The Best Membrane Keyboards of 2021 – [Reviews & Buyer Guide]

Best Membrane Keyboards

Enhance Your Gaming With The Best Membrane Keyboards

Though the avid gamer tends to go for the mechanical keyboard for its tactile response and overall quality of gameplay, the best membrane keyboards will outshine these in several respects, especially for those in the beginning stages of gaming. While there may be a small decrease in responsiveness, membrane keyboards have their own set of advantages.


  1. Noise – For starters, they are quieter than regular keyboards, so you can avoid complaints from sleeping roommates or spouses while you play into the night.
  2. Lifespan – Because membrane keyboards are soft, single-sheet covers where the keys aren’t so much separate entities as pressure pads with an electric circuit below them, they tend to have much longer lifespans.
  3. Cost – Membrane keyboards are less expensive. So, if you are in the market for a quiet, ergonomic, durable, and affordable keyboard, you’ve come to the right place.

1- Razer ornate chroma membrane gaming keyboard

**[Editor’s Choice]**

best membrane keyboards

best membrane keyboards

One of the Best Membrane Keyboards Overall

The most popular and probably the best membrane keyboard on the market, the Razer Ornate Chroma brings the best of both worlds to the user. The Mecha-membrane technology provides a typing experience like no other; you have the cushioning effect of the membrane keyboard while not denying you the crisp tactile feedback of the mechanical keyboard.

You will be treated to a rainbow of colors in the keyboard backlighting. The keyboard is customizable and each key can be individually programmable.

If you are an avid gamer then you will enjoy using this 10-key roll-over anti-ghosting technology especially with the plush and comfortable pad for the wrist to rest; this will minimize the wrist fatigue.

The short keycap ensures that the keyboard response is quick and smooth; the ability of the keyboard to stay put as your fingers fly over it is another reason this mecha membrane ornate chroma is a favorite with gamers.

2- Roccat Sova – Membrane Lapboard for Gaming

Best Membrane Keyboards

Best Membrane Keyboards

One of the 3 Best Membrane Keyboards for Gaming (see #1 and #3)

A key ingredient of a gaming keyboard is ergonomics. Long periods of tireless gaming can lead to severe hand and shoulder fatigue but when you use a keyboard designed to battle this fatigue with extra attention to ergonomics like the ROCCAT your gaming experience can go on uninterrupted.

The 4-meter long cable is a breakaway cable that gives you the freedom to game from the comfort of your couch. You can extend the USB cable too if need be.

This design is a no-mess, clutter-free, tangle-free design where the mouse bungee and cables too can be kept out of the way.

What makes this item so special is the built-in mouse, the docking range for other accessories and the durable composite material used to build it.

You can customize the keyboard further by replacing the wrist rest, key cushions, mouse pad and adjust the backlight from 6 different levels and play even in low lighting.

A great keyboard with a sturdy build resistant to the wear and tear of gaming.

3- CORSAIR K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard

Best Membrane Keyboards

Not everyone wants a mechanical keyboard for gaming; a cheaper alternative has always been the membrane keyboard. This gaming keyboard from Corsair has three dynamic settings for backlighting.

The keyboard is comfortable and user-friendly with dedicated volume and multimedia controls that ensure that your game progresses smoothly. The keys are smooth and responsive while also exhibiting anti-ghosting features. The 6 macro keys can be programmed in varying combinations. You can lock the windows keys for uninterrupted play.

The much-needed wrist support is present in this keyboard; this ensures that your wrists are never bogged down and are ever ready to fly when on a mission.

The casing is of sturdy plastic and is anti-skid in nature. The rubber cable ensures that you are not wasting precious time untangling it.

The highlights of this keyboard are its RGB lighting, programmable macro keys, and good wrist support. It is a good affordable entry level gaming keyboard; but if you wish more from your gadget than keep reading.

4- Gamdias ARES Membrane Gaming Keyboard

**[Best Value]**

Best Membrane Keyboards

One of the Best Membrane Keyboards for Clumsy Gamers

Don’t panic should you spill your drink on your keyboard during a frenzied gaming session because the Gamdias has you covered; in addition to being spill-resistant, the keyboard has 4 drainage holes that channel the liquid away.

The Gamdias Ares is a well-constructed three-layered keyboard with a gamut of interesting features. First and foremost, the 16.8 million colors back lighting and the adjustable brightness level are unique to this model.

You can enjoy an uninterrupted gaming session when you enable the “disable windows Key” which will ensure that even accidentally you don’t press on those keys and lose crucial points in your game.

Marathon gaming sessions don’t allow for a lot of bathroom breaks, so if you are apprehensive about leaving the keypad unattended, there is a feature that locks all keys and gives you mental peace when away.

The multiple profiles, simple and easy to use software that allows you to customize the keyboard and fine tune the macros, the Gamdias is a well-built gaming keyboard. The wrist pad and the special grooves on the keyboard provide the much-needed respite for your wrists during prolonged play.

The Gamdias is a reasonable buy for a keyboard that has one board memory that allows you to take your keyboard wherever you go and start from where you stopped. The only drawback is that the keyboard always starts in the attack mode by default.

5- Logitech Illuminated Thin Keyboard K740

This sleek keyboard from Logitech is good to look at and better to work with. Though the chassis is made of plastic it is sturdy and well built.

A good product to work with, the K740 makes typing quick and easy as the keys respond swiftly with swift and short strokes. The lettering is laser etched and visible in the dark. These keys work softly and with minimal sound. The backlighting ensures that you can work at night without any hindrance.

It is a full sized stylish keyboard with separate keys for volume and to control backlight which incidentally has three levels.

The only negative in this keyboard is its price which is on the higher side, almost in line with the more adept and higher end keyboards.

6- Havit LED membrane keyboard

Speed and silence are the key factors of this LED membrane Keyboard from Havit. The build quality of this keyboard has been well appreciated by seasoned reviewers and first-time users alike. The non-slip key surfaces ensure that you don’t miss any intense moments while gaming even if your palms are sweaty.

The functional yet subtle lighting around the edges and keyboard frames are just right without being too glaring. The lettering on the keys is visible in dim lighting too.

The keys are soft to touch and comfortable while typing and you won’t miss the absent wrist pad for a majority of the time.

On the flip side, the keyboard has no memory of its own and the lighting goes back to its default setting every time you switch on the keyboard and you must readjust to suit your lighting surroundings. The anti-ghost features are passable while the space bar makes an unpleasant sound each time you use it. The use of the WASD keys is limited and a tad disappointing for an avid gamer.

But overall a decent buy, the keyboard is a combination of metal and plastic and can delight someone new to gaming but those used to mechanical keyboards might not be too enamored.

7- HVER Aluminum Gaming Keyboard from IOGEAR

Best membrane keyboards

One of the Best Membrane Keyboards with an Aluminum Chassis

Most of the gaming keyboards are typically made of plastic but there is no denying the aesthetic value of an aluminum chassis as seen with the HVER gaming keyboard from IOGEAR. The beauty of this piece is that the keys seem to hover over the chassis. There are several other features that will delight a gamer who is working on a tight budget.

The tactile feel that you get from the plunger keys is akin to using a mechanical keyboard. These keys have low friction uncommon for membrane keyboards; as a result, you experience flawless and smooth performance.

In the heat of a game, you invariably end up mashing several keys which any other keyboard will refuse to respond to but not the HVER which comes with 26 anti-ghosting keys.

The lettering on the keys is double injected and as a result, you will never have to deal with worn-out keys which is the case with letterings that are normally printed on the keys.

Your keyboard stays put in place and so can the windows menu which can be locked to prevent accidental use.

You can choose any color backlight from three RGB colors or select all the three if you please. The ability to dim the lighting to suit the ambiance and mood of the game enhances the functionality of the keyboard.

This HVER is a rugged well-built keyboard which even though being a membrane keyboard is a good match for the best mechanical keyboards.

8- Kensington Keyboard

Best Membrane Keyboards

For a demanding routine, you need the aid of an able keyboard and mouse combo. The Kensington mouse-in-the-box model is suited for all kinds of environs. Comfortable to use and priced reasonably this keyboard is built to withstand the accidental spills from any liquid. The membrane on and under the keys prevents damage to the circuitry beneath.

This full-size keyboard with a 104-key layout improves your productivity. The ambidextrous mouse allows free and easy usage of the keyboard. The mouse has an HD optical sensor for more precision.

Nothing spectacular about this combo other than the price.

9- Gamdias Ares 7

A quality keyboard and a quality mouse combo is brought to you by GAmdias. Design, material, and construction are top notch and much appreciated by customers who own it.

The Optical sensor of the mouse is an impressive 4000DPI. While there is a 23-key rollover, a great help during your gaming session, and a premium microprocessor to back the claim of the users that probably this is one of the best membrane keyboards around.

The mouse is unique in its own way; it has additional keys that enhance your gaming experience and you can customize the weight of the mouse to suit your style of use.

From the most furious user to those who are gentle in their moments, the keyboards promises to be a companion for a minimum of 10 000 keystrokes – this speaks volumes about the durability of the product. Furthermore, it is spill-resistant.

Though it is a predominantly gaming keyboard, it can be effectively used in any office setting.

The only drawback is that the backlighting is preset in rainbow colors and cannot be customized.

10- LESHP lightweight keyboard

 LESHP Keyboard and Mouse Combo, Lightweight Smooth Comfortable Full-Size USB interface Wired Gaming Mouse Keyboard Set With Mouse

An easy-to-use membrane keyboard the LESHP is a wired multimedia keyboard. It is comfortable to use and very responsive, unlike most membrane keyboards. Sleek, lightweight, quiet, durable are few of the terms used to describe this versatile product.

Built to withstand liquid spills, the LESHP comes with anti-skid rubber padding to let it remain in place during use.

Reasonably priced, this keyboard is ideal for gaming. The flashing backlight adds to the allure of the product. The keys are of the right sized and well-spaced on the keyboard. Overall a good buy for daily use and gaming as well.

How To Identify The Best Membrane Keyboards?

There are a few basic rules or necessities that you must consider before buying a top membrane keyboard. Other than the basic features like price, buttons, and keys there are a few more features that make the best membrane keyboard that you desire.


All keyboards come with backlighting nowadays but it is most sought after by gamers who need to be able to see the keys even in the dark.

Multimedia Ease

Look for keys that are dedicated to multimedia functions like audio control and access to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Extra Keys

Look for extra keys if you are buying for gaming as they will enhance your in-game experience.


No gaming is possible without the macros keys which allow you to customize a series of action into one single click. Of course, macros are useful for other usages of the keyboards besides gaming. Ideally, you must look for programmable macros in the keyboard. Make note of the placement of the macro keys for maximum utility; do know that when you use the macro your hands remain on the keyboard and do not require you to move their position (very crucial during gaming).


For that flying experience and smooth speedy typing, the keyboard must be able to handle at least 5 keystrokes at a time.


Can you store any profiles on the keyboard and if so at least 3 to 5 profiles at any given time.


The biggest advantage a membrane keyboard has over mechanical one is that it is quiet. If anything is loud you are better off with the more powerful mechanical counterpart.

Parting Thoughts

Do not let the plethora of choices out there deter you from your needs and budget. If required, go through additional reviews and articles (see Resources below) and buy a keyboard that delivers the maximum number of features but is simple and doesn’t require complicated software downloads.

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