Top 7 Best Violin Pickups of 2021 – [Reviews]

Best Violin Pickup

Looking For The Best Violin Pickup That You Must Buy To Be Heard

Does your violin sound get lost in the melange of guitars and drums? Or are you unhappy with the microphone sound which is far from natural? Whichever the case the need of the hour is to buy one of the best violin pickups in the market.

Some of the classically trained musicians are intimidated with technology, especially with small devices like the pickup. A pickup is a small device attached to the bridge are of the violin. Its main job is to convert the physical vibrations into digital signals. When you connect the pickup to an Amp or BAM you can be heard clearly and loudly.

How to purchase a pickup will depend on what kind of sound effect you are hoping to produce – are you going to play with a band or will you be performing solo? Do you want the pickup to be a permanent feature on your instrument? Based on the answers, you should do your review and purchase a pickup that is affordable and useful.

If you are still unsure, we have you covered. We have garnered a list of some of the best Violin Pickups in the field for your perusal.

1- Headway The Band Violin Pickup System

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Headway The Band Violin Pickup System

If you want electrical amplification for your violin without making any major modifications to the instrument you should check out this Violin Pickup System. It is compact, long lasting and easy to install. It is a band with a Velcro which can be fixed around the violin. It generates a passive signal that can be directly plugged into an amp or a mixing desk.

Great volume

This Pickup cuts feedback and you will get volumes greater than those produced by a microphone. The band design reduces the bowing noise and sounds from the body while reducing the excessive treble. It is a great companion on the stage where you need to be heard among the drums and the guitar. Furthermore, it allows you to move around and not stay stuck to the microphone.

Easy to install

You can easily attach the Band with 2 Velcro hook and loop strips by passing the band under the strings between the bridge and the tailpiece and wrap it around the violin’s waist.


Though this pickup is a large band, it doesn’t stand out on your instrument and will not interfere with your performance.

Notable specifications

  • Easy to fit and smooth transferability
  • Instrument need not be modified to accommodate the pickup
  • The tone is warm and clear
  • Reduced feedback & body boom
  • Negligible noise from the bow
  • No need to use batteries
  • Can be plugged straight into a mixing desk or the combo amp.

Overall summary

The Headway Band is an easy to set up pickup that does not need any modifications to be made to the instrument. It produces volume greater than the mic. According to several customer reviews, the sound is expressive and rich and they have found it easy to plug it to any PA system or amp. It is not cheap but it is one of the top violin pickups in the music industry.

2- Barcus Berry 3100 Clamp-On Bridge Violin Piezo Pickup

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Barcus Berry 3100 Clamp-On Bridge Violin Piezo Pickup

For that solid balanced sound when you want your violin to hold its own in a band you must use the Barcus Berry 3100 Pickup. Features like feedback rejection, wide band frequency response and string balance lead to the production of a true tone and clean sound while reducing the noise from the bow and body of the instrument. It is a versatile pickup that can be used on stage and in the studio also.


You can attach the pickup either directly to an amplifier or a mixing desk and enjoy the clear and true tone of music via the cable.  It can be used in the studio or the stage equally effectively.

Easy to install

It truly is easy to install this pickup- just clamp it nicely and tight to the body of the instrument and you are done. You don’t have to use any special tools or make any permanent changes to your instrument.

Notable specifications

  • Wideband frequency response
  • Notable string balance
  • Feedback rejection feature which provides signal isolation for clear and true reproduction of sound
  • Fits all sizes of violins and violas
  • Weighs just 1.6 ounces.

Overall summary

A versatile affordable temporary solution for those musicians who like rich amplified tone well balanced across the entire range of the instrument. There is the popular carpenter output jack that can be fixed directly to any amplifier; you don’t need a preamp with this pickup.

3- Feather Violin Pickup

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Your search for the all-in-one versatile pickup ends with the Feather from Myers. The pickup is easy to install and is powered by lithium batteries. A Preamp is included with the pickup to enhance the warmth and richness of the tone. It is small and compact and compatible with most effects pedals.

Stress-free gigging

The Feather comes with a patented saddle clip that ensures that the Pickup stays in place even if you do give into some violent swaying as you enjoy the music. You need not worry about any scratches on your instrument either as the clip doesn’t leave any marks.

Adjustable volume

You can turn down the volume or increase it at will with the soft fluted rubber knob. You will be pleasantly surprised that even at the highest volume there is no feedback and the sound is clear.

Notable specifications

  • Saddle clip included for stress-free performance
  • Compatible with all instruments
  • An ¼” input jack available
  • Built-in pickup Mic that is omni-directional (sounds reaches all directions)
  • Flexible micro goose neck
  • Made in the USA
  • Instructions sheets and alternate attachment methods included

Overall summary

The Feather pickup is most certainly one of the most powerful yet compact pickups you could choose for your violin when you want to turn it into a powerhouse of music. You hear only the true notes of the music and there is no acoustic distortion and no feedback.

4- Fishman Classic Series V-200 Professional Violin Pickup

Fishman Classic Series V-200 Professional Violin Pickup

The Fishman V-200 is a piezo-ceramic violin pickup that can be mounted on the bridge with the easy floating mount system. It is easy to install and provides a stronger and more natural tone. This pickup senses string vibrations through its piezo element. It is suited for any playing style. It does not interfere with the player. The lightweight nature of the pickup ensures that any damping and muting of the acoustic tone is reduced.

1/4@” output jack

This model comes with the most popular Carpenter Jack of ¼”. It is housed in an attractive molding and can be easily attached to the lower bout with the chin rest hardware. You can attach the jack to a microphone also.

Easy installation

You can DIY. This pickup does not need professional help to mount it. With a few minor adjustments, the V-200 Classic can be easily installed on the instrument and removed at will too. You do not need to drill holes or use sophisticated tools for installation. It fits snugly.

Notable Specifications

  • Carpenter ¼” jack
  • It is bridge mountable
  • Floating mount system
  • Can be attached and removed easily without tools
  • It is lightweight at 5.6 ounces

Overall Summary

Priced a wee bit less than the $150, the Fishman V-200 is perfect for musicians who use their instrument in amplified surroundings. The lightweight nature minimizes acoustic muting and damping. It is an affordable pickup of professional quality.

5- LR Baggs Violin Pickup with External Jack Mount

LR Baggs Violin Pickup with External Jack Mount

LR Baggs is one of the most trusted brands in the industry. Their products are known for amplifying the true natural sound of the violin. You will not experience any annoying feedback, extra noise or the nasal tone common in microphones when you use the LRBaggs Pickup.

Eliminates external noises

Once you fix the Pickup to the bridge of the instrument you will experience the dynamics of sound where the tone is well balanced and the strings enhance the natural tonal quality of the violin. It eliminates the external noise created when the bridge moves left and right due to vibrations. It also minimizes any finger squeaks and feedback.

Consistent performer

This pickup is a favorite with professionals because it delivers a natural tone consistently irrespective of where you are performing and even if you are recording. You don’t have to worry about over amplification.

Notable specifications

  • Miniature sensor is embedded in the bridge mount for greater sensitivity
  • The sensor rejects string and body noise
  • Suitable for studio recording
  • High feedback resistance
  • An external jack mount is provided
  • Can be plugged into any amp without a preamp
  • The external mount is a high quality two-tree maple bridge, Superieur Despiau

Overall summary

The LG Baggs Pickup lives up to the reputation of the brand. It is a complete package for those who want the professional feel while performing on stage or during recording. You need professional help to fix this pickup but once done you will be pleased with the unsurpassed sensitivity and minimal feedback of the piece.

6- Mighty Mini Pickup

Mighty Mini Pickup

It is not the top Violin pickups around but is cheap and does the job decently. The Mighty Mini is another easy to install and use pickups that enhance your music. The best part about this mighty Mini is that it need not be attached to the body at all, thereby you never need to worry about scratches and damage to the lacquer.


The Mighty Mini is compatible with all kinds of stringed instruments like cello, ukulele, mandolin besides the violin. It is quite often used by teachers and engineers who amplify a wide variety of instruments.

Easy to install

It can be easily threaded below the lowest and the highest strings below the bridge. Just plug it to the amp and start playing. It is easy to remove also.


Priced a little less than $100, the Mighty Mini is a very affordable pickup that can produce a sound almost at par with the best in the industry.

Notable Specifications

  • Easy to thread design
  • Suitable for all stringed instruments
  • Requires no alteration
  • 11 and ½ foot cable

Overall summary

Though cheaper than the other models, several customer reviews have stated that the product works well and is non-invasive. Of course, there were incidents of extra noise and some unhappiness with the length of the cord. But overall, it was considered value for money.

7- KNA VV-1 Violin/Viola Pickup

KNA VV-1 Violin

Lightweight, unobtrusive and easy to install, the KNA VV-1 is one of the common pickup solutions for violins and viola. It is encased in a lightweight tone wood and does not require any major modification to attach it to the bridge of the violin.

Bridge mountable pickup

This pickup is ideal for beginners and amateurs who prefer affordable acoustic solutions. It can be comfortably clipped on the side or wedged in the bridge without it becoming a hindrance to the musician. It is easy to install and remove and provides a good tone.


When you have only one instrument for both amplified and un-amplified performance, a detachable pickup is the best solution. The KNA is detachable and it comes with a protective cork housing at the input jack and the clamp legs to protect your violin from scratches.

Easy to Install

You do not need any professional help to mount this pickup. In fact, there is a very minimal modification to fix the KNA making it easy to use and install.

Notable Specifications

  • Portable and Detachable Piezo Pickup; comes with Jack
  • It’s easy to Install.
  • Does not require Drilling or Soldering
  • Encased in Tone Wood (Lightweight)
  • Comes with Side-Mounted Carpenter Jack (1/4″)
  • It has been handcrafted in Europe

Overall Summary

The portable KNA VV-1 is a detachable Piezo Pickup with a jack for violins and violas. It is encased in a lightweight wood which retains the true tone of the instrument. Several customer reviews claim that they are pleased with the price which incidentally is less than a $100 but are immensely satisfied with the sound quality. Overall a good and affordable accessory for your violin.

Bottom line

It is no fun to see your music drowned amidst the loud guitar and drums on stage. If you haven’t tried the Violin pickup, choose one from the best Violin pickups listed above and see the difference it makes to your music and your confidence.

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