Top 9 Best Portable PA Systems of 2021 – [Reviews]

best portable PA system

Finding the best portable PA system from the number of options on the market can be quite a daunting task. It only makes it more challenging if you do not have enough technical knowledge or experience working with PA systems.

But leave the task to us as we have handpicked some of the top models that are easy to use and produce incredible sound at the same time. There is also one for every budget. So read on to find out which one will be the right one for you in our review below.

1- Yamaha STAGEPAS 400I Portable PA System

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 Yamaha STAGEPAS 400I Portable PA System

If you want a portable PA system from a dependable brand and with incredible sound output and great features, then look no further. The Stagepas 400I from Yamaha lets you focus on your performance and not on your mixer.


The mixer comes with 8 channels for you to plug in a good number of instruments and microphones for a complete musical performance.

Single EQ

When you want to get great sound instantly, you wouldn’t want to be fidgeting with knobs and controls. The Stagepas gives you the convenience of a single-knob EQ for quick and great sound anywhere.

No feedback

Annoying feedback can ruin even the best of sounds. But the Yamaha Stagepas gives you absolutely no feedback even in tight spaces as it has an in-built feedback suppressor. Quickly turn on the feedback suppressor switch to look for feedback and kill it. It’s that simple!

Portable design

The Stagepas is portable in every sense of the word and unlike traditional portable PA systems it will not take up a lot of space. In fact, the Stagepas can comfortably sit inside the boot of your car. The speakers have space in the back to accommodate the mixer in one and the cables in the other. Everything you needs stays together.

Quick set-up

You will be amazed at how fast you can finish the set-up of this PA system and get started with your music gig or a presentation. If you are already familiar with PA systems, it shouldn’t take you longer than just a few seconds.

Undying iPhone

You can charge your iPhone or you iPod with the inbuilt dock and forget about drained batteries forever.

Notable Features

  • 8-Channel mixer with powerful 400W output
  • 4 mono mic. or line and 4 mono or 2 stereo lines
  • SPX digital reverb ensures high-quality sound
  • In-built dock for charging your Iphone or Ipod
  • Lightweight and portable design

Overall assessment

The Stagepas can easily be your best portable PA system as it comes with a good price-to- features ratio. It is simple to use and comes from Yamaha, a brand well-known for excellent sound quality and products that are dependable.


[Best Portable PA System For The Price]


Don’t fall into the trap of buying a cheap PA system to save money. The Behringer Europort MAP40BT-PRO is an extremely budget-friendly PA system that will give cheap ones a run for their money.


You won’t find another quality PA system that comes with everything from a mic, to the cords, a mixer and speakers. If you are budget-conscious this can easily be your best portable PA system as it comes with some amazing features.


Everything you need comes with the PA system and it folds into an easy-to-carry compact suitcase for portability. What’s even better, it even comes with a sturdy retractable handle and wheels that will help you easily move it from place to place.


This PA system gives complete meaning to true portability as it lets you use battery or AC to power it. The in-built battery lasts up to 12 hours of continuous use upon fully charging it.

Bluetooth connectivity

Don’t worry about carrying your favorite music with you to play in the beginning or as a filler. The PA system is Bluetooth enabled so that you can stream music directly from your smartphone, smart devices or even other Bluetooth enabled devices like your laptop.

Easy set-up

You don’t need to have any technical knowledge to use this PA system. Everything is very intuitive and straightforward that you can focus on your performance more than spending time on the sound settings.

Notable Features

  • 40 Watt Class D amp for powerful sound
  • 4 channel mixer with 2 inputs for microphones
  • 8” speaker, a tweeter and 2-band equalizer for incredible sound
  • A super portable design with a handle and wheels
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty

Overall assessment

The Behringer Europort comes packed with so many features for its price point that it is as good as some expensive models.

3- Fender Passport Event PA System

Fender Passport Event PA System

If you want an all-in-one PA system with incredible sound, then the Passport Event PA system by Fender might be just the one for you.


You can step onto the stage with confidence knowing that you are backed by a powerful system. This PA system has an output of 375 watts which means you are equipped with enough power to address any small to medium-sized audience with ease. The sound is powerful enough to actually hurt your ears if you crank it up to the maximum settings.

Crystal clear

Even though public address systems need to be loud enough to address a crowd, it does not help if the sound quality is poor. The Passport Event system is not only loud but produces crystal clear sound due to its Class D power amp.

Sound in a suitcase

The brilliant design lets the speakers and the mixer fold into one compact suitcase that you can carry easily to your venue.


You don’t need to worry about a thing when you have the Passport event PA system. This is because it has everything you need from a microphone to the speakers to even the cables to hook everything up. It doesn’t get easier than this.


This PA system gives you the convenience of streaming audio directly from your mobile devices. It is built-in with a Bluetooth feature that lets you pair it with your smartphones and tablets quickly.

Notable Features

  • 7 channel mixer with 2 EQ, Reverb and volume per channel
  • Perfect portable PA system for musicians to practice and perform
  • A small footprint helps in easy storage and transport
  • Built-in recorder for recording the high-quality output sound
  • Can be used in different places and for various purposes
  • Simple-to-use system that does not require any technical knowledge

Overall assessment

Forget lugging around heavy PA systems and the time taken to set them up. Fender’s passport event PA system will give you the best sound in an unbelievably compact and portable PA system that you will find on the market.



Have you been looking for a powerful PA system that checks all the boxes? Then the Europort EPS500MP3 from Behringer will satisfy your requirement.


With an output of 500watts, the Europort is very powerful despite its compact size. The two speakers can be detached from the mixer and positioned to optimize sound. The mixer can also be used while being attached to the speaker to save space and minimize set-up.

MP3 capability

You can use the Europort to play your favorite audio files and mp3 music by plugging in a USB flash drive to the mp3 port.


No more hauling heavy PA systems as the Europort is super light weighing only 41.3 lbs. It is also very compact than other portable PA systems, making it easy to store and transport.

Exceptional reverb

What stands out amidst other great things about this PA system is its reverb quality. You will be instantly mesmerized by the studio-grade reverb that adds a touch of sophistication to your live performances.

Wireless ready

Get freedom from cables by using a wireless microphone for your performances. This system comes with a ULM dongle that can be plugged in to start using your existing wireless microphone.

Self-contained system

This PA system comes with everything you need to get started from a microphone to speaker cables to everything else for out of the box use. There is also a dedicated storage space for all of the above things to make your life easier.

Great price

This is a really affordable option especially for beginner musicians who want a simple plug and play option for their gigs. If you are one, you will love its under $400 price tag too.

Notable Features

  • 8-channels giving you enough options to play with
  • 2-band EQ for all 8 channels
  • Wireless microphone option
  • Easy set-up takes under 5 minutes
  • Quick switch for music or speech settings
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty

Overall assessment

The Behringer Europort is for you if you want an all-in-one PA system that has mp3 and wireless options in addition to a host of other great features.

5- Fender Passport Venue PA System

 Fender Passport Venue PA System

The Fender Passport venue PA system would be a great choice if you are a musician or a DJ. With every aspect of your performance fit into a compact carry suitcase design, you won’t need anything else.

Clear sound

A Class D power amp is at the core of this PA system which means you can enjoy clear sound anywhere and everywhere.

Solid power

When it comes to power you’ll never feel handicapped with the passport venue PA system. This is because it comes with a huge output power of 600w to rock any medium to large crowd.


Look ultra-professional with the Passport venue PA system which folds and locks into a compact suitcase for easy carrying. Despite being compact, it is rugged enough to take a beating.


The size of the PA system can be very deceptive when compared to its capabilities. It is so versatile that you can use it in almost every situation that you can think of. From music gigs to DJ music to places of worship to lectures and presentations, the Passport venue will rock them all.

USB recording

The mixer of this PA system comes with a USB port which can be used for both playing your favorite music as well as recording your performance.

Notable Features

  • A total of 10 channels giving you more input options
  • A powerful 600-watt output and a Class D amp for solid sound
  • Dedicated high EQ, low EQ, reverb and volume settings per channel
  • Two speakers each with a 10” woofer and a 2” tweeter

Overall assessment

The passport venue by Fender is for those who want maximum power, incredible sound and the convenience of a portable PA system all in one. If quality sound is what matters to you then its price is just a number.

6- Roland BA-330 PA System

Roland BA-330 PA System

If you want a PA system that lets you literally plug and play then you should consider the Roland BA-330.


This little PA system is very powerful and versatile. It can be used for a number of applications from small music performances to seminars to business meetings, places of worship and many more.

No set-up

The Roland BA-330 cuts down the need to make any sound settings as it gives you a true plug and play experience. Just hook your microphones and instruments and you are ready to start performing.

Power options

Don’t worry about finding a nearby power source for your music performance or presentations and speeches. This PA system can be powered by both electric current as well as batteries. Just fix 8AA batteries and you can take your music or presentation to literally any place on the earth and be heard in a crowd.


The BA-330 comes in a compact and streamlined design that does not take a lot of space. It is also light and comes with a sturdy built-in handle on the top for carrying it easily from place to place.


Feedback can be very annoying both to the audience as well as the performers. It can also affect your professionalism when you are a performing musician. Just turn on the anti-feedback switch and let the intelligent anti-feedback feature do its job. It’s that simple!

Notable Features

  • Four 6.5” speakers and 2 tweeters for an incredible stereo sound
  • 2 mono channels for microphone or instruments
  • 2 stereo channels for stereo instruments
  • Aux input for playing music from mp3 player or CD player
  • Built-in stand for mounting at an angle
  • Holder for smartphone or tablet

Overall assessment

If you want a great sound stereo PA system that is portable and super-easy to use, then get yourself the Roland BA-330.

7- Hisonic HS420 Rechargeable Portable PA System

Hisonic HS420 Rechargeable Portable PA System

The Hisonic HS420 is for you if you like to have a quality PA system with a lot of features but without breaking the bank.

Go hands-free

Not only is this PA system portable, it also lets you go hands-free. In addition to the wireless microphone that you can use to freely move around, it comes with a headset microphone for hands-free comfort. You can also choose a lapel microphone depending on your applications.

Easy mount tri-pod

The speaker comes with its own stand and can be mounted as is for ease of use. It also comes with a tripod that can be used to mount the speaker higher depending on your application.


This is a truly portable PA system that lets you perform even in places where there is no power source. This is made possible by the in-built battery that can be charged to use the PA system continuously for 8 hours. Now you can have your gigs in the middle of the forest or by the lakeside all you want.

Additional features

It just keeps getting better and better when you try to look at the number of features this PA system has to offer. It has a USB and SD card reader for playing music from memory devices. There is also an in-built mp3 player/recorder with remote. What’s even better, this PA system also comes with an in-built radio.

Notable Features

  • A powerful 40W RMS speaker for loud and clear sound
  • Comes with a wireless microphone and an in-built VHF wireless system
  • Stream music from smart devices using Bluetooth
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty

Overall assessment

Don’t even think twice before you buy this incredible PA system that comes packed with a tonne

of features at a pocket-friendly price.

8- Harbinger 300A Compact Portable PA System

Harbinger Compact Portable PA System Black

Those of you looking for a complete sound in a portable PA system should consider the Harbinger 300A portable PA system. It comes equipped with a subwoofer, four-inch speakers, and tweeters to ensure that all frequencies are transmitted with equal sound quality.

Full range

You can do away with other types of PA systems if your work only involves speeches and presentations. But when it comes to music applications, having only good sounding mids or highs is not good enough. The 300A covers the entire range from bass to mids to highs that you get uniformly great sound no matter what the range.

Gigs and more

If you are a DJ or a musician who performs a number of small gigs, then you will love the 300A. The sound is distributed through the single subwoofer, the vertically arranged four-inch speakers and a piezo tweeter.

Sound reinforcement

The subwoofer has an output of 200W while the speakers have an output of 100W. The total of 300W may seem small, but due to the way it is split, it produces sound that is equivalent to some higher outputs. Hence it is ideal if you are seeking a sound reinforcement option at a pocket-friendly price.

Value for money

From the great quality of the sound produced to being portable and much more, the Harbinger 300A gives you more bang for your buck.

Notable Features

  • 300W output split as 100W and 200W for the subwoofer
  • 2 channels with balanced XLR and ¼” line inputs
  • Each channel has its own volume control and 2-band EQ
  • SPX digital reverb for studio quality sound ‘
  • Built-in feedback suppressor for a clean sound

Overall assessment

Whether it is clear vocals or acoustic instruments, the Harbinger 300A can rock it all with equal ease. With an onboard mixer, a portable size and a budget-friendly price point, it is quite a steal deal.

9- Bose L1 Compact Acoustic PA

 Bose L1 Compact with Carry Case

If playing in a coffee shop and singing to the tune of your acoustic guitar is what you love doing, then you will love the Bose L1. Clear vocals and crisp acoustics are what sets this portable PA system apart and the brand name is simply synonymous with great sound.

Uniform sound

A brilliant built-in spatial dispersion technology ensures that the sound is distributed uniformly both across the stage as well as the across the audience. So there is absolutely no drop in the sound off axis and the sound can be heard equally well even at the extreme sides of the audience.

Easy set-up

The Bose L1 comes in a modular design with the speakers easily fitting into each other. The speakers can be collapsed if space is limited or extended when needed. The set-up is super easy and can be done in just a minute. Now you can focus more on testing the sound than spending time on setting up your PA system. 


How many times have you walked up to the car and back to the stage just to haul your PA system components? But this won’t be the case anymore. The Bose L1 is so light and easy that you can carry the entire system in just one trip from the car to the stage.

Notable Features

  • Two channels with an XLR in for microphone and ¼” in for instruments
  • Dedicated tonematch switch for acoustic guitar
  • Can be used for music as well as other applications
  • Light weighing only 29 lbs.

Overall assessment

True to its name, the Bose L1 compact has everything built into one compact module to give you great sound and portability at the same time. You will love its fuss-free design and cable-free convenience, not to forget its great looks too.


Portable PA systems are less expensive than their larger counterparts, nonetheless, you can avoid buyer’s regret by carefully deciding after reading reviews. We have made your work easier by putting all of the Best portable PA system reviews in one place. Which one will you buy for yourself?No matter which one you choose, you can be sure that it is a quality product and produces great sound for all your requirements.

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