Polk Audio RTi 12 Speaker Review- [Pros & Cons 2023]

Polk Audio RTi12 High Output Floorstanding Loudspeaker (Single, Cherry)

Polk RTi 12 Review: For Well-Rounded and Distortion-Free Performance

If you are an audiophile and the choice of speakers is critical to your taste, there is no denying the fact that the Pol RTi 12 review is what you need right away. While you can always opt for vinyl speakers at cheaper prices, you would not settle for anything less impressive, especially when it comes to your love for well-rounded notes.

When you have the warmth and beauty of real wood at the price of vinyl, who would say no to the Polk RTi 12? It will fit into your modern decor effortlessly. It has been intelligently designed to serve modern homes and families and their need to experience music with the lowest possible distortion.

2021 Update: While the RTi 12 is still holding its own, it is now out of production and much harder to find. We now recommend the Polk LSiM 705. It’s the new improved cousin – bigger, prettier, louder, just better in every way. Check it out!

Polk RTi 12 Specs & Features

  • Features PowerPort Plus bass venting for sound quality that is not only superior but also with a low distorted bass.
  • Drivers have been made of dynamically balanced polymer that offers a wide range of responses while keeping them distortion-free all the time.
  • Floor-standing speaker with MDF construction allows resonance-free performances.
  • Enhanced performance and durability owing to butyl rubber surrounds.
  • Features 1” silk dome tweeter that has neodymium magnets allows highs that are detailed and crystal-clear.
  • The neodymium magnets are heat-sinked to ensure more efficient dissipation of heat, more reliability and better handling of power.
  • Can be safely placed near video sources owing to its magnetic shielding.
  • The base has adjustable levelling feet to suit all types of flooring.
  • Competitively priced.

Facts That Make Polk RTi an Irresistible Choice

 Polk RTi

Take gaming to a different level altogether

With crystal clear highs and distortion free bass, who wouldn’t love gaming along with this speaker in tow? Users who have been loyal to the Polk RTi have harped on the fact that they would not swap this speaker for anything else. For those who play Xbox 360 and blu-ray movies would love the performance of the speaker. Gaming and TV viewing reach a new high with the Polk RTi 12.

Clear highs

Owing to the wide range of responses that the drivers offer, you are bound to experience crystal clear highs with overwhelmingly responsive mid-bass. The sound is undoubtedly phenomenal. It is almost like you have your favourite headphones on with deep notes of surround sound, except for the fact that you are wire-free even if you are absolutely engaged in the music.

A good amplifier is all that you need

The Polk RTi 12 is equipped in itself to be able to deliver crystal clear and deep notes that might have been difficult to experience with lesser efficient equipment. You will not need a subwoofer for this speaker to work effectively. All that you will need to invest in is a good amplifier. Even if you are planning to ditch the amplifier, you will be quite pleased with the results but an amplifier would surely give you 250W per channel; this is too good to miss.

An eye for detail

When it comes to detailing and transparency, there is nothing quite like the performance of the Polk RTi 12. The crossovers have molar bypass capacitors to enhance high frequency response and bring about a marked difference in detailing and highs when compared to other speakers in the same price range.

Secure connections

The dual binding post inputs are bi-ampable and gold-plated that ensures security of connections and also allows versatility in wiring applications.

Great range

If you are keen on hearing the nuances of a soundtrack you have never heard before, the Polk RTi 12 is your best bet. The sound that you receive will be full=bodied and enveloping. Wherever you plan to set up the system, the range offers a clarity and resonance like none other. It is almost like experiencing music in a professionally setup there.


polk rti 12 review

The Bi-Amp mode allows the woofers to be driven separately from the tweeter. This enhances the ability of the speakers to add more definition to the higher range rather than blowing out at full range. You will almost get the feeling that the actors on television are right inside your room. You will experience deeper and smoother bass projection if you are combining the B-Amp feature with a subwoofer.

8- Reasonably priced

You are getting a real wood standing speaker at the price of vinyl speakers. What else would you need? You can buy the speaker for $900 on Amazon, including shipping charges. The speaker is highly durable due to its make and with a competitive price like that there is reason good enough for it to sell like hot cakes.


Let us take a quick look at the advantages of the product:

  • Superior quality sound without distortions.
  • Clear and crisp highs that are further enhanced with a decent subwoofer.
  • Performance and durability enhanced by butyl rubber surrounds.
  • Can be safely placed near video sources owing to the magnetic shielding.
  • Levelling feet are adjustable to suit all types of flooring.
  • Grille diffraction considerably reduced with anti-diffraction grilles.
  • Neodymium magnet ensures more reliability and better handling of power.
  • Competitively priced and is totally worth the money paid for.
  • Great customer service.
  • The speakers and cabinets are made of heavy duty and high quality wood.


  • Possibility of damaging the speaker if gold brackets are not removed while bi-amping it.
  • Possibility of feet breaks that can be restored.

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The experience of good music can be therapeutic, to say the least. It is about finding what works for you and if you are out looking for full ranges without distortions, this Polk RTi 12 review might be able to help you make a decision. It is not for nothing that users will refuse to swap their speaker with any other brand or product. The results are evident and so is the performance of the product.

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