Bose CineMate 15 Speaker System Review – [Pros & Cons 2023]

Bose Cinemate 15 Review

Bose Cinemate 15 ReviewBose Cinemate 15 Review

Bose Cinemate 15 Review – Small Size, Big Sound!

If you think soundbars cannot give the same sound as a full speaker system, then think again. Their small size may be misleading, but they give you an incredible sound experience that will blow your mind. They are the virtual sound counterparts of the real surround system. You also won’t have to struggle with the placement of speakers and go through an elaborate set-up with cumbersome wires to deal with too.

Don’t fall into the trap of buying cheap soundbars that only waste your money or frustrate you with their poor performance. Some of them even fall apart or completely stop working after just a few uses.

But even if you eliminate the cheap ones, you will still be left with so many options that narrowing down on that one product which ticks all the right boxes can be quite time-consuming. But don’t worry as we have you covered with our Bose Cinemate 15 review. Read on to find out more details.

Bose Cinemate 15 Specs

  • Brilliant overall sound with an impressive bass
  • Universal remote for ease of use
  • Multiple input ports for connectivity
  • Easy to install with just a single cable connecting to the soundbar
  • Backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Does The Bose Cinemate 15 Give You an Incredible Sound Experience?

Bose Cinemate 15 reviews

If you have a great flat panel TV sitting on your living room wall, then you definitely need a good sound to go with it. In case you haven’t figured it out already, the inbuilt speakers that come with most flat-panel TVs don’t do enough justice to match their picture quality. They are just way too small to produce enough depth and clarity in sound.

The Bose Cinemate 15 is quite an affordable sound bar for its sound quality not to forget that it comes from Bose, a name that is synonymous with great sound. No matter how much you try and tweak your TV’s sound settings, there is no way that you can get the amazing bass and sound quality that you can get from soundbars in general. The Cinemate 15 hence, will be an excellent choice if you are looking to upgrade your TV sound.

Below we tease the features of this great soundbar so that you can decide if it is the right one for your requirements.


 Bose CineMate 15

The Cinemate 15 is extremely small when compared to other soundbars in the segment; 3.25 inches to be exact. This is because, the sub-woofer is separate from the soundbar and due to this it adds such an excellent bass sound to your movies, TV shows, games and sports.

As the sub-woofer is separate it can be kept away from the TV unit to give your TV area a neat and organized look. The sound bar has a front grilles behind which are the powerful transducers. They are placed in a four-speaker array pattern to produce the most powerful sound for a sound bar its size.

The sub-woofer, on the other hand, has a front slot at the base through which the powerful bass sound emanates. It comes with two rubber feet at the bottom to keep it stable through the rumblings. It also has a knob at the back to turn the volume of the sub-woofer up or down. The entire system comes in a full-black matte finish that blends in with any flat panel TV.

TrueSpace Technology

The Cinemate 15 comes with TrueSpace technology which is what makes such a compact soundbar sound so full and cover an entire room. You can hear the sound traveling well beyond the soundbar and filling the room with a virtual presence that mimics true surround sound from a full-fledged speaker system.

Universal Remote

It is quite a common sight in most households to find the coffee table filled with remote controls. Not only does this give a cluttered look to your living room but it can also frustrate you when you want to find the right remote for the desired input source.

But you can say goodbye to fumbling with remotes as the Cinemate 15 comes with a universal IR remote. This single remote can be used to control the various input devices that are connected to your TV. You can program it easily to work with everything from your cable box to Blu-ray disc players, DVD players and much more.


The most impressive part of the Cinemate 15 is its bass as it covers the entire low range with super-ease. Now you will not only hear your bass sounds clearly but you will also be able to feel the thump with the powerful Acoustimass sub-woofer.

Equally impressive are the mids and the high’s giving you an overall sound that you can’t believe comes out of such a compact soundbar. Not only does the Cinemate 15 let you hear background sounds in all their richness, you will finally be glad that you can actually hear the dialogues clearly as you would at the movies.


After its incredible sound, the next important selling point of the Cinemate 15has to be its compact size. It has a very small footprint and is ideal even if you have a smaller TV or have a space constraint. This soundbar is an excellent choice for those living in very tight spaces and hence cannot afford the space required for a full-fledged speaker system.

The soundbar measures 3.25 x 12 x 2.75 inches which is extremely compact going by most soundbar measurements. So it will hardly take any space on your TV stand and will be great for you if you like a minimal look.

The sub-woofer or the Acoustimass isn’t small but it gives you the freedom to place it anywhere in the room. It measures 14.5 x8.8 x 19.1 inches and can be placed in the corner of the room, next to the TV stand or even behind your furniture.

Input Ports

The Cinemate 15 comes with both analog and digital input ports making it compatible with almost every TV that you can find on the market. There is a port each for optical, analog stereo and coaxial digital inputs. It even comes with the RCA cable and the optical digital cable in the box to let you enjoy brilliant sound right out of the box.

Easy Set-Up

Not only is the Cinemate 15 easy to use with the universal remote but it is also very easy to set-up. There is only a single cable that connects the soundbar to your TV. Another cable connects the Acoustimass sub-woofer to the soundbar. Now all you need to do is plug the power cord into a nearby socket and you are good to go. The whole set-up will probably take you less than 5 minutes which is great if you can’t wait to hear its exceptional sound quality.


Buying a complete speaker system for your home theatre can easily cost you over a thousand dollars. This might not be a problem if you don’t mind splurging on a good speaker system and also have the required space for it. But you can get the Cinemate 15 for just half the price and one that will only take a fraction of its space. This is not only a steal deal for the quality of sound you will enjoy but is also well worth your money as it is a quality product that is long-lasting.


You don’t even have to think twice about quality when you purchase from a reputed brand such as Bose who have been making quality sound products for half a century. Nevertheless, the Cinemate 15 comes with a 1-year standard manufacturer’s warranty for a complete peace of mind.


  • A great sounding bass for movies, shows and more
  • Input ports for analog, digital optical and coaxial options
  • An aesthetically pleasing modern design
  • Easy installation that involves only a single cable connection
  • Hide-away sub-woofer for a minimal look


  • The sound bar does not have a wall-mounting interface and is hence limited to placement on a table or TV stand
  • No wireless Bluetooth connectivity


Unlike some affordable soundbar systems on the market that give you a ton of features, the Bose Cinemate 15 focuses on just one thing. And that is an incredible sound experience from the smallest sound bar you will ever find.

Whether you are watching a movie or playing video games or just watching your favorite TV show, you will experience movie like sounds and an immersive sound experience with the Cinemate 15.

It also comes from a top brand such as Bose who have been making quality sound products for more than 50 years. So quality is something that you will get by default and a complete peace of mind too. The Bose Cinemate 15 has some great customer reviews and though it may not have a very small price tag it is definitely worth the sound it produces.

Go ahead and get one yourself to see what you have been missing all these days. It’s never too late to enjoy great sound.

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