2021 Leupold VX 3I Review – A Riflescope Buyer’s Guide

Leupold VX 3I Review

Leupold VX 3I Review – A Great Riflescope Which Never Fails To Perform

If you’re on the lookout for an accessory that will complement your shooting accuracy and style, this Leupold VX 3I Review will teach you all about one of the better products when it comes to riflescope design and functionality. Do you want to know more about all the available options as far as a good and reliable riflescope goes? Over the years it has become one of the most favored and predictable choices of many.

To identify a riflescope that is amplified with the best of features and that too at a decent price is a great bargain indeed. It is always best to select an option that has encouraging reviews. Read up this review and to satisfy yourself with all your queries and doubts before deciding. Once you are satisfied, you can place your order fora scope that is convincing and suits your budget too.

To find a riflescope that is almost all the functions of a completely high-end riflescope and that too at a price that is quite affordable is the best deal that you can ask for.  The product being reviewed is pretty popular and to help you make the correct decision we have for you a review of the Leupold VX 3I to help you get a clearer insight of this amazing scope. Check out this trending top model which is a must-have accessory for hunters on the prowl.

Leupold VX 3I Features

  • The Twilight Max light management system for enhanced light transmission
  • Reduced diffusion and glare of bright light
  • Has a classic lockable fast-focus eyepiece
  • Offers Diamond coat external lens coatings for protection from scratches
  • A compact and sturdy device
  • Absolutely waterproof and fog proof integrity
  • Fixed Mount
  • 1/4 MOA Adjustable windage and elevation dials with your fingertips
  • Easy to use power selector
  • Dual Spring Precision Adjustments
  • Heavy Duplex reticle
  • Added lens cover
  • Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty


  • Tube Diameter-1inch
  • Eye Relief 4.4 3.6 inches
  • Exit Pupil:11.43 – 4 mm
  • Field of View at 100 yards: 8 – 11 at 100 yards
  • Maximum Magnification is 10X
  • Minimum Magnification is 3.5X
  • Objective clear aperture: 40mm
  • Objective Diameter -1.8 inches
  • Parallax setting-150 yards
  • Length 12.6inches
  • Weight–12.6 ounces

Is the Leupold VX 3I an affordable riflescope?

Leupold VX 3I

$400 may seem a little steep to some users. But if you look at the quality and the features then this is a steal deal and is one of the top choices in this category. This state-of-the-art and resilient riflescope with its varied features makes it a clear winner among its competitors. When compared to other riflescopes which are nearly the same in terms of functionality and which are also much more expensive, then realization dawns that this creation is indeed a compliment to your AR. The price also seems perfect and is worth every single penny that is being spent on it.

This slightly expensive but affordable riflescope, the Leupold VX 3I review has acquired plenty of noteworthy reviews from users as well as other websites that publish updated and latest reviews of all trending hunting gear and related accessories. Finding cheap options will seem attractive initially but don’t get lured by such attractive offers, which will not last very long. Reading this review will give you a better insight as to all that the scope has to offer and more.

In the box

The Leupold VX 3I Gold ring riflescope comes attractively packaged in a gold and black Leupold box. The riflescope sitting regally in the box looks undeniably classy. It’s hard-anodized, matte black finish is most certainly one of the best and durable finishes in the market. Like all other Leupold accessories this scope is highlighted by a thin gold ring placed around the objective bell with a small, gold, Leupold circular logo enameled into the left side of the adjustment turret.

Field of View

The Leupold VX 3I has an excellent field of view which is 29.8 – 11 at 100 yards. This means that it has a minimum field of view at 29.8 feet and a maximum field of view at 11 feet.

The scope also boasts of a versatile 3:1 zoom ratio erector system that is ideal for almost any kind of situation.

Optical features

The Leupold VX 3I has a fairly advanced optical system. The lenses are multi-coated with Diamond coat 2 coatings for more brightness, clarity, and the highest percentage of light transmission possible that provides a perfect and clear view. It has a classic fast-focus eyepiece with a locking mechanism. The eye relief ranges from4.4 – 3.6 inches which are pretty good too. Its magnification power is pretty commendable too. To further enhance the quality of images the lens edges have been blackened for reduced glare and edge-to-edge clarity.

The field of view is very clear and sharp even in the relatively dim light, thus making it easy for the hunter to identify targets that are partially hidden or are camouflaged.


The tough and hard-anodized finish of the riflescope makes it exceedingly durable. To further strengthen the interior of the scope it is purged with argon/krypton gas to enhance its thermal shock resistance. The low-glare matte finish on the exterior supports camouflaging the shooter’s location at times when he needs a cover to protect his view from the target. The main tube is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum which is an asset in terms of keeping the optic lightweight and the same time keeping it strong and rugged too.

Best Uses

A good quality riflescope is a must even for those who are more into the medium-range shooting. The Leupold VX 3I is simple and easy to use for both beginners and experts. The fast-focus eyepiece lets the shooter focus easily and quickly.  The clear glass makes all the difference, especially when hunting smaller targets. This optic is great for all kinds of hunting and target shooting and makes a great companion on the range or even in dense jungles.

All weatherproof

The accessory is claimed to be completely fog proof and waterproof. Made with Leupold’s patented nitrogen sealing process, the riflescope is 100% fog proof. Purging the scope with nitrogen gas averts internal fogging.

Warranty and Maintenance

As the product is recommended for big game hunting, it needs to be tough on the inside as well as on the outside. Maintenance and care of this scope is not a challenge by any means. A simple and easy routine cleaning chore would include cleaning it with a soft and clean cloth and thereafter storing it properly. The correct upkeep of your accessory will keep it protected and ensure a great performance whenever it is used.

The best part about buying a Leupold product that every product manufactured by them is accompanied by a lifetime guarantee which is known as the Gold Ring Full Lifetime Guarantee. This guarantee by the manufacturer promises to repair and/or replace any of their products that do not match the given description in any way. Leupold’s warranties and their excellent and high-quality customer service is another reason why many customers prefer their products over other manufacturer’s.


At a price that is starting at less than $400, the Leupold VX 3I is a wonderful buy, which every good shooter worth his salt must own. Well-designed and well-constructed to work well even in the harshest of conditions, this riflescope is a clear champion. With many pros and hardly any cons, this scope is topping the charts in this range. Definitely a value for money and completely affordable scope, this riflescope will never fail to perform.


  • Offers outstanding optical performance
  • The high-quality construction of the scope
  • Best Magnification features
  • Great adjustment features
  • Compatible to work with a variety of hunting rifles
  • Excellent clarity for the identification of targets
  • Has an eyepiece that focuses really fast
  • Offers fully multi-coated lenses with 4 coatings
  • Multi-coated lenses offer great contrast and extra brightness.
  • Sturdy aluminum tube construction
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Excellent eye relief
  • Absolute value for money product
  • Lifetime Guarantee


  • May fog up initially
  • Does not have mil-dot reticle pattern


In conclusion, the short but dynamic verdict is that when you buy the Leupold VX 3I you will immediately fall in love with its features and excellent functionality. This is the scope that should be the first choice if you are looking for a riflescope with a decent and reliable optics and good field performance. A great choice to buy simply because of its affordable price and wonderful features. Read exclusive customer reviews of this scope and learn more about its outstanding operations. Enjoy shooting great and accurate shots with the Leupold VX 3I.

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