Benq GL2460HM Review – Best Gaming Monitors for 2021

Benq GL2460HM Review

The Benq GL2460HM – A Monitor for Maximum Eye Comfort

Finding a great LED monitor might sound like a simple task until you really get down to buying one, which is why we’ve tried to include as much detail as humanly possible in this Benq GL2460HM review. There are so many models on the market and adding to the confusion is the fact that everyone’s needs are different. Gamers have different requirements while professionals or home users have very different requirements. There is also the cost factor that can limit your choices if you are budget-conscious.

But don’t you worry about any of that as we have handpicked a great 24-inch LED monitor that is so affordable and yet full of features at the same time. It is one of those monitors that are suitable for gamers and professionals alike. Below we review it in great detail complete with pros and cons to help you decide if this will be the right one for you. Read on.

Benq GL2460HM Specs

  • High-definition LED monitor with a resolution of 1080p
  • Fast response time of 2ms for brilliant picture quality
  • A dynamic ratio of 10M:1 and an aspect ratio of 16:9
  • Zero-flickr technology to reduce eye strain during extended use
  • Senseye 3 for accessing your favorite settings instantly
  • Senseye Human Vision Technology produces true colors
  • Easy to set-up

Is The Benq GL2460HM The Most Affordable 24-Inch LED Monitor?

Benq GL2460HM

The Benq GL2460HM is a 24-inch twisted pneumatic (TN) display which means it is much cheaper than its IPS counterpart giving it an edge over the latter when it comes to the price point. From high-definition images to fast response time and aero-flickr technology and more, the GL2460HM is chock full of features to give you a great user experience akin to some high-end monitors.

It combines great features, superior performance, and great looks all in one to give a versatile monitor that can be used in a variety of applications. While the viewing comfort it provides is great for professionals, its fast response time makes it a great monitor for gaming and entertainment.

Below you will find each of its features reviewed in great detail to help you understand its capabilities.


When we say super-fast it is quite natural to think that we are referring to the absence of latency issues. But here we are actually talking about the response time which is the time taken for a pixel to change from one color to another. With a response time of 2ms, everything from movies to action games on the Benq GL2460HM review will come alive with vibrant colors and visually superior images.

Zero Flickr Technology

Well, we are in an age where reducing screen time for adults has become almost impossible what with most of the work requiring people to work on a computer. So a smart way to care for your eyes is to use a monitor that will reduce eye strain. That’s exactly what you get with this Benq monitor.

Your eyes will thank you when you use the GL2460HM that comes with Zero Flickr technology. So even if you work for long hours or play games to your heart’s content your eyes won’t feel tired.

Rich Colors

Benq GL2460HM price

You will be amazed at the colors displayed on the screen as it comes with 16.7 million colors. Due to its rich color performance watching videos or Blu-ray titles on the GL2460HM gives you such a visual treat.

The LED Advantage

If you want to upgrade your LCD monitor, then the Benq GL2460HM would be a great choice. This is because being an LED monitor it has better features than LCD TVs like a better dynamic ratio, no flickering or light leakage, etc.


The GL2460HM will add style to any décor with its great looks. From a textured carbon fiber back to the 0.6-inch bezels to a contoured neck and an oval base, it will rock any space. The strong and stable base holds the monitor in place without any wobbling should you move it on your desk. The slim bezels ensure that you are able to use the monitor even in multi-panel set-ups.

It also has a forward tilt of 5 degrees and a backward tilt of 20 degrees giving you enough adjustments for a comfortable viewing angle. This greatly reduces neck strain when working for extended periods of time.


You won’t have to depend on an external set of speakers when you use this monitor as it comes with inbuilt speakers. It has dual 1W speakers that enhance your videos and also lets you listen to your favorite music.

Sens-Eye Technology

This monitor gives you an enhanced viewing experience with its Senseye Human Vision technology. The Senseye 3 comes with 6 presets that use Benq’s proprietary calibration methods to make your videos look even better. The six different modes are V standard, Game, Movie, Photo, sRGB, reading, and EcoV. Select one of these modes depending on your requirement to get the most out of your monitor.

HDMI Interface

The Benq GL2460HM comes with an HDMI interface that makes connecting your monitor to other devices easy. You can connect it to everything from computer CPUs to speakers to Blu-ray players to game consoles to laptops and much more.

Viewing Angle

The problem with older monitors is that they are best viewed only when the user is right in front of the monitor. But with the GL2460HM you will have absolute freedom of movement as it has a good viewing angle of 170 degrees horizontally and 160 degrees vertically.

Blackest Black

Monitors are not all about colors. In fact, if you want to truly appreciate the color that you see, then the black areas of the screen are what you should pay attention to. In other words, you should look for a high contrast ratio monitor. The Benq GL2460HM review has a dynamic ratio of 12M: 1 which means your color images come alive because the blacks on the screen have a true black color.


On the back panel, there is a port each for HDMI, VGA, and DVI. In addition to these, there is also a headphone jack and an audio-in jack giving you all the basic ports for connectivity.


This monitor is compatible with both Windows 7 and 8 versions. So all you need to do is simply connect your monitor to your computer and it will be detected immediately. This gives you an almost plug and play sort of convenience.


There are five buttons for display settings placed at the back of the bezel. These buttons when pressed display an on-screen menu with the help of which you can adjust everything from the contrast to brightness to sharpness, color temperature, saturation, and more.

Flexible Mounting

The monitor comes with a stylish and sturdy stand for table mounting. However, if you prefer to wall mount your monitor especially for gaming purposes, then there is also the provision for that giving you flexible mounting options.

Reading Mode

In addition to the screen tilt feature, there is another user-friendly feature that you will love if you are an avid reader. If you spend a lot of time at your desk, then you can use Benq GL2460HM review as an e-reader. Similar to the handheld e-book readers, it mimics printed paper to improve eye comfort for prolonged use. This can be used not only for reading books, but also when you are working on your computer for long hours.


You can also use the Eco mode on the GL2460HM that helps you reduce energy consumption by 37% for tasks like internet surfing, email and document viewing. You can reduce the energy used up to 44% when you use the Eco mode for gaming.


You may think that a monitor that supports high-definition videos and gaming has to naturally use a lot of energy. On the contrary, the Benq GL2460HM is eco-friendly as it is energy star rated and uses less energy. It complies with the Version 5.1 of Energy Star standard for monitors. It also, therefore, saves you energy costs in the long run. LEDs are also more eco-friendly than LCDs as the byproducts of manufacturing are comparatively less hazardous.


This is a quality monitor from one of the top brands who are experienced in making monitors. The product is durable and comes with a limited 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Rich colors that are pleasing to the eye
  • Crystal clear monitor that is gaming-ready
  • Easy to install with a set-up time of under 10 minutes
  • Darker blacks for superb contrast and clarity to the pictures
  • A stylish as well as durable construction for a long-lasting performance


  • The speakers are not as powerful as one would like them to be.
  • The viewing angle is shorter than LED monitors in the segment


Whether you are a hard-core gamer or a workaholic or just a homeowner who loves to watch high-definition movies, a great monitor is absolutely essential. It is easy to get tempted and buy cheap monitors that actually don’t save you any money at all. They further may add to your frustration through poor image quality or even stop working altogether after some time.

The Benq GL2460HM review is a steal deal for its features and its price tag of under $130. It has some great customer reviews and is one of the top-selling budget monitors on the market. Get yourself one and enjoy hours of comfortable viewing or gaming, whichever suits you the best.

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