The Best Non-Contact Thermometer in 2021 [Reviews & Buyers Guide]

best non contact thermometer

Finding The Best Non-Contact Thermometer

Thermometer technology has advanced a lot in the last 20 years. Maybe you still have one of those “lay on the tongue for 30 seconds” antiques still around the house, but the thermometer is a totally different device in 2020.

Today, the best non-contact thermometers use advanced infrared sensors and achieve a clinic level of accuracy and speed within a second. There’s no longer any need to spend 30-60 seconds taking somebody’s temperature, nor do you need to risk spreading germs or worry about heavy sanitizing after each use like we did with conventional mercury thermometers. All of this is particularly important in our post Covid world, and many shops and businesses, and especially airports, have resorted taking the temperature of every person who walks through their doors. Luckily, with the latest in thermometer technology, this can be done at the push of a button, is completely contactless, and is more accurate than ever before.

Whether you want a device for the home, the clinic, school or your own place of business, below, we’ve reviewed some of the most widely used devices on the market, to help you choose the best non-contact thermometer for your needs.

SANPU Premium Non-Contact Thermometer (Ear & Forehead)

**[Editor’s Choice]**

If you’re after something affordable that still works with medical level precision, this is the device for you. The design is sleek, ergonomic, and the controls are intuitive and easy to use. It contains most of the features of the fancier devices, looks just as good, but beats them all on price. If you want a simple device that lets you zap temperatures quickly and accurately, you won’t need anything more than this. Your wallet will thank you, too!

Key Features

  • fast 1-second reading time
  • battery-saving automatic shutdown feature
  • color temperature LCD screen
  • a fever warning signal
  • a “mute” mode so you can check someone’s temperature without waking them.


It also has one of the more impressive memory functions compared to other digital thermometers on the market, allowing you to store up to 35 readings so you can monitor trends and fluctuations in body temperature for multiple users.


It is suitable for infants older than 3 months and adults alike, can be easily switched between Fahrenheit and Celsius, and can be used on either the forehead or ear. In our opinion, due to its versatility, features, and design quality, this is one of the best non-contact thermometers available today. Order yours here on Amazon.

Amplim Medical Grade Infrared Thermometer FDA FSA HSA approved.

**[Highest Quality]**

The Amplim is a US-made hospital grade thermometer, manufactured by a division of AMPMED. Clinically proven to be safe and accurate, it’s switchable between sensors for forehead, surfaces and foods/liquids. Suitable for home, office, nursery, daycare, school, or even a physicians office.

Like all devices listed here, it is completely non-contact and measures temperature via infrared sensor. Can switch between celsius and farenheit with a single click, audible fever alert, energy saver, and two AA batteries to get it working straight out of the box. Huge storage capacity with the ability to store 60 previous readings, and a soft green backlight so readings are always clear, day and night.

Amplim is a trusted American brand, factory tested and FSA HSA approved. In fact if you visit a hospital and a nurse needs a temperature reading, it’s possible this is the device he/she will be using. Highest quality, reliable, durable – a great mercury-free device to keep in your medicine cabinet at home at an affordable price. You can order yours here directly on Amazon.

2 – iHealth No-Touch Infrared Thermometer

**[Best Selling]**

This non-contact medical thermometer is the best selling infrared thermometer on Amazon, with over 20,000 positive reviews. At only 5 inches long, it fits in your pocket like a smartphone, and the all-white design is sleek and modern.

It also comes with 3 sensors – while the ultra-sensitive forehead sensors measures the subject’s temperature, the environmental sensors make adjustments for the air/room temperature, to ensure a perfectly precise reading.

The large LED screen displays the readings, even in total darkness, and the device is always on vibrate so you don’t wake your little ones while taking their temperature at night. Ships from the USA.

  • Lightning-fast 1 second reading time
  • Multiple sensors give an ultra-accurate result
  • Vibrate mode means it’s always on silent
  • Switch easily between farenheit and celsius
  • Comes with batteries!

It is suitable for infants older than 3 months and adults alike, and can be used on either the forehead or ear. With its great design and full spectrum of features, we rate this as one of the best no contact thermometers currently available. You can order yours here on Amazon.

3 – CHOOSEEN Digital Forehead and Ear Thermometer for Babies

**[Best Choice for Infants]**

best non contact thermometer fda approved

The Best Non-Contact Thermometer for Children

While designed for babies, this thermometer will work well with any age group. It has several features that make it ideal for infants and children. While most thermometers have these features to some degree, CHOOSEEN has developed this model specifically with children in mind.

Another thing that makes it great if you have kids in the house is the high versatility sensors can measure more than just body temperature. Whether you want to use this touchless thermometer for checking your newborn’s bath water temperature, or the temperature of their bottle, you can do that too.

This digital non-contact thermometer is accurate in both celsius and farenheit and easily swtiches between the two. It has an ultra fast 1 second measurement time, and can be switched to silent mode to ensure your baby never wakes when you take their temperature during the night. A very affordable thermometer, and better in every way than a traditional mercury thermometer. 

Lastly, it has an impressive memory bank, allowing you to store up to 35 previous readings to keep track of body temperature trends over time. For the perfect non-contact thermometer for a young family, this is an excellent choice. Order yours here on Amazon.

4 – REED Heavy Duty Infrared Forehead Thermometer – Medically certified, FDA approved

They don’t call it the Heavy Duty for nothing. This thermometer is classified as a Class Ila(for CE)/class II Medical Device, sorted as internally- powered equipment and type BF application device. Is lab tested with all international certifications, and is FDA approved.

As you would expect, comes with all the standard features of a quality touchless thermometer, and is approved for hospital use:

  • Simple, intuitive controls and a large, backlit LED display screen with color coded readings.
  • A multi-mode capability that measures objects, liquids, and ambient temperatures.
  • A 1-second reading time
  • A “Silent Mode” that allows you to take someone’s temperature at night without waking them up.
  • An auto-shutoff feature which will prevent the battery from being drained accidentally

If you’re looking for a medical quality thermometer to keep in the home, and want the peace of mind of an FDA approved non contact thermometer device, look no further than the REED. Order yours here on Amazon.

EasyEast Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer

The EasyEast non-contact thermometer is a beautifully designed device and should tick all your boxes if you’re in the market for an all-in-one thermometer with a wealth of features and functions.

The Best Non-Contact Thermometer for Versatility

Though it was designed to be used for measuring the forehead temperature of adults and babies, it can also be used to measure the surface temperature of objects and liquids, as well as ambient room temperatures, making it a versatile product that can be put to good use around the house.

Use the body mode to point at the forehead and instantly read body temperature. It will alert you with a beep in case of a fever. The backlit LCD display is clear, and comes with tri-colors to indicate normal body temperature, low-fever, or high fever.

The automatic power-off feature saves battery life and will easily last up to 40,000 readings. This durable thermometer comes in a sturdy and attractive plastic carry case and works with two AAA batteries. It’s FDA approved and backed by a lifetime warranty for complete peace of mind.

LPOW Non-Touch Digital Thermometer

This non contact medical thermometer is a gun-style device, very similar to the popular Penrui thermometer (at a fraction of the price).

Lightning fast readings in 1 second, accurate to the tenth of a degree in both farenheit and celsius, it is the only thermometer you will need for your home or business.

Infrared sensor technology and a bright attractive circular LCD display makes it super easer to use, with a soft green backlight for taking temperature readings in the dark.

The readings are also color coded in green,yellow and red, which will help you indicate normal or high-grade to low-grade fever.

This thermometer is FDA compliant and safe to use. Simply point at the forehead of your child and press the button to check the temperature in just two seconds. The ideal pointing distance range is 0.5 inches to 1.2 inches.

Get yours here on Amazon.

MildSix Clinical Forehead Baby Thermometer

Mildsix thermometers are clinically accurate for taking forehead temperature readings for babies and toddlers. As it is a non-contact infrared thermometer, there is no worry about spreading germs and cleaning after use.

It has a molded design which is also ergonomic for holding the device easily away from the forehead, like a TV remote. Just point and press to instantly scan and read the results within a second.

The backlit LCD display and the silent mode options let you take readings in the night effortlessly without waking your child up. It can also read the temperature of the room your baby is sleeping in, the milk in their bottle and their food (and of course, their foreheads!)

It is FDA approved, clinically tested and comes with a 1-year warranty. There is also a reassuring 60-day money-back guarantee and a free curved tip digital thermometer that you can get as part of the limited edition stock.

Ahotop Forehead Digital Gun Temperature Reader

The Ahotop non-contact thermometer is a very affordable thermometer that can do more than just read forehead temperatures, people often use it for baby milk, food, grilling meat, wine, baking and so on.

Get accurate body temperature and surface temperature readings when placed within 2 inches off the surface.

It has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold the device steady. The gun design is preferable for many people. This one comes with an updated microchip which has improved accuracy of ± 0.2℃ (0.4℉) in body mode and ± 1.0℃ (1.8℉) in surface mode.

Just press the trigger and the results are displayed in 0.5 seconds. The backlit display has large fonts for easy reading. Whether for home use or medical use, it’s reliable, durable, and safe for all the family.

What features should the best non-contact thermometer have?

Make sure your non-contact thermometer has the following features before buying:

Reading time

A good non-contact thermometer should be able to complete readings in no more than 1 seconds.


All home thermometers should be accurate in both celsius and farenheit, to at least one tenth of a degree. One hundredth of a degree is better, but not usually necessary.

Backlit display

A backlit display is very useful especially when you have to take temperature readings at night without disturbing a sleeping child or baby. Color coded thermometer readings are also helpful.

End beep

The beep feature lets you know when the thermometer has finished reading a temperature. This makes staring at the screen unnecessary and allows you to focus on your child. Some also have a vibrate/silent feature.

Memory recall

It’s important to keep track of previous readings to ensure the temperature is going down with time and medication. Be sure to look for a thermometer that can recall at least 20 readings, but the more the better.


Your non-contact thermometer should have a beep or a vibration feature to let you know that the reading has started to avoid wasting precious seconds that you baby is still.


This feature will not only save battery life but save you from remembering to turn off the device every time, especially so if you need to console your child.



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