Top 4 Best Summing Mixers of 2021 – [Reviews & Buyer Guide]

Best Summing Mixers

Best Summing Mixers: Making The Right Choice

If you love music are into it professionally you might already be aware of the basics of mixers. Let us sum it up in brief for once.

When you conduct a party or attend a dance event, you would often hear music of various tracks being mixed flawlessly and playing together in sync with each other. This procedure of mixing tracks together to form one single output which is ready to reach the main two-channel stereo from where it can be exported is called as summing. To simplify this further, summing is nothing but the mixing of many tracks into the main stereo from where it can be played as a seamless single entity. The best summing mixers are the ones whose output is not just great but also has a warm and well rounded feel to it.

If you are into music, you may already be summing music using the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). In this case, the summing up happens digitally using the software. While this technique is still one of the best styles of summing up comparing it with analogue summing up is inevitable.

Without getting into the technical details, it can be simply put that an analogue summing up gives you a seamless music output, the DAW style though still a competitive option, when compared to analog summing, might appear a little edgy.

When you consider buying a system for summing, if you have the budget, you can opt for an analogue option. You conduct a trial by having one mix ready and playing on both systems to tell the contrast and make your choice. Mentioned below are reviews and descriptions of some of the best summing mixers that can help you make your choice.

1- The Mackie 802VLZ4 8-Channel Ultra Compact Mixer

[Editor Top Pick]

Mackie 802-VLZ3


You cannot possibly miss this out when checking reviews for the best summing mixers. Crafted especially in a sleek style, this summing mixer has been designed to be user-friendly. This mixer is known for its affordable price especially considering the features it is packed with.

It has been geared with Onyx microphone preamps. Not just that, it has also been made keeping in mind the compact design of the mixer. It is a desk friendly mixer when looking out for low input options along with user convenience. This mixer is apt for all kinds of professional applications.

Bank on the Mackie 802VLZ4 8-Channel Ultra Compact mixer to the best signal integrity, with mechanisms especially to lower noise as much as possible it also has the highest headroom. This technique is used for every input to every output.

Considering the size of this summing mixer, its performance is extremely high quality. One can easily use this mixer for any and every professional use. With a special 8-channel mixer that includes noteworthy features like high headroom and low noise design, you cannot miss this one out.

The 3 microphones used as preamplifiers are not ordinary ones but boutique quality Onyx microphones. To make this application suitable for broadcasts, it has been geared with a new and improved RF rejection. Among other great features of this summing mixer, includes its phantom power which is created especially for condenser microphones. It also has 8 high headroom line inputs.

Noteworthy Features

  • 8-Channnel mixer with high headroom and low noise output.
  • 3 high quality Onyx Microphones as preamplifiers
  • Created for best broadcast applications, this summing mixer also has improved RF rejection
  • Especially for condenser microphone, it has phantom power as well.
  • There are also 8 high-headroom line inputs.

Overall Assessment

When in search of a compact summing mixer that is cheap while considering the price and the size needs to be compact, you can always think of this one. It has some great features which include the 8 channel mixer, Onyx microphone preamplifiers, as well as phantom power for condenser microphones. The features are many and worth considering while making a final choices.

2- TC Electronic Studio Konnekt 48

TC Electronic Studio Konnekt 48 24Bit

Take your level of recording to a new high with the Studio Konnekt 48. The newest addition to the audio interface collection, it is Firewire powered. When considering a system which is a perfect blend of features track recording, mixing and monitoring a child’s play Studio Konnekt 48 is one of your best options.

It comes in an ‘all in one’ collection which includes an unsurpassed DSP effects, I/O options along with speaker management and many such tools that make this one of the best summing mixers.

All in one box

This set comes geared with all that you need to have a professional recording, mixing set. It comes geared with:

  • Studio Control compact remote.
  • It comes with 4 IMPACT II™ preamps along with 12 analogue outputs and outputs with extensive I/O section
  • Rely on Studio Konnekt 48 to get you DSP effects like never before, with 24/8 channel digital mixer and a double precision summing of 48-bit.
  • Geared with technology to minimize jitters in output, and Advance Clock Recover to ensure the most stable output.
  • The speaker management in this system uses the latest AIR™ technology.

Great practical Utility

Though the older version was known to have certain issues with the drivers, the latest ones seem to have eliminated these issues. When talking about the Studio control remote, made perfectly to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, it also allows volume control with the remote. The FX available are of a quality like never before, they come as VST effects that are powered by DSP.

Speaker management allows switch between 3 pairs of speakers. The summing mixer software is the latest and most updated. One can rely on this set to get you a complete analogue summing experience.

While talking about the overall quality of the product, it must be noted that each and every component is perfectly created with the highest quality.

Noteworthy Specifications

  • Compact Studio Kontrol remote
  • I/O section with 4 IMPACT ™ preamps
  • Simultaneous 12 analogue output and inputs
  • All components of the highest quality.
  • Latest speaker management technology
  • Technology used for jitter free high quality music with accurate timing

Overall assessment

When looking for a complete package of recording, mixing and monitoring the Studio Konnekt 48 proves to be an excellent choice. With new improved drives, there is little scope for doubt.

3- Black Lion PM8 Summing Mixer

 Black Lion Audio PM8 MKII 8x2 Summing Mixer

When in search of best summing mixers that are not just of the highest quality but also compact, the Black Lion PM8 Mixer us your ultimate choice. It is a perfect balance of good looks and high performance especially for the price it is available for.

Retro Style Looks minus the price

This summing mixer is a perfect blend of attractive vintage style looks, combined with high performance all available at an unbelievable price.

When talking about its features, this mixer is geared with 8 channels of transformer coupled inputs. It also has 3 master outputs over and above the others. These master outputs include the passive output, the next one is the transformer less output and the final one is the transformer coupled outputs.

Other salient features of this summing mixer include a mute option which makes its practical utility very high. All the channels have a pan capability, and the second summing box is linked to the DB25 connection. To minimize the thermal noise, this summing mixer has adopted the technique used in a small format console bus, which is a massive ¾ watt bus resistor.

To add a touch of richness to the sound quality, the transformers used for input and output purposes are of grain oriented silicon steel, it works by adding a minimal low order distortion below 250 Hz.

When compared to conventional ‘mix in the box’ options, the Black Lion PM8 summing mixer is considered highly superior. Not only is the quality of components better, the sound output is also remarkable, all this along with being a good looking and compact option, it is a steal for the price it is available on. Weighing just about 0.2 ounces, it is easy to haul this mixer anywhere and everywhere.

The set also comes along with a set warranty period. Should you face any issues with the Black Lion PM8 summing mixer, they also have approachable customer service who will be able to help you out.

Noteworthy Specifications

  • Good looking, compact and cost effective option
  • 8 channels of transformer coupled output
  • 3 separate master outputs, which are passive output, transformer less out and a transformer coupled output.
  • Has a mute option
  • Latest technology to minimize thermal noise and improve the richness of sound quality.

Overall Assessment

Good option with great features and quality. At an affordable price, this summing mixer is a good deal.

4- The Focusrite Control 2802

 Focusrite Control 2802 Small Format Analog Mixing Console with Ethernet-Based DAW Control

A summing mixer that is one of its kind, available in a small size, but tends to outperform even a large format when it comes to sound quality and no other format offers this kind of sophisticated designing, flexibility as well as control over features.

An iconic feature of this one is its, Ethernet connected HUI controlled layer with which one can operate DAW directly from the console. Its analogue makeup is such that is provides rich quality studio like sound. While talking about the Control 2802, performs extraordinarily with versatile routing capability. It also provides up to 32 mix inputs and a two-part-in-line channel that is DAW integrated with cues and auxes made available.

On the forefront, it has 8 Class A microphone preamps that have a solid performance. And from within this summing mixer handles 32 inputs at the same time, with a low distortion, noteworthy range, and striking frequency response.

It is also geared with a master bus compressor that has multiple uses of the stereo mix with parallel compressions. With all components of supreme quality, helps you make your final choice.

This summing mixture also has some additional features which include the mixer’s fully automatic function. The Control 2802 100 mm analogue that is motorized as well as the DAW control faders can both function fully automated. Also, using the HUI interface, one can adjust the DAW channel auxes, inserts and groups within Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase and also Nunendo.  These four encoders can give the exact control. It also has an OLED screen that makes mix elements remarkably clear.

Focusrite Midnight Plug-in Suite: These plug-ins help you to add compression and EQ, with thus you can take your mix to new heights. The plug-ins can be assigned and controlled from within the ease of the Control 2802.

Gain Creative Control: A lot of attention has been paid to the circuitry which takes your mix into a new league of music altogether. You will be able to tell the difference with the extended frequency range, with a bandwidth as high as 120kHz.

Preamplifiers: The Control 2802 is geared with some magnificent preamplifiers that are transparent, Class A microphones. It has extra high bandwidth along with low noise transistor preamps. You can also get amazing routing flexibility and take advantage of fully automated analogue as well as digital layers.

Noteworthy features

  • Class A microphone preamplifiers
  • Bus compressor with parallel compression
  • Ethernet connection that allows DAW operations directly from the console
  • Top quality analogue summing mixture
  • 32 input mix available.

Overall Assessment

Considering the size of this summing mixer as opposed to its features, performance, and utility, this summing mixer proves to provide a great value for money. One of its greatest features, being an analogue summing mixer having an Ethernet connectivity that allows DAW operations directly from the console adds to its utility value.


When in search of a high quality summing mixer, the products mentioned above are all noteworthy in their own league. The final choice depends upon the consumer and if there are any specific features in a summing mixture that you are looking out for. Some may be compact, while the others may be high performance while the others may have many additional features that add to its value.

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