Top 8 BNC Cables of 2021 – [Reviews & Buyer Guide]

Best BNC CablesLooking For High-Quality Coaxial Cables – Check The Best BNC Cables

Are you tired of fuzzy figures, rolling lines, flickering pictures and blurry images on your surveillance camera? Do you feel cheated that despite your best efforts your safety devices have failed you? One of the most common causes for poor image quality on your security camera is the coaxial cables.Maybe it is time to change to the best BNC cables and see how they transform your surveillance experience.

Top 8 Best BNC Cables – Reviews

Do you know which cable to buy? We know it is not easy to select cables that are reliable and affordable. Here is a list of eight of the top BNC cables in the industry.

1- Amcrest 4-Pack 150 Feet Pre-Made All-in-One Siamese BNC Cable

[Editor’s Choice]

 Amcrest 4-Pack 150 Feet Pre-Made All-in-One Siamese BNC Video and Power CCTV Security Camera Cable with Two Female Connectors for 960H & HD-CVI Camera and DVR (SCABLEHD150B-4pack)

A pre-made cable ready to plug and use, the Amcrest has two female connectors. These are the original Siamese cables and provide images that are clear and without any interference. It is easy to upgrade from your old coaxial cables to these BNC cables as they work on the same coaxial cabling.

Easy to install

These cables are so easy to use; you need not crimp and cut anymore. This one cable will simplify your entire surveillance system as it provides both the power and the video. The cables are not very thick and bulky which makes it convenient to hide them under rugs and carpets.

No compromise on quality

The quality of the images is on par with other expensive cables. Multi-camera view and data management are also possible with this camera. Despite linking multiple cables with the connectors provided the images remain clean.

Notable specifications

  • Ready to use
  • Pack of 4 Original Siamese cables of 150 feet
  • Male connectors are gold plated
  • Female connectors are nickel plated
  • 1 mm power plug
  • Ideal for all security cameras.

Overall summary

The Amcrest is one of the best BNC cables in the reasonable price range. Good quality picture, sturdy construction, and corrosion resistance nickel and gold plated connectors enhance the longevity of the cables.

2- ANNKE (4) 30M/ 100ft All-in-One BNC Video Power Cables

[Best BNC cable for security cameras]

ANNKE (4) 30M

The ANNKE cables inspire confidence in the user. They have the no-nonsense look and are designed to deliver the goods. One of the best BNC cables in the industry these cables are frequently used to connect surveillance cameras to the Digital video recorder. Simple installation, great quality, and sturdy construction are the characteristics of the ANNKE.

Simple to connect

The standard 2.1 mm power plugs facilitate easy connections between the surveillance cameras and the DVRs. All you need to do is to just plug it nicely and tightly and you are set to play. These are ready to use cables.

No need to crimp or solder

The cables are long at 30M but should you need more you can comfortably extend the camera using the providing extension kit and not waste time soldering or crimping which when not done properly will result in degraded image quality and loss of signal even.

Notable specifications

  • 4 BNC cables each of 100 feet length
  • 4 connectors each of BNC to BNC and BNC to RCA
  • High-grade construction
  • Just plug it in and use it
  • 2.1mm power plug
  • especially suited for CCTV.

Overall summary

To obtain a clean clear image on your closed-circuit television screens you must use nothing but the best BNC cable around. The ANNKE BNC cables fit the bill perfectly. They are durable, long, sturdy and are great at transmitting video and power signals without interference.

3- Masione 4 Pack 100ft BNC Video Power Cable

 Masione 4 Pack 100ft BNC Video Power Cable Security Camera Wire Cord for CCTV DVR Surveillance System

The Masione cables are good quality BNC cables made from pure copper. They are best suited for cameras with DC power. You will experience no interference or distortion of the image with these cables. They are ideal for CCTV because of their length and the quality of the image.

Good quality

The quality of the cable is so good that several users claim that they could never differentiate the quality of the image produced by these cables and the original ones.

Easy to store

It is easy to roll and store these cables away without fear of damage or cuts on the outer layers.

Notable specifications

  • Pack of 4 cables each of 150 feet
  • Cable made of copper
  • Transmits video and power
  • Suited for DC powered cameras
  • Connector to RCA.

Overall summary

A reasonably priced BNC cable, the Masione pack of 4 is efficient, reliable and good value for money. There is no loss in the quality of the image transmitted. An easy to roll cable you won’t be disappointed with this purchase. Some users were concerned with the thin nature of the cable but that has in no way hindered the quality of the image.

4- Q-See QS100B Video & Power Cable

Q-See QS100B

When you are looking for a connector that is resilient and suitable for both outdoors and indoors don’t forget to make note of the Q-See QS100B. This BNC cable can be used for a wide variety of equipment. Gender changers are included for convenience.

Weather safe

Security cables must be hardy and resist the rain and the sun. often poor quality cables give in to incessant weather badgering and die a premature death. But the QS100B are built to last and withstand the vagaries of nature.

Good picture quality

The QS100B provides images that are clean clear and without noise. Even the night picture is of great quality.

Value for money

You can have good decent images at an affordable price with this easy to install and plug BNC cable.

Notable specifications

  • Weather and tamper-resistant cables suitable for both outdoor and indoor use
  • High-end connectors on either side of the cable
  • Gender changers lend greater utility

Overall summary

A cheap and affordable cable that can be successfully used with all Q See cameras.This cable is of medium thickness and the picture quality is appreciable.

5- Swann Fire-Rated Bnc Extension Cable

Swann 100ft BNC Cable, Video & Power for Surveillance

All BNC cables are constructed with the same purpose in mind – to transfer video and power signals digitally. What sets the best BNC cable apart is the quality of the wires, the external sheathing and the ability to reject EMI and RF. Swann cables are known for their quality and durability. They are fabricated from the finest materials and according to the latest industry trends.

Clarity in images

These 100 feet BNC cables are a healthy combo of RG59 and DC power rolled into one. This conveniently provides images without loss of power over a long distance.

Better shielding

Rain, snow or sun these cables will continue to transmit the signals effortlessly and seamlessly. They are double shielded and have been made to deter harsh weather climates.

Notable specifications

  • Easy to connect
  • Long
  • Fits precisely and tightly
  • Insulated from harsh weather
  • 75 ohm of impedance.

Overall summary

The heavy-duty construction, the weather resistance feature and the ease to install have been favorably received by users. the Swann BNC cables enhance your surveillance system.

6- GW security All-in-One BNC Video Power Cable

GW Security Professional Grade RG59 Siamese Combo Coaxial Cable Pre-made All-in-One BNC Video Power Cable

If you are looking for reliable and good grade cable for your cameras you must check out the GW cables.They are one of the easiest ways to keep track of what is happening in your surroundings; the cables are easy to connect to all analog cameras. You will notice the quality of the image remains the same in 700,1000,1200 TVL.

Varying length

The GW cables are available in a wide range starting from 25 ft. to 200 ft. They are also available in two colors- black and white.

Crystal clear pictures

Not only we but several satisfied users have given positive reviews about the quality of the images. These cables fend of nearby RF frequencies and give clean and clear images.


The company offers a full one year warranty with free servicing for the first year.

Notable specifications

  • Premade cables of 100 feet
  • Can connect to all HD-CVI, TVI, AHD security camera
  • No interference noticed
  • 1mm power plug
  • One year warranty and free tech support.

Overall summary

The GW BNC cables are reasonably priced and do a decent overall job. The cables are well constructed and are durable. Just remember though that these easy-to-use and plug cables are not compatible with SDI and DVR cameras.

7- Hosa BNC-59-103 BNC to BNC 75-Ohm Coax Cable

[Best Value BNC Cable]

 Hosa BNC-59-103 BNC to BNC 75-ohm Coax Cable, 3 feet

Hosa is one of the leading names in the field of cables, adapters and other accessories for the digital world. Their products are frequently used in the world of theaters and studios. The BNC 59-103 can be safely used as an HD-SDI cable and for composite videos. It can also be used for digital clocks.

Wide variety of applications

The cable can be used for interference-free images in your digital clocks and other RF applications which require low power videos.

Syncs two interfaces

Often audio and visual issues arise because of improper syncing between two interfaces but when you use the Hosa BNC cable the internal clocks of multiple devices are synced effectively to produce a video of appreciable quality.

Notable specifications

  • 75 ohm BNC cable for precise transfer of signals
  • Signal clarity enhanced by the Oxygen Free Copper conductor
  • Al-Mylar shields offer protection from electromagnetic interference.

Overall summary

Priced around $ 6, the Hosa cables perform way beyond their cost. They can be paired successfully with a wide variety of products that need digital connections. You can be sure of accurate signals with minimum RF interference.

8- VideoSecu 100ft HD Security Camera Video Power Cable

 VideoSecu 100ft HD Pre-made All-in-One Video Security Camera Cable Power Extension Wire Cord with BNC RCA Connectors for 720P 960P 960H CCTV Surveillance DVR System A1E

If you are looking for cables that support SDI and HD camera, stop right now. This VideoSecu is not for you. This is a low range cable with decent quality and limited usage. These cables are suited only for indoor use and are not built to withstand harsh weather climates.

Easy to install

The cables are ready to be plugged and used immediately. They are long and can cover greater distances without you needing to resort to an extension which can lead to loss of signal.

Notable specifications

  • Suitable for DC-powered cameras only
  • Easy to plug and play
  • 100 feet cable
  • 2.1 power connector.

Overall summary

The VideoSec cables are used with CCTVs most of the time. They are of Okay quality and can no way compare with the best in the industry. The resolution is not the best and the usage is not universal.

Final thoughts

BNC cables are used in the music industry and in the surveillance field. In the music industry, they are used for syncing between digital devices to avoid annoying noises in audio and in the surveillance world they are depended on for clear pictures with less noise. The best BNC cable will be durable, withstand the vagaries of weather and provide images that are clean and crisp without any loss of signals. Before buying do check the compatibility of the cables with your digital devices.

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What are BNC cables?

Best BNC cables reviews

Bayonet Neill–Concelman Or BNC cables are a type of coaxial cables that are used extensively in all forms of audio and visual communications. These cables consist of the BNC connector which is nothing but an RF connector. They are predominantly used in the amateur radio antenna, aviation industry, and military equipment.

Only recently, they have found entry into the CCTV word and recording studios to synchronize the various elements of the recording.

Advantages of BNC

BNC cables have gained popularity for the following reasons:

  • They fit the bill for all CCTVs because they adhere to the industry standards
  • They are really long
  • They stay in place thus preventing distortion of images
  • They are cheaper than optical fibers.

Tips on using BNC cables

You need to follow certain basic rules to make the most of these cheap alternates to optic fibers for optimum results.

  1. Loop the cables: How you wrap the excess cable connected to a camera will determine the quality of the image and the longevity of the cable. When the cable gets pulled, it puts pressure not only on the camera but also on the cable. Hence the best method to protect your cable is to wrap it around the camera.
  2. Do not bend the Cable Pin: To prevent the cable from acting up ensure that you are never forcing the connector pin into any orifice that is not compatible. The single pin is delicate and tends to bend under pressure.
  3. Effective storage: Take care while storing the cable not to bend it beyond its natural curve. Always lay them flat on the ground if you don’t wish to shorten their life. Do not keep any heavy stuff on them; it will disrupt the internal wiring.

Thus, when you follow a few basic rules with the BNC cables, you can be assured that they won’t let you down when needed.


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