Top 7 Best Automatic Pool Cleaners of 2021 – [Reviews]

Best Automatic Pool Cleaners

Cleaning Your Pool With The Best Automatic Pool Cleaners

A beautiful house and an inviting pool in the backyard – a perfect reason for a get together during the holiday season. But what will you do if the apple of your eye, your pool has a motley appearance with dead and decaying leaves floating with gay abandon, monstrous slime resolutely marking its territory and grime and dirt happy to be a part of this mayhem?It’s the holiday season and the pool cleaning company is closed. Can you spruce up the pool before your guest arrive in a couple of hours? If you own the best automatic pool cleaner your pool can be sparkly clean in around three hours’ time. Squeaky clean floors and slime-free walls will welcome your guests.

Many a time people think that having an efficient drainage system is enough to maintain a pool. As any experienced pool owner will tell you, algae, viruses, bacteria, and fungi are eagerly waiting to attack a poorly maintained pool. This is harmful to the health of the swimmers besides appearing and smelling awful.

Here is a review of seven of the best automatic pool cleaners that cover the cheapest to the priciest models popular among users. Take your pick after going through each individual review.

1- Zodiac Baracuda G3 W03000 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner

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 BARACUDA G3 W03000 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner

The Baracuda is a great buy, not very expensive but great performance at an affordable price. You can use it not only to clean the floor but also the walls and even the steps of the pool. Since the mechanism involved is very simple and the number of parts minimum the Baracuda is easy to maintain.

Moves around the pool

Despite not having any major mechanism the Baracuda is able to go in and out of tight corners with the help of the wheel deflector. The Barracuda can also navigate steps and walls with ease.

Low maintenance

The main part of this cleaner is a movable diaphragm which can be easily accessed through the quick-release cassette. Another reason maintenance is low is because the number of pieces is minimal and there is no complicated mechanism involved here.

Easily adheres to pool

No more tugging on hose lines as the 36-Fin Disc ensures that the cleaner adheres only to the pool surface and not to any extra features in the spool like lights and drain covers.

Notable features

  • Can work at low speed
  • Cleans floors, walls, and steps with ease
  • Clears all small and medium size objects
  • Water flow regulated by a flow keeper valve
  • Tight corners maneuvered by wheel deflector
  • Hoses are scuff resistant
  • Compatible with any speed pump.

Overall Summary

Get rid of all the debris, leaves, bugs, twigs and even sand and pebbles with this powerful suction cleaner. No need to worry about any gear malfunction as there is only one moving diaphragm in the cleaner. The Baracuda is clever enough to adjust the water flow for optimal cleaning. A great product at an affordable price for any pool any size.

2- Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool

 Dolphin Nautilus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with Dual Filter Cartridges, Two Scrubbing Brushes and Tangle-Free Swivel Cord, Ideal for Swimming Pools up to 50 Feet

When you are looking for quality, durability, performance, and warranty the Dolphin Nautilus deserves a mention. Several positive reviews have assured the buyer that this robotic cleaner is value for money. It is not cheap but it is easy to use and leaves your pool spotless. Most suitable for all in-ground pools which measure around 50 feet.


The Nautilus is efficient at what it does, namely, clean the pool and leave it with no debris or spots. Its mapping program makes it capable of cleaning any pool of any size and shape. Its advanced sensors make sure that it does not clean an already cleaned surface and waste energy.

Sturdy construction

Ensconced in a plastic cover, the Nautilus is designed to last and endure the travails of pool cleaning. It is lightweight, requires minimal maintenance as the filters are very easy to clean. It has a good filtration rate. The 60 feet power cable making it very suitable for a 50 feet pool.

Tangled hose no more

The usual trouble with long hoses is that they get tangled and become inefficient but in the case of the Dolphin Nautilus there is a swivel mechanism that prevents the cable from twisting and getting tangled.

Auto mapping

This feature gives the machine the ability to gauge the shape of the pool and decide the best course of action.

Notable features

  • Auto-mapping for complete coverage
  • Swivel mechanism to keep cable tangle free
  • 60 feet cable
  • Plastic cover for protection
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable price
  • 12-month warranty.

Overall Summary

For that spotless clean pool in less than three hours pick the Nautilus from Dolphin. It is an affordable, efficient and reliable model that filters all big and small particles easily. This model can be used for any shape, size, and flooring.

3- Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

 Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

In-ground pools accumulate more debris than the rest of the pools and need something like the Vac Sweep 280 a pressure side pool cleaner from Polaris, a company known for its ingenious designs in pool cleaning equipment. The 280 sweeps, scrubs and vacuums the pool bottom and its walls. An affordable tried and tested model that has endured competition the 280 can be used for all pool bottoms including fiberglass and vinyl surfaces.


This side pool cleaner is lightweight and is immensely useful in cleaning the stairs. The three-wheel design contributes to this feature. But care should be taken while moving so that the hose pipe does not get tangled.


The Polaris Vac- Sweep 280 is a sturdy piece that will last a long time. The design is rugged and the wheels and bearings withstand the wear and tear well. The filter bag is so designed that the debris never reaches the pump basket, as a result, the filtration system remains efficient for a longer time.

Notable features

  • Suitable for all in ground pools
  • Double jets clean a pool in 3 hours
  • Novel filter bag that collects debris before it reaches the filtration system
  • Lightweight
  • No built-in backup
  • Hose is 31 feet long
  • Needs booster pump which is not provided with the package
  • Can be connected to the1.5-inch pressure line.

Overall Summary

Right from professional pool cleaners to someone who has just started the Vac Sweep 280 is considered one of the best automatic pool cleaners at an affordable price. Of course, there are also several users who are unhappy with the customer service and other issues with the hose. Since it is a basic model most of the latest features are not available in the package but they can be bought separately.

4-  XtremepowerUS Automatic Vacuum pool cleaner

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 XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction Vacuum-generic Climb Wall Pool Cleaner - 75037

A suitable-for-all surfaces generic vaccum pool cleaner, the Xtremepower remains true to its name. It does not come with any high-end features and technicalities; it is a basic model that comes with a low-price tag. You can use it on any surface with minimal supervision and maintenance.

Easy to set up

New pool owners and those owning 16×32 feet pool will benefit from this wall climbing kreepy krauly. Just connect it with your pool pump and you are good to go; you don’t need any tools to set this cleaner up.

Save on energy

You don’t need batteries or electricity to run this xtremepower pool cleaner. It uses a suction mechanism to clean the floor and can easily pick up all the dirt, grime, and small leaves. There have been issues with large debris getting stuck in the flapper and leading to intermittent stoppage. But once you clear the blockage the product does a good job.

Notable features

  • Can be used for cleaning any pool, any size
  • Does not require tools to install
  • Does not require electricity to function
  • Filtration pump of 1600 ghp required for functioning
  • Can clean walls of pool
  • Suitable for vinyl, fiberglass and concrete floors
  • Not advisable for shallow pool of less than 3 feet

Overall Summary

It costs around $80 and does the job of the more expensive kreepy kraul decently. Of course, the product requires replacement of hose more frequently than its more expensive cousins. But again, the minimal parts also ensure that the maintenance is minimum and mechanical damage rare.

5- Hayward Poolvergnuegen Pool Cleaner Automatic Suction Pool Vacuum

 Hayward Poolvergnuegen 896584000-013 The Pool Cleaner Automatic Suction Pool Vacuum, 2-Wheel, White

When a brand with 80 years of experience launches a product, some credit must be given to the quality, performance, and reliability; after all, without consistently living up to the expectations of people the brand couldn’t have grown so much. There are several models of pool cleaners from Haywards, but this vacuum suction pool cleaner is unique in its own ways. It has a few features like the self-adjusting turbine vanes which is patented.

Quality performance

Available in two or four-wheel design the Pool cleaner is suitable for all pool sizes. You will never complain about the performance of this cleaner as its unique self-adjusting turbine vanes provide sufficient power to clear all debris despite moving at low pressure and low suction.

Easy to maneuver design

Two features that stand out are the threads on the tire which give the cleaner the ability to climb walls and maneuver around obstacles and uneven surfaces. The thread markers indicate when the tire is due for replacement. The skirts are adjustable and maintain suction even when hindrance is in the way.

Full coverage

The steering system has multiple programs that are pre-set to allow complete coverage of the pool. The cleaner can reverse on the left and change direction on its own. There are five different programs to choose from 90 to 540 degrees.

Notable features

  • Self-adjusting turbine vanes
  • Two-wheeled
  • Treads on tire for easy climbing
  • Adjustable skirts for better suction
  • Pre-programed internal steering sequences
  • Interchangeable throats to be used with different speeds.

Overall Summary

A pool cleaner suitable for use with all sizes of pools. This model comes with two wheels but if you plan to use it on vinyl or fiberglass go for four wheels. Great suction power, complete coverage of the pool area and pre-programmed steering sequences make it a favorite with several pool owners.

6- Hayward 2025ADC PoolVac XL

 Hayward 2025ADC PoolVac XL Suction Pool Vacuum (Automatic Pool Cleaner)

The three words that best describe the Hayward 2025ADC are – Silent, skillful and stylish. Built to last, this suction pool cleaner moves right and left alternately thereby ensuring that the entire floor is well cleaned. The expertise of the company in suction cleaner technology is visible in this product.  It is not cheap.

Quick installation

Just 10 minutes will suffice to install this machine. You do not require any special tools to assemble this piece.

Greater coverage

The wide side wings make sure that greater area is covered and the entire pool is cleaned in less than 4 hours. Further, the left and right motion of the cleaner also ensures that the cleaning is done in a systematic manner.

Notable features

  • Proven brand name
  • Smart drive steering technology
  • Efficient and fast
  • Simple installation
  • Suitable for concrete ,tile and vinyl floor
  • Quiet during operation
  • Wide side wings
  • The hose is 40 feet long.

Overall Summary

A reliable and efficient pool cleaner, the 2025ADC does have issues with small objects like acorns etc. which get stuck in it. According to several reviews, this Haywards 2025ADC has a strong follower base on the social media. It is easy to use, powerful and does a good job of keeping your pool clean and sparkling for several years.

7- SmartPool Smart Kleen Universal Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner – NC22

 SmartPool Smart Kleen Universal Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner - NC22

If you are looking for a low budget basic model without too many frills, the robotic pool cleaner NC22 from Smartpool is a good choice. Despite the economical price, this compact model is an intelligent machine that can navigate and spruce up the pool floor.It is ideal for vinyl floors, fiberglass and concrete pools.


Normal pool cleaners get heavy after cleaning but the NC 22 is delightfully lightweight and easy to use. It has a unique draining feature which renders it lightweight.

Long Power Cord

It is impractical to have a cleaner that can’t reach all the nooks and corner. But you won’t face such hardships with this Smartpool NC22 which comes with a long power cord of 40 feet ideal for all small and medium sized pools. Thus, with this model, you really shouldn’t worry about the distance between the pool and the power outlet.

Save energy

It’s innovate design and the ability to switch off after two hours saves energy. Its advanced filtration system too reduces the strain on the machine and prolongs the life of the pool and the machine.

Notable features

  • Can be used above and in ground pools measuring 14x28x6 feet deep
  • Lightweight
  • Can change directions without being aided by walls or any obstructions
  • Ideal for fiberglass, vinyl and concrete flooring
  • Long power cord of 40 feet
  • Auto shut-off after 2 hours
  • Limited warranty of 1 year
  • Approved by ETL,CSA,CE.

Overall Summary

This robotic pool cleaner is an efficient, cheap and immensely useful tool to possess if you wish to be free of the burden of cleaning the pool yourself. Its ability to maneuver without the guidance of walls and attack the especially dirty spots is a real boon.

Best Automatic Pool Cleaners – Buying Guide

Best Automatic Pool Cleaner Reviews

Types of Pool Cleaners

Whether it is an above ground pool or in ground one, pool cleaners are a must to maintain the hygiene and sanitation of this body of water. Gone are the days of laborious manual cleaning. Now with the latest and the best automatic pool cleaners, life for pool owners has become a breeze. They are no more dependent on expensive pool cleaning companies to come to their rescue. Yes, some models are expensive but then the investment is well made as they will last you a long time and contribute to substantial savings.

There are three basic types in the market:

  1. Suction type
  2. Robotic type, and
  3. Pressure type.

Suction pool cleaners

They are also called suction side cleaners. They are very basic and are good for those pools that have their own pumps and filters. So, you just connect the cleaner to the filtration system and then use suction power to suck up dirt, debris, and grime. The key features of this type are:

  • It is easy to install since it does not require any additional pumps.
  • A lot of energy is used up as the pump must be running till the cleaning is done.
  • The filters require frequent cleaning.

They are two types:

  • Inertia driven: These models are ideal for curved walls as they follow a random pattern but cover every inch of the They are time-consuming though.
  • Gear driven: These cleaners are suited for sharp edges and steps as they follow a pre-programmed pattern and clean in the shortest time possible. They are best suited for small pools.

Pressure cleaners

These gadgets are more expensive than the suction variety. Jets of water forcefully knock loose grime, dirt and other waste objects from the floor and the walls and direct them into a capturing bag. Normally, these models have a brush which ensures that no dirt thus dislodged escapes and pushes it into the collection bag. Thus, this model mainly works on the water pressure necessitating the need for a booster pump. The water pressure also makes the wheels to move around in the pool.

The key features of these cleaners are:

  • They are more powerful then suction cleaners.
  • There is a built-in debris capturing bag.
  • Normally these cleaners are connected to the outlet of the filtration system that opens into the pool.
  • Some models require additional booster pumps to function optimally as they do not have their own propulsion system and this requires plumbing in some cases.
  • These pool cleaners can clean the tightest of corners.
  • Even fine sand can be removed.

Robotic pool cleaners

With technology showing its glimpses in all walks of life, how can pool cleaners be left behind? The robotic or self-propelled models are replete with microchips and sensors. Your physical presence is not required to use these gadgets.

They are the most effective and the most expensive cleaners available right now. They are easy to maintain and are known to navigate all surfaces smoothly and without incident. The complete process of cleaning happens simultaneously. On one hand, one motor propels water for cleaning while another controls the brush for knocking down dirt; all this while the microchip and sensors guide the cleaner for maximum coverage and cleaning.

The key features are:

  • They require electricity
  • They can navigate around obstacles and climb steps
  • Fast and efficient
  • Suitable for large pools.

Solar Powered cleaners

These are the lesser known and seldom used variety which depends on solar energy to power them. They are ideal for collecting surface debris. Their efficacy is still to be proven.

Notable features before purchasing an automatic pool cleaner

  1. Hose length: The purpose of a cleaner is defeated if it is not able to cover a full pool. Therefore, check the hose length always before buying. It must be at least two meters more than the length of your pool.
  2. Adjustability: Look for cleaners that are suitable for pools of all shapes and sizes. The cleaners should also be able to overcome obstacles and reach tight spots in the pool.
  3. Ease of use: Check if a cleaner can be used with the pool still covered. Do you need any additional installation or purchase or is the cleaner just plug and play?
  4. Cost: Just because some model is high tech and has cool features does not make it suitable for your pool. Always know your pool and your budget before investing in a good grade pool cleaner.

As you can see there are several types of automatic pool cleaners to choose from. Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you are on a tight budget the suction pool cleaners are a good buy; they are hardy, have a minimal mechanism and low on maintenance. With care, they can last longer. For those who like a little more freedom and more efficiency and don’t mind the price, the pressure pool cleaners and the robotic cleaners offer a good variety.

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It is paramount that you go through several reviews before you finalize a product that is suitable for your needs and your pool.Do not disqualify a cleaner because it is cheap or fail to check one because it is expensive. Choose according to your need, your flooring – not all models are suited for all floors and your budget. The products listed above fall into various price ranges and with varied features.

A simple basic model will just clean and not scrub or climb walls while the more expensive ones will require lesser maintenance and will be more versatile with greater reach and better features.


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