Top 5 Best Lighted Nocks In 2021 – [Reviews & Buyer Guide]

 Best Lighted Nock

 Shoot With Confidence With The Best Lighted Nock

Choosing the best lighted nock requires the consideration of various factors like weight, fit, and ease of installation, which can be time-consuming. But, If you’ve used lighted nocks before, you know how completely it can change your hunting experience. Whether you’re a hobbyist archer or hunter, lighted nocks can help you track your shots, find your arrows, and aim with confidence. Searching for the exact right product can take away valuable time you’d rather spend bow-hunting, which is why we cover all of the top-performing brands on the market to help you only choose the products that are worth your time. Read on to find the best-lighted nocks for your bolts and arrows.

1- NockTurnal GT Lighted Nocks

[Editor’s Choice]

Nockturnal-GT Lighted Nocks for Arrows with .246 Inside Diameter including various Gold Tip Arrows

Some brands become synonymous with the sport they are associated with. Nockturnal is one such brand whose name is used almost interchangeably with the term lighted nocks. If you want only the best quality from a well-established brand, the Nockturnal GT lighted nocks are for you. It can be a little pricier than some competitors, but the durability of the product and peace of mind gained by using a reputable company more than makes up for it.

Best Lighted Nock for Visibility

The main reason you want to buy lighted nocks is so that you can track all your shots precisely after your arrow leaves the bow. The LED lights used in these nocks have high visibility so you can shoot confidently even during dusk. The plastic used is also extremely clear thereby helping in the maximum transmission of the LEDs light even when you are several yards from the target.

Best Lighted Nock for Water and Shock Resistance

The Nockturnal GT lighted nocks are made with only the highest quality materials to make them last. Not only are these lighted nocks waterproof, they are also shock resistant to handle even the most aggressive shots.

Long battery life

These nocks have built-in lithium batteries that last more than 20 hours. So even if you shoot your arrow in the morning, you can easily find it at dusk or even the next morning with ease.

Best Lighted Nock for Weight

Weighing only 20 grains, these nocks are super lightweight and hence will not only improve the accuracy of your shots but also let your arrow fly faster and further.

No assembly

These nocks are designed to be used straight out of the box. So this is perfect for those of you who can’t wait to start shooting with your new nocks. There is absolutely no assembly or preparation required to use these nocks. Simply fix them to your shafts just before shooting and you are ready to go.

Notable Features

  • Automatic light knocks for crossbows
  • Compatible with most gold tip arrows with an inner shaft diameter of 0.246 inches
  • High visibility for easy recovery and with a good trajectory for target shooting
  • Piston-driven contact switch design for reliability of LED illumination
  • Long-lasting lithium batteries

Overall assessment

Whether you are hunting or just practicing your shots, these lighted nocks will be great. These brightly visible lights will make target shooting a lot more precise and fun too. It also comes from a reliable brand to give you complete peace of mind in the field.

2- GWS Game Warning System Lighted Crossbow Nocks

[Lowest Price]

If you have always wanted to try lighted nocks but did not want to invest in them, then you will want to try the ones by Game Warning System. They are easy on your pocket and will let you shoot with confidence. Recovering your bolts even at dusk will no more be a difficult task.

Plunger-activated LEDs

This is an automatic lighted nock that lights as your bolts leaves the crossbow. This is brought about by the plunger in the nock that is activated during the trigger. Turning off the LED light is easy as it comes with a side slot. Just use any sharp tool to simply press the activator inside the slot and the light will be switched off.


Many lighted nocks are designed to be used only with their proprietary arrows and bolts. But these are great aftermarket crossbow nocks that are compatible with bolts from Barnett, Victory, Gold Tip and Beman.


These lighted knocks are completely waterproof too, which means you can easily find them even if the skies decide to pour and spoil your hunt or shooting game.

Best Lighted Nock for Ease-of-use

Don’t worry about fixing your nocks to the bolts with glue as these are simple push-in nocks. They are easy to fit into the shaft and will fit perfectly into the shafts with the recommended internal diameter.


Lighted nocks are perfect for precise shooting because they make your bolt fly faster and improve the accuracy as you can track the trajectory. These nocks are very light-weight and are only 30 grains to make your shots accurate.

Value for money

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned archer, you sure know how lighted nocks can be a game changer. These lighted nocks are not only durable but they are also rightly priced giving you more value for your money.

Notable Features

  • Compatible with a variety of Crossbow bolts
  • Fits bolts with internal diameter of 0.297 to 0.302 inches
  • Plunger activated system for automatic LED illumination
  • Side slot for turning off LED light
  • Long battery life

Overall assessment

If you haven’t tried your hand at lighted nocks, then you need these automatic lighted nocks from Game Warning System. They come at such a great price, that it will make even the most difficult skeptic give it a try.

3- Carbon Express LAUNCHPAD Crossbolt Lighted Nock

[Best Value]

Carbon Express LAUNCHPAD Crossbolt Lighted Nock

If you are on the look for some good quality lighted nocks, then the Launchpad by Carbon Express will be the right one for you. It is bright, durable and adjustable. It also comes with a battery that will last a very long time too.


The LED lights used are of the highest quality and give the best illumination for high-visibility even in poor light conditions.


Despite their small size and weight nocks can affect your shots. But these lighted nocks from
Carbon Express are balanced for precision. They are also lightweight and hence add to improving the accuracy of your shots.

Durable construction

The entire body of the nock is made of highly durable materials for a long-lasting performance. The housing is made of high-quality aluminum and the single piece construction makes it really dependable in the field. The aluminum housing protects the battery as well as the LED lights during the flight and on impact.

Adjustable barrel

Even though press-on nocks have a good fit, with these Launchpad lighted nocks you can get a good custom fit. This is because it comes with an adjustable barrel at the back which can be screwed to get the perfect fit for your bolts. The only downside is that it cannot be used with aluminum bolts.

The Best Lighted Nock for Battery Life

The Launchpad nocks come with really long-lasting batteries for an uninterrupted hunting experience. With the re-usable space tab, you can be sure that the LED lights won’t be turned on during storage or when you are carrying it with you. Easy on/off switches also preserve the battery power thereby letting you enjoy the battery life to the fullest extent.


The string end of the nock is indexed. This means that that the nock will sit properly on the string when the bolt is placed in the crossbow making it safer for the user.

Notable Features

  • Lighted nocks to be used with crossbow bolts
  • Fits bolts with internal diameter of 0.296 to 0.300 inches
  • Easy design for switching the LED lights on and off
  • Release-activated LED lights
  • Compatible with Beman, Ten point, Victory and Gold tip bolts
  • Safety space tab to avoid LED illumination during storage or when not in use
  • Easy to install with an adjustable barrel for custom fit

Overall assessment

True to its name the Launchpad from Carbon Express has everything to launch your shots with confidence. With an adjustable option and many more features, it checks all the boxes of a great lighted nock for your hunting needs.

4- Clean-Shot Out Lighted Nock

Clean-Shot Out Lighted Nock

If you want a fuss-free lighted nock for your crossbow, then don’t even think twice but get yourself the Clean-shot out lighted nock. It has got all the features of the best lighted nock but at a reasonable price point.

Best Lighted Nock for Adaptability

If you are an archer, you will love this nock that has a universal fit for peace of mind. It comes with precision bushes so no matter what your carbon shaft size, the nock will fit them all perfectly.

Practice mode

This is the only one in the segment that comes with a practice mode. Simply turn, the activation collar and the light goes out. So you can use the same nock that you used for your practice to hunt letting you perform better and also saving you money at the same time.

Tool-free operation

Turning the battery off is easy with a simple pull of the back that emits a click sound for confirmation. Stop looking for tools or sharp objects forever. This is not the only one that has the practice mode but is also the only one that will let you switch off the light when the arrow is still fixed to the target.


True to its name the Clean-shot will give you the cleanest of shots. This is because they are so lightweight measuring only 21 to 24 grains. So the flight speed or the accuracy of your shots are in no way compromised.

Notable Features

  • Light-weight measuring only 21 to 24 grains
  • Easy on/off feature for a tool-free operation
  • Easy to assemble with custom-fit bushes to fit G, X, H, S and GT carbon shafts
  • Practice mode for light-free practice and to save battery life

Overall assessment

The Clean-shot will help you transfer your practice skills directly to the field with its practice mode feature. It is also a must-have for any archer due to its universal fit feature. It is also great value for your money for its price point.

5- Cisno 3PCS Shooting Automatically Lighted Nock (*Discontinued*)

3PCS Shooting Automatically Lighted Nock Compound Bow Led Lighted Arrow Nock

You can forget cheap and tacky nocks half of which don’t even work for the first time. The Cisno lighted nocks are for those who want quality nocks at pocket-friendly prices. These automatic lighted nocks are built for use with compound bows and fit shaft with a diameter of 6.2 mm.

Best Lighted Nock for Brightness

These nocks come in red and green colors, but no matter which color you choose, you will appreciate their brightness. In fact, the green is much brighter than red and so you can opt to buy them instead of green if you want to precisely track your shots.

Best Lighted Nock for Durable LEDs

Each of these lighted nocks come with a durable LED light that is not just bright but will last as long as the batteries last for superior performance.

Easy to use

Due to the automatic shoot-trigger feature, the nock lights come on once you shoot your arrow. Turning off the battery is super easy too with as there is an activator switch inside the back of the nock. Simply press this switch with the provided screw driver after you retrieve your arrow to turn off the battery.

Best Lighted Nock for Battery Life

As the lights are turned on only when you shoot your arrows, you don’t waste battery charge unnecessarily while taking the time to aim. Even though the batteries are not replaceable, the in-built batteries last anywhere between 24 and 48 hours. So you can use them with a complete peace of mind and not worry about the batteries dying in the middle of your shooting or practice sessions.

Value for money

These lighted nocks are great for everyone and come in a pack of 3s to give enough for a session. They also come at an unbelievably low price tag making them very affordable for everyone.

Best Lighted Nock – Notable Features

  • Lighted nock for use with compound bows
  • Batteries stay put and don’t get lost during the shooting
  • A nock diameter for 6.2 mm that fits most shafts
  • Shoot triggered lights for easily tracking shots
  • Comes with a handy screw driver

Best Lighted Nock – Overall assessment

As these lighted nocks are so budget-friendly, they are great even for newbies. But as they come from a brand that is trustworthy, even seasoned archers and hunters use them and is an overall popular choice amongst people.

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Why should you waste your money on poor quality nocks when you can get the best lighted nock in town? Our review above has all the details of the best lighted nocks that are loved by all. What is even better is that they come at very affordable price tags and are also from reliable name brands that you can trust. Go get one yourself and make your every shot count.


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