Westone W40 Earphones Review – [Pros & Cons 2023]

Westone W40 Review

Westone W40 Review – Pure Sound, No noise!

Gone are the days when you needed to use over-ear headphones to listen to your favorite tracks. But today you can find light and compact in-ear headphones that are ergonomically designed for long hours or music play.

But not all in-ear headphones are the same and so if you are looking for one that gives you an incredible sound experience, then you are in the right place. The Weston W40 is one such in-ear headphones that we have handpicked for the music lover in you. It has been designed to cancel ambient noise and prevent sound leakage letting you hear nothing but pure music just the way the musician intended it to be.

Don’t compromise on quality and buy cheap headphones that may fall apart after just a few uses. Even though the W40 does not have a very affordable price tag, it is well worth your every penny due to its great sound capabilities, comfort, and durability.

Read on to find out more details about the Westone W40 in our detailed review below. We will then know why it is one of the top selling sound accessory and if it really lives up to its hype.

Westone W40 Specs

  • In-ear headphones for an active lifestyle
  • Incredible sound with a great sounding bass
  • Detachable cables with a replaceable Epic cable for good audio resolution
  • Interchangeable colored face plates to suit your style
  • Multi-sized comfort tips and cleaning tools provided in the box
  • Backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

Are The Westone W40 In-Ear Headphones Really Worth Your Money?

Westone W40

The Westone W40 is quite pricey retailing for under $500. But it comes with enough features to make your purchase really worth your every penny. From great sounding lows to superior noise cancellation feature to stylish looks and a long-lasting performance and more, the W40 is chock full of features that make it a great pair of in-ear headphones for any music lover.

But every user’s needs are different and what works for one does not necessarily have to work for another. That is why we have teased the features of the W40 in great detail below so that you can decide if it will satisfy your requirements.


The W40 is quite versatile as it can be used with a number of audio sources from smartphones to tablets to computers and more. But a majority of users will use it with their smartphones or mp3 players as it gives them freedom of movement.

At the core of the W40’s sound production are 4 balanced-armature drivers that give you an incredible sound experience. The low ends are clear and give the necessary boost to the music. The mids are even better as they are precise without too much distortion.

The high end is fairly good and though it does not get annoyingly bright or high-pitched it is not as good as the low end. But the overall sound is so good that you hardly notice the small shortcomings unless you have a very trained ear.


As the W40 are in-ear headphones, they do not have a majestic look of their over-ear counterparts. As they are so compact, not much can go into making it look ultra-stylish. However, the folks at Westone have done a decent job of making the W40 look stylish.

It has a hook design that fits comfortably around your ear and presents the earbuds at an angle for a superior fit that matches the natural contours of the ear. You can change the color of the face plates are they are detachable and comes in three different colors to suit your mood or color preference.

Noise Cancellation

In-ear headphones are better than over-ear headphones for music lovers as they are more efficient in noise cancellation. As the earphones fit into your ear and physically block the noise through silicone or foam tips, you can achieve noise cancellation up to 25dB to enjoy pure music in all its richness. So even if you are in a crowded place like restaurants or train stations you can enjoy your music without any disturbance from the ambient sound.

Another great feature of this little wonder is that it also prevents leakage of sound. This comes in handy when you are in a quiet place. So you can blast your favorite music all you want without getting stares from total strangers on the train or even in waiting areas to kill time.


Unlike regular in-ear headphones, the cable of the W40 can be detached. It comes with two different cables. One is the regular cable found on most in-ear headphone with the in-line remote for music control. The other cable is an Epic cable that has a twisted design to give the earphones a sophisticated look that matches its high-end features.


The Epic cable does not come with any controls but the default cable comes with an in-line remote that has the necessary music controls. The buttons are easy to use and give you a good tactile feedback when pressed. There is a volume up and down button, a play or pause button and a track change button. These buttons are well spaced out for ease of use.

The play/pause button also doubles as the call button which you can use to attend phone calls from your smartphone. Never miss any calls when by connecting your earphones to your smartphone. You can also hear the other end in great clarity when compared to your own smartphone. Use the volume controls to increase the sound level for your phone calls too.


Westone W40

Even though the earphones are very light, they can cause pain in your ears on prolonged usage if they don’t have a comfortable fit. But the W40 gives you a snug fit and brings about outside noise attenuation to let you enjoy your music and nothing else.

Its hook-like design makes wearing around your ears easy and also makes the earbuds fit the natural contours of the ear. The W40 comes with different sized tips made of silicone and memory foam to suit individual requirements. In fact, it comes in every possible size that you will definitely find one that suits your ear.

While both the foam and silicone ear tips are equally comfortable, the foam tips are good at staying put if you like to move around a lot. This is ideal if you like to dance while listening to your favorite music. When you find the right tip for the earphones, not only will you feel comfortable wearing the in-ear phones for extended hours of use but it will also give you the desired noise attenuation of up to 25dB.


The ear hook design of the W40 makes it very stable and it won’t come off your ears easily. But unlike most other ear hook headphone, the W40 is not too stiff and is slightly flexible for a comfortable fit.

As they are stable inside your ears, they make a great pair of headphones for running and workouts.


The W40 as is the case with most in-ear headphones are very light and compact making them easy to take with you wherever you go. But if you don’t want to carry them as they are, you can even store them inside the carrying case that comes in the box.

Even though this carrying case is light they may not be very compact to fit into your trouser pockets as it would without the case. However, the W40 with its carrying case will easily fit into your carry bag or jacket letting you listen to your favorite music no matter where you are.

The carrying case is very strong and will protect your earphones from scratches, bumps, falls and keeps it away from moisture.


Despite its flimsy looks the W40 is very durable and made of very high-quality materials that are long-lasting. The life of the earphones is further improved by the detachable cables that can be replaced when worn out.

The in-ear cable is great as it comes with the in-line remote but the braided Epic cable is more durable owing to its twisted pattern. The detachable face plates too are made of good quality plastic making the whole earphone really long-lasting.


  • Great noise isolation and low sound leakage
  • A light yet sturdy design for ease of use
  • Made of durable materials for a long-lasting performance
  • Good value for your money


  • Sound quality especially of the highs is not as expected


The Westone W40has a lot going for it from an incredible sound to a durable construction to a comfortable fit and much more. Though it may not be an affordable pair of in-ear headphones it is definitely great for music lovers and those who lead an active lifestyle.

As they are long-lasting and come with easily replaceable parts, they add more value to your money in the long run. Whether you want to enjoy your nights with some calming music before you go to bed or play fast music to go with your workouts or just spend your time during your daily commute with your favorite music, the W40 will do a great job of keeping you close to your music.

It also has very good customer reviews which stand proof for its exceptional sound quality and durability. Will it become your favorite pair of headphones too?

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