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Leupold Rx-1300i TBR Laser Rangefinder

Leupold RX 1300I TBR Review- The Best Choice for Hunters

Rangefinders have evolved over the years and their applications have expanded as well. Laser rangefinders continue to be one of the most popular choices for hunting etc. This Leupold RX 1300i tbr review will discuss this feature-rich laser rangefinder, which is the most popular model from Leupold. This one is slightly on the expensive side, but with its durable build and consistent performance, it is worth every penny. It has everything that a good rangefinder would require, including top-notch optic elements and glowing reviews from people who’ve actually used it.

It comes in a compact size and weighs very little. Despite the smaller size, its durability is something that makes it a top contender in against its competition. At the most basic level, all laser rangefinders are the same. They all work on the concept of recording the time taken for the projected laser beam to return to its source after bouncing off the target being acquired. This time is then used to calculate the distance at which the object is positioned. But there are several distinct features with each rangefinder that can dramatically affect how each one performs.

Based on the intended application, you can narrow down the available laser rangefinders. Some are used in golf, some in photography, but hunting is one area where rangefinders were an instant hit. Based on whether you’re using your rangefinder for rifle shooting or bow hunting, there are some finer points to consider. If you’re looking for a rangefinder that can be used in a wide variety of contexts, involving both bows and firearms then the Leupold Rx 1300i tbr is a perfect choice.

The Leupold RX 1300I TBR – Features and Specs

  • 100% waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof
  • There is a wind adjustment feature added in the new and upgraded Leupold RX 1300i tbr/W variant
  • The RX range in Leupold rangefinders are specially designed for hunting
  • Range: 5-1300 yards (for reflective target)
  • Comes with an auto shut down option. This turns off the rangefinder after 7 seconds of inactivity
  • Powered by CR2 battery which can last for nearly 4000 measurements
  • Comes with a sealed casing that is waterproof
  • Measurements displayed in meters and yards
  • For the targets in motion, there is a scan down mode included
  • This one comes built with an inclinometer for angle measurements

Is Leupold Rx 1300i tbr the most versatile laser rangefinder?

Given the precision of targeting a variety of targets, laser rangefinders are known to be useful not just for hunting but also in golf and some marine applications. Be it to find how far an animal is from you or how far a hurdle like a tree or a rock is located on the path, laser rangefinders like the Leupold Rx 1300i tbr are very useful.

The TBR in the name stands for True Ballistic Range. This takes its flavor by combining the benefits of sophisticated range finding strategies with the measurements of inclination so as to provide accurate readings. This rangefinder is precise to a yard irrespective of the position of the target and the angle of inclination to the laser beam fired.

The FDA Class 1 or the IEC Class 3R certified laser is known to be safe for the eyes on accidental exposure. But as a general rule, it is advised to avoid direct contact with the laser.

Design and looks

There is nothing complicated about the controls on this rangefinder though there are numerous things that this one can do. It is easy to use eyepiece which focuses clearly. The battery compartment is provided at the back just below the focus eyepiece. The power button is on the top and is easily accessible when you have your eyes fixed on the target. Conveniently placed on the side. The lenses do not fog and this can be used in cold weather. But the casing is not submersible in water. The outer rubber textured surface doesn’t just enhance the looks but also offers a great grip even with sweaty hands. And this surface doesn’t show scratches easily.

OLED display

The Leupold RX 1300i tbr comes with a clear OLED display. And when the displayed is deactivated you can use this rangefinder as a monocular to simply view your target. The TBR distance to the target from the rangefinder would be displayed either in meters or yards as selected. The angles can also be seen there. One other useful aspect of the display is the power indication provided. So you can be ready for a replacement battery when the battery bar indicates a low battery.

Easy operation

All you have to do is to first focus on the target with the eyepiece. Then you can aim the laser by clicking on the power button with the reticle locking in on the target. This would instantly display the distance without any trouble. The whole process would occur in seconds even for a target that is located far away.

The convenient range calculation modes

TBR mode is by default for rifle users. This might take a little getting used to but once you get the hang of it this is pretty simple to measure the distance before you calculate your shots. The MOA, holdover and BAS readings make it easy to fine-tune your shots. BAS is the horizontal distance, HOLD and MIL indicate the essential holdover, MOA indicates the minute of angle alterations required, and TRIG- the horizontal and vertical range.

BOW indicates the horizontal range calculations for arrow shooting.

Finally, there is the straight horizontal distance displayed when the LOS or line of sight mode is selected.


  • The compact size fits easily and the controls are positioned without any clutter making this rangefinder an absolute pleasure to use. And so you can easily stash it in your bag without adding a bulk
  • The red colored readings on the display come with a decent contrast rate. This makes the viewing of the readings so much simpler even when there is bright light shining on the display creating a glare
  • The objective lens diameter of 22mm is quite good for a laser rangefinder with a magnification of 6x. The other good aspect is the comfortable eye relief of 17mm which makes it easy to view the image even when you have your glasses on
  • The lens coatings prevent glares and enhance the transmission rate resulting in sharper images before you aim the laser
  • The menu is pretty convenient to use. There are just two buttons, on the whole, the Power, and the Mode buttons. So use them to select and scroll through the menu options and you are ready to use the rangefinder in no time.


  • This design is pretty neat with all essential controls but when you plan to use a tripod this is not the best one in the market. There is no provision for adding a tripod
  • The package contents is another aspect that many users would not like. Rangefinders in the same price segment all come with a handful of fancy accessories to improve the use. But this one doesn’t contain straps or even a carry case. So you would have to spend on them separately.
  • The auto power off feature is good to conserve the battery. But it only waits for 7 seconds before turning off the unit. This is a very short duration and can get annoying sometimes.

In Conclusion…

If you are looking to add a rangefinder to complement your hunting rifle this one makes a perfect choice. Though it does offer a good range and precision it is not designed to aim at tiny objects and so this one doesn’t work for golfers. The RX collection is for hunters after all and there is the GX range from the brand that is designed for golf.

Balancing price and value perfectly this one is pretty tough. So it makes a great option for those looking for a long-term option. The bulk of features that you would find on this rangefinder is definitely going to make it easier for you to quickly and accurately take care of range calculations in your hunting expeditions. If you can live with the fact that you cannot use a tripod on this one for the longer distances then there is not much to complain when you tap the basic features. Facilities to estimate holdover and other parameters are very useful for shooters and can rectify some dire faults in the bullet trajectory. Whether you are a pro looking for a perfect range calculating companion for your rifle or a beginner trying to master your shooting skills this one is surely going to up the ante and make things more manageable for you. This makes this laser rangefinder worth every penny spent.


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