AOMAIS Sport II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review – [Pros & Cons 2023]

Aomais Sport II Review

Aomais Sport II Review – For Music Anywhere And Everywhere

If you can’t live without your music and take your earphones wherever you go, then it’s time to take your music listening to the next level. Bluetooth speakers let you take your music wherever you go and give you a better sound experience than just your earphones minus the sore ears.

There are Bluetooth speakers that are cute, some that give you brilliant sound and some that are durable. But how do you go about selecting Bluetooth speakers that have the right mix of everything you are looking for from an affordable price tag to great features to good looks and durability?

We want to simplify this task for you and we found the Aomais Sport II that checks all the right boxes. Read our review below to find out if the Aomais Sport II will be the one for your needs.

Aomais Sport II Specs

  • Powerful speakers with a total output of 20W
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity that is reliable
  • IPX7 waterproof certification
  • Stays waterproof at 1m depth up to 30 minutes
  • A rugged and durable construction
  • Answer phone calls with Hands-free comfort
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Is The Aomais Sport II Really As Good As Name-Brands?

Aomais Sport II

Most often than not, the easiest way to find good quality Bluetooth speakers is to get one that is branded. But these branded products also happen to have a bigger price tag. So what do you do when you want quality speakers on a budget? The Aomais Sport II is the perfect answer to your quest for Bluetooth speakers that are comparable to name-brands but without the hefty price tag.


The Aomais Sport II will instantly catch your attention with its 90s boombox design. It has a very rugged look with every inch of its body reinforced in some way or the other. It’s one of those Bluetooth speakers you know that you can hold easily in your hands because of the superior grip that it provides.

The full black color is broken with the bright orange trims which add to its bold and rugged looks. The front is a nice metal mesh grill that resembles regular speakers. Excepting this mesh grill, the rest of the body is covered in thick rubber making it scratch and waterproof.

In fact, on the left, there is a thick rubber flap that keeps the micro USB and Aux ports waterproof.  The top has all the music controls in a depressed area and on either side of it are grooves which making holding the speakers with one hand effortless.


You don’t want just an amplified sound from your Bluetooth speakers and that is why you will love the Sport II. It has a powerful 20W speaker that produces brilliant sound for its size. The high-ends and bass are heard very prominently on the Sport II which adds to the overall quality of the sound without compromising on the mids.

With regards to its max volume, you will be surprised at how loud this little speaker can get. It is powerful enough to fill a large room easily and that too without having to use at max volume. But even if you used max volume you won’t have to put up with annoying distortion with the Sport II unlike some other Bluetooth speakers.

Stereo Pairing

Aomais Sport II

Add more fun to your parties with stereo sound. Yes! This is absolutely possible if you have two Sport II speakers and you can pair them together to experience brilliant surround effect that is 40W powerful. As it is so pocket-friendly chances are that you wouldn’t mind buying them as a pair or maybe your friend has one too.

Wind Reduction Technology

You want the same great quality of sound even when you are outdoors and the people at Aomais have taken care of that using the wind or noise reduction technology. The speakers are well protected from wind when used outdoors. This is made possible by the cavity design at the back that makes sure that the air movement is controlled to avoid vibration and improve sound clarity.


Aomais Sport II speaker review

The controls are nicely arranged at the center of the top panel. These are easy touch sensitive rubber buttons that are comfortable to use. You don’t have to press them too hard to operate your speakers.

There is a dedicated power On/off button on the right. In addition to this, there is a play/pause button and a button each for skipping forward and back. On the top row are the buttons for volume up and down and a call answer button.

In addition to these controls, there are also three LED indicators on the top panel which show if the speakers are on, alert you when the battery is low and show if the pairing is successful.


True to its name the Sport II lets you take your music anywhere as it is so compact and sturdy. Its dimensions are 9.3 x 2.4 x 4.6 inches making it really small and easy to carry with you in your bag.

But what makes it really sporty is the fact that it comes with a ¼-inch tripod mount on the underside to fix it to your bicycle.

Perfect Pool Companion

Electronic gadgets and water don’t go very well together. But you don’t have to worry about that with the Sport II as it is completely waterproof and comes with an IPX7 waterproof certification. So they make great companions for your pool parties and it even comes with its own inflatable pool float in the box. But don’t worry if it accidentally falls into the water because it can withstand immersion up to a depth of 1m for 30 minutes.

You can also listen to your favorite music while you shower without worrying about accidentally splashing water onto your beloved Bluetooth speakers. And that’s not all! The Sport II is also dust-proof, mud proof, and rain proof, snow proof and shockproof. It simply is too good to be true. There is literally no place that you can’t take your speakers to.

Hands Free Calls

When you are listening to really loud music, it is possible to miss your phone calls, but not when you use the Sport II. Your phone call will directly land into the Bluetooth speakers when you have paired your phone and all you will need to do is simply press the answer button to take your call.

You will not only enjoy hands free phone calls but you can also hear the caller loud and clear on your speakers.

Battery Performance

As Bluetooth speakers are made to be small and portable it’s hard to fit a large battery into them. But despite the space constraint, the Sport II comes with a powerful 1800 mAh that will easily give you up to 10 hours of continuous play when used at 50% volume level. This is quite possible as you will only need to use full volume occasionally.

Even if you run out of battery, you can quickly charge the battery completely in only 3 hours using the micro USB charger. You will then be ready to rock another 10 hours.


Aomais Sport II wireless speaker

The Sport II uses Bluetooth 4.0 which means the connection is very dependable. What’s even better is that the connection stays stable up to a distance of 33 feet so that you can freely move around with your speaker without worrying about a drop in connectivity.

In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, you can also enjoy one-touch pairing with compatible devices as the Sport II uses NFC (Near Field Connectivity) technology. However, if you own an Apple phone then you won’t be able to use this feature.


With smartphones and smart devices ruling the music world, the Sport II has been designed to be compatible with them all. From iPhones to iPads to iPods to Smartphones, Tablets and even the very useful Echo dot, the Sport II is compatible with almost all new age Bluetooth devices.


Aomais Sport II speaker

You can take your Bluetooth speakers with you anywhere you go without a worry in the world. Not only is it completely water-proof, it is so sturdy that it can take quite a beating. The full rubber body protects it from scratches and falls. Whether you like to go trekking or kayaking or camping or boating, you can take the Sport II with you on all your outdoor adventures.


These speakers have so many advanced features and yet they are so affordable. As they retail for under $50you can even gift it to your friends or family. The Sport II is truly worth your every penny.


  • Powerful and brilliant sound quality
  • Long playtime of 10 hours
  • Compact and portable
  • Optional stereo pairing feature
  • Completely water-proof and outdoor-friendly


  • Not waterproof when connected through the aux port


There might be hundreds of Bluetooth speakers but you won’t find one that is as good as the Aomais Sport II and that too at an affordable price tag of under $50. Don’t ever buy cheap speakers that may look nice but might even stop working after just a few uses.

The Aomais Sport II has some amazing customer reviews which stand proof for its performance and is a great choice if you don’t want to splurge on the top models. It is very rare that you find quality, performance, great features and a budget-friendly Bluetooth speakers all in one. So when you find one you should simply buy it without thinking twice. We are sure you will be completely satisfied with the Sport II.

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