Top 8 Best AAA Flashlights of 2021 – [Reviews & Buyer Guide]

Best AAA Flashlight

Illuminate Your every Adventure With The Best AAA Flashlight

Whether you are at home enduring a power outage or outdoor camping, a reliable and easy to carry flashlight can save you from potential accidents. AAA flashlights combine a small size and a greater light output in one to give you the best of both worlds.

But as there are only a million products out there, we wanted to simplify your selection process. Below we have reviewed some of the top models and the bestsellers to help you choose the best AAA flashlight for your needs. Read on for more details.

1. Streamlight Microstream AAA Alkaline Battery-Powered Flashlight

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 Streamlight 66318 MicroStream Ultra-compact Aluminum body Flashlight with AAA Alkaline Battery

The Streamlight Microstream is a new and improved version with some great features thrown into it. It is a super light and powerful flashlight that is perfect for everyday carry.

This small and compact pen flashlight produces 45 lumens of bright light to help you with most tasks in the dark. It runs on just a single AAA battery and will easily last you about 2.25 hours. But you can also extend the battery life by using the tail switch for quick flashes. Press the button gently and hold for quick illumination or press it hard to leave it on/off.

The two-way pocket clip has a brilliant design wherein it loops back almost the whole length. So you can use it to clip the flashlight either to your pocket or your cap for hands-free comfort.

It’s a well-built flashlight made of aircraft grade anodized aluminum making it corrosion and scratch-resistant. It has a polycarbonate body lining, a shock-proof switch and an unbreakable polycarbonate lens. O-ring seals make them moisture-proof.

It has been drop tested from more than 6 feet height. You’ll never have to replace the LED light as it lasts 30,000 hours of use.

You can also enjoy a limited lifetime warranty on this flashlight and the affordable price tag too.

2. ThruNite Ti3 EDC Cree XP-G2 R5 LED Flashlight

 ThruNite Ti3 EDC Cree XP-G2 R5 AAA Torch Max120 Lumens LED Flashlight, Mini, Cool White

The ThruNite Ti3 is probably so cute and compact that you will fall in love with its looks before you like its great features. It can easily become the best AAA flashlight for your EDC.

Successive twist and on and off lets you switch modes. With the strobe mode, you can get an amazing 120 lumens of light which will last 60 minutes. But you can also use the firefly mode with a 0.04lumen output and extend the battery light to a whopping 115 hours. There is also a low mode which gives you 12 lumens for 6.3 hours. Use it the way you want to.

At first, the pocket clip looks like it doesn’t have the hat clip feature. But its brilliant design lets you reverse it according to your needs and hence will double as a hat clip when fixed in the middle of the torch instead of the end.

Though it is very compact, it is a solid and well-built flashlight made with aircraft grade aluminum. The surface stays new owing to the hard-anodized finish that makes it abrasion-resistant. The LED will last you a good two decades of use. An added bonus is that the flashlight is also waterproof as per IPX-8 standards.

This sturdy little flashlight is backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

3. Maglite Solitaire LED 1-Cell AAA Flashlight

 Maglite Solitaire LED 1-Cell AAA Flashlight Black

Now you don’t need to buy cheap flashlights that stop working after just a few uses. The Maglite Solitaire is a keychain-size AAA flashlight that is budget-friendly too.

If you have ever owned the 1988 Solitaire flashlight, then the design of this one will make your nostalgic. It works on a twist operation and so you won’t have to grope for the switch in the dark. Twisting the beam lets you switch from spot to beam mode. Despite its small size it is so powerful giving out 47 lumens and with a whopping beam distance of 47 m. It also has a good run time of 1 hour and 45 minutes.

The flashlight is drop-resistant and will be a great flashlight to take with you while trekking, camping, fishing etc. In addition to being anodized on the outer surface, it is also anodized inside for superior protection from abrasion and corrosion. The best part is that it is completely waterproof with weather resistant seals and can tolerate a depth of 1m.

It comes with a lanyard to attach the light to your keys and a cool bonus is the hidden spare light inside the light cap. This key-chain flashlight can do more than you think and is long-lasting too.

4. Olight 90 Lumens i3E EOS PMMA TIR lens AAA Flashlight

 OLIGHT 90 Lumens i3E EOS PMMA TIR Lens AAA Flashlight Compact Keychain Flashlite EDC Flashlight

The Olight i3E is a new and improved version of the Olight i3s. Only slightly larger than a AAA battery, the i3E is a very compact key-chain flashlight that is perfect for EDC.

You will be amazed at the brightness of this tiny wonder. It gives120 lumens of super brightness which is uniformly distributed. The special feature of this flash light is a Philips LUXEON TX LED which together with the PMMA TIR lens gives an incredible beam distance. With a beam distance of 48m, it can illuminate even the far end of a medium-sized parking lot.

This flashlight is IPX8 rated to be waterproof and is made of durable aluminum alloy to make it long-lasting. The outer surface is hard anodized to protect from abrasion and rust. It is so smooth that you can carry it in your pocket or bag without worrying about it catching on to the cloth fibers.

It has a run time of 35 minutes when you use an alkaline AAA battery. However, you can push it to 60 minutes if you use an Enelooppro 900mAh NIMH battery. This is perfect for those who do not like multiple modes as you get a super powerful light with just a twist of the head. This light will last up to 60,000 hours.

5. ThorFire PF01S Led Pen Light AAA Flashlight

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 Thorfire Mini Flashlight, PF01S Led Penlight 120 Lumen Super Bright EDC Pocket Light with Memory, Powered by Single AAA Battery (Not Included)

The ThorFire PF01S is another best AAA flashlight that we will review. It is an even better version than its predecessor, the Thorfire PF01.

It is a small pen-sized AAA flashlight with a brightness of 100 lumens. Depending on the situation you can choose from the three modes namely, high, medium and strobe. The tail switch acts as a tactical momentary on switch that you can hold for quick uses. Press the same button till it clicks for constant on or off.

This mini flashlight can take quite a beating as it is made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy making it shock-proof and corrosion-resistant. Weighing a mere ounce, it is super light and small to go into your pocket, handbags, purse or even a tool bag. The reversible clip can be used for clipping on to your pocket or even the brim of a hat. The clip can also be removed if you don’t need it.

You can use this flashlight even in wet conditions as it is IPX 7 rated to be waterproof. What’s even better it has a textured surface which lets you grip the torch well in such conditions. You can take it with you as an everyday carry light or on your treks, camps and much more. It comes at a great price point too.

6. Anker Bolder LC40 LED Flashlight

 Anker [Rechargeable] Bolder LC40 Flashlight, LED Torch, Super Bright 400 Lumens CREE LED, IP65 Water Resistant, 5 Modes High/Medium/Low/Strobe/SOS, Indoor/Outdoor (Camping, Hiking and Emergency Use)

If super-brightness is what you look for in your flashlight, then you will love the Anker Bolder LC40. It gives 400 lumens of ultra powerful light to light up your entire driveway.

It has a beam distance of 330 ft. and easily illuminates up to 600 ft. So if you don’t want to waste precious battery life, then you can use either the high or the low mode instead of the full power, strobe mode.

The LED is long lasting and will easily last you up to 50000 hours of use. You can get up to 4 hours if you use 3 AAA batteries. But if that’s not enough, you have the option of using a rechargeable 18650 battery that will give you 6 hours of light.

It is very compact and light making it easy to carry in your shirt or trouser pocket for quick access. The IP65 weather resistance rating makes it water and dust proof. The anti-slip design will let you grip your torch even in wet conditions.

Go hands-free as the LC40 can stand upright to light up a room or your camping tent. It can even be mounted on to your bike for riding in the dark.

This little powerful flashlight is backed by an 18-month manufacturer’s warranty.

7. LUMINTOP Tool AAA 110 Lumen Keychain EDC LED Mini Flashlight

 LUMINTOP TOOL AAA Mini EDC Flashlight, Pocket-Sized Keychain Flashlight, Super Bright 110lm OSRAM LED, 3 Modes, IP68 Waterproof, Best Tools for Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Backpacking, Fishing and EDC

If you like compact but powerful flashlights that have a ton of features, then you should consider the mini AAA flashlight from Lumintop.

True to its name, it has a top power of 110 lumens which is a lot for a flashlight that is so tiny. If you need a quiet operation, then twist the head to switch modes from medium, low and high. Use the tail switch to switch between these modes when you click the switch on and off successively.

It always starts at the medium mode which is sufficient for most uses and helps extend battery life. If you want to get the maximum out of your battery then you can use the low mode which will last a good 36 hours.

This mini light uses Cree XP-G2 LEDs that are known for giving very bright light. The lifespan of this light is 50000 hours which means you won’t have to replace the light ever. The body is made of durable aerospace aluminum alloy with that is hard-anodized for scratch-resistance and textured for a superior grip

It comes with a replaceable magnetic tail cap which when fixed can be used to stick your flashlight to any iron surface. The reversible clip can be used for both pocket and hat clipping. All in all, a great choice for those who need a versatile flashlight.

8. GLAREE E03 Keychain Flashlight

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 GLAREE E03 Keychain Flashlight, CREE LED 150 Lumens Mini Torch AAA Battery EDC Pocket Penlight Portable Emergency Light

The Gkaree E03 packs quite a lot of features and comes at a budget-friendly price point. It is only 2.75 inches long making it really compact and portable for EDC.

It give out a powerful 150 lumens of light and has a good beam distance of 49 yards. The CREE LED light is not just powerful but is long lasting with a life of 10000 hours.

Just twist the head to progressively move from moonlight to low light to high mode. Twist the head on and off twice successively to turn on the strobe mode. As the light is so small, the twist operation can be done with just one hand.

Equipped with O-rings the flashlight is waterproof up to 2m depth and is also scratch-resistant due to its hard anodized finish. The shaft comes with a textured surface that helps in excellent grip even in all conditions.

You can carry this flashlight in multiple ways. Use the pocket clip to fix it to your pocket or reverse it to clip it to your hat or simply use the keychain clip to attach to the loop of your trousers. It is a great flashlight that you can take with you wherever you go. This little keychain flashlight is backed by a 2-year warranty.

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How To Choose The Best AAA Flashlight?

Best AAA Flashlights

Follow the guidelines below to choose the best AAA flashlight for your needs.


AAA flashlights are generally smaller and compact and can be as small as only the size of the AAA battery. They fit into the palm of your hand. Choose a small size if you want to carry it in your pocket or slightly larger ones for carrying in a purse or tool bag.


The brightness is measured in lumens and a higher lumen rating corresponds to higher light intensity. Surprisingly AAA flashlights give you power that is equal to regular flashlights. A standard rating of 70 to 85 is ideal for most uses. However, you can also choose a higher rating which can go up to a whopping 400 lumens depending on your needs


The beam of the light in a flashlight can either be wide or narrow with some giving you the option of both. Depending on whether you want long distance coverage or not you can choose between flood and throw lights.


The strobe function lets you push your flashlight to its highest limits giving you maximum brightness. Look for the strobe feature if you occasionally need to use high power.

Switch type

AAA flashlights come with click type and twist type switches for on/off control and for switching between the different light intensity modes. Clicking is easier and useful for one-handed operation while the twist switch is quieter and useful in tactical situations.

Finally, read up more reviews of the product that you have narrowed down on to make sure you are happy with your purchase. You can also ask your friends and family for recommendation to be doubly sure of your choice.

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