, the power consumption is a mere 0.5 W.
  2. Analog Inputs/Output – Though the Yamaha R-S201 is on the lower rung it still has four analog stereo RCA inputs wherein you can connect four different audio components. You can connect a CD recorder or any other recording device to the single stereo RCA output.
  3. A & B Speaker Terminals – There are two speaker terminals A and B whose switch is on the front panel of the R-S201. This design feature aids in the selection of the speakers in case you want to switch between speakers. You can also bi-wire compatible speakers to the speaker terminal simultaneously.

Notable Specifications

  • 40 Station FM/AM Preset Tuning
  • 2 channels with 100 watts
  • 4 stereo RCA audio inputs
  • full-size (1/4″) headphone jack
  • sleep timer.

Overall summary

If your need is a simple no frill receiver that does the job of amplifying sound loud and clear then the Yamaha R-S201 is a great choice. You can connect up to four sources and two speakers at a time. On the flip side, it cannot be connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It does not have any video or digital audio inputs. The speaker terminals are cheap and flimsy. But these are minor irritants for those on a budget when all you want is clear natural sound at no extra cost.

4 – Pioneer VSX-530-K 5.1 Channel AV Receiver

 Pioneer VSX-530-K 5.1 Channel AV Receiver with Dolby True HD & Built-In Bluetooth Wireless Technology

Best Receiver For Klipsch Speakers

The Best Receiver for Klipsch Speakers at the Entry-Level

This is an entry-level AV receiver aimed at those who are creating their own home theater, and while it may not have all the bells and whistles of more expensive brands, The Pioneer VSX supports sound technologies like Dolby true HD, Digital Plus and DTS-HD master audio that give a lot more depth and dimension to the normal sound. You can also stream audio via Bluetooth from your androids and iPhone, so in terms of functionality, it has everything you need for a good price.

Superior Entry-Level Features:

HDMI Resolution – You can view 4K Ultra HD video at 60 frames per second on any compatible device. There are 4 input and 1 output HDMI ports sufficient to connect your cable boxes, game console, and Blue-ray Disc players.

Dedicated Power – There are 5 channels in this receiver and each has its own dedicated amplifier which is very useful to maintain the wattage (140 per channel) and deliver a great sound. Phase Control technology gives consistent and clear sound by eliminating phase lag.

Advanced sound retriever – You can restore the audio quality of compressed audio files like the MP3 sounds. The retrieved sound on the pioneer is dynamic and of decent quality.

The Best Receiver for Klipsch Speakers…and Eco-Friendliness

It is important to conserve power in the present scenario and that is the reason the Pioneer AV receiver has an energy-saving ECO mode that consumes only 0.1 watts in standby mode. This model analyses the sources in real-time and adjusts power consumption accordingly. You can manually set it up too.

Other Notable specifications 

  • Ultra HD Pass-through with HDCP 2.2
  • Built-in Bluetooth with aptX
  • HDCP 2.2 technology assures compatibility with TVs (all HDMI inputs/monitor output) as well as 4K Ultra HD sources
  • There are 2 in and 1 out port for composite video switching
  • preamp output for a powered subwoofer
  • front-panel USB port for audio playback from a USB memory device

Overall summary

For an entry-level model, the Pioneer does a decent job. Its phase control technology corrects the bass lag and you get to hear a rich and full bass. Furthermore, for a little under $300, the product is good value for money and is suited for the simple home theater user who does not want too much technology that is confounding. The only fall out here is the lack of a built-in calibration system which makes it an ordeal to set up the speakers.

Final Thoughts – Which brand makes the best receiver for Klipsch speakers

Yes, using a receiver along with the best speakers will enhance your listening experience but before you buy any particular model, make a list of the must-have features and the not so important features in a receiver. This will help you in narrowing your choices and also in buying a device that is best suited for your needs. Hopefully, this article will help you make an informed choice.

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