Teac TN 300 Turntable Review – [Pros & Cons 2023]

Teac TN 300 Review

Teac TN 300 Review – Turn Those VinylsIn Style!

If you are looking for a great turntable under $300 then you are in the right place. The Teac TN 300 is an affordable yet feature-rich turntable that will be great for both beginners and casual turntable enthusiasts alike.

Whether you want to throw a party at home with non-stop music through the night or just hone your turntable skills, the Teac TN 300 will be great for you. It is a great mid-tier model that has features of some top turn-table models thrown into it giving you more value for your money.

Don’t buy those cheap but great-looking turntables that end up being nothing but just a great showpiece in your living room. Cheap turntables may seem like they save you a lot of money. But it won’t be too long before you regret your purchase as they are made of inferior materials and may even stop working after just a few uses.

But unlike these cheap machines, the Teac TN 300 is not only good-looking but is a great turn-table that is high on performance. Continue reading our review below of this cost-effective turntable to see if it fits your bill.

Teac TN 300 Specs and Features

  • Manual turntable with two speeds (33 and 45 rpm)
  • Easy transfer of music from vinyl to your computer using USB
  • A built-in phono preamp for easy connectivity to your sound system
  • Backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Is The Teac TN 300 The Most Affordable Turntable For Home Use?

Teac TN 300

The TN300 comes from Teac, a company that has more than 60 years of experience in making turntables. Coming from such a brand, quality is something that you get by default.

From great looks to a sturdy construction to an incredible sound output and more, the Teac TN300 has so much going for it despite its affordable price tag.


As the Teac TN300 is a vinyl player, it gives you a great musical sound compared to their digital counterparts. But what makes the sound incredible is the fact that is it a manual device. Due to this the sound produced has a brilliant depth to it giving you a rich sound experience.

Speed Options

Adjust the speed of your music playback with two speed setting on the TN300. You can either choose the 33 1/3 RPM or the 45 RPM. These speeds can be used for playback of both LP and EP records.


Most turntables on the market are good-looking but the same cannot be said of their performance. But the TN300 is not just a treat to the eyes but will also win your heart with its superior performance.

The body of the TN300 comes in a high gloss finish and in a few attractive color to suit different tastes. It also comes with a clear dust cover to protect your device when not in use.

Phono Cartridge

A good quality cartridge can make a huge difference to the quality of music that you can get out of your vinyl. This is exactly what you will get in the TN 300. The Teac TN300 is equipped with the AT95E VM type cartridge from Audio-Technica which speaks for its high-quality sound.

It tracks the grooves of your record with precision and allows for an accurate playback of your favorite music. Therefore, not only is the sound produced full and rich, it is also crystal clear and lets you hear every small detail.

In-Built Preamp

The TN300 comes with an inbuilt preamp to let you connect it to any audio system. So even if your sound system does not have a necessary input for connecting a turntable you can still use it. This turntable can be connected to a hi-fi system, stereo amplifier or to even a smartphone dock.


This is a belt-driven turntable that is built to be sturdy and long-lasting. The MDF plinth is heavy and helps to reduce unwanted sounds. Sitting on top of the plinth is the platter which is made of die-cast Aluminum for a long-lasting performance.

The Aluminum platter is covered with a thick rubber mat and a high torque DC motor runs it with a Neoprene belt. The motor ensures that the platter rotates at a consistent speed and without any wobbling.

The superior Neoprene rubber belt ensures that the motor vibration is not transmitted to the amp or the speakers. The platter sits and rotates on a steel spindle which is held in place by a bronze spindle holder. This set-up reduces any friction and allows for a smooth and quiet operation.

The tonearm is also made of high-quality aluminum to be sturdy. It has an Audio Technica AT95E magnet cartridge that tracks the vinyl record grooves accurately. This cartridge has an elliptical stylus which gives the tracking the required balance. Ultimately, the resulting sound is free from distortion and it also improves the life of your vinyl by reducing wear and tear.

Anti-Skate Mechanism

Don’t worry about annoying jumps and skips in your music when you play your vinyl on the TN300. It employs an anti-skate mechanism that ensures that your records are read accurately. As a result, you are able to fully appreciate the true essence of playing music from vinyl records.

Ports and Controls

All the ports for connectivity are placed on the rear panel of the TN300. There is a single USB port for digitally saving your favorite music on your computer. This reduces the damage caused to your vinyl due to frequent playback.

The two RCA connectors are gold-plated and they can be used to connect to either the Line or phono input ports on your amplifier. On the top of the deck are two knobs; one for the power on/off and the other to choose the playback speed.

Gold Plated Terminals

The best way to protect the terminals from oxidation or corrosion is to frequently replace them. But you don’t have to worry about this with the Teac TN300as it comes with corrosion resistant gold plated terminals that prevent oxidation. As you can see, every little detail of the TN300 has been meticulously designed to make it a long-lasting and a low-maintenance turntable.

Vinyl To Digital Conversion

Even though the TN300 is fully analog, it comes with a USB digital output which you can use to convert music from your vinyl records to a digital format on your Mac or PC. You can then enjoy all your favorite vinyl music just from your smartphone or even play it on a digital audio player.


The Teac TN300 is very sturdy and is made of quality materials to be long-lasting. From a die-cast Aluminum platter to a Neoprene rubber belt to an Aluminum tone arm to an MDF plinth and more, the TN300 is made with only the best materials for both durability and a quality sound.

Easy To Use

The TN300 is extremely user-friendly and will be a great choice for you if you are just trying your hand at DJing or music playback. All controls are simple to use and even the set-up is simple making it an ideal choice for newbies.

In addition to the turntable itself, you will need an amplifier or a receiver to amplify the sound produced. You will also need speakers connected to the amplifier to listen to the music played.

Easy Installation

Whether you are completely new to turntables or are a seasoned user, you will find that setting-up the TN300 is super easy. The TN300 gives lets you start using your turntable right out the box with it almost plug and play set-up.

This is because it comes assembled with a quality phono cartridge and a sturdy tonearm that takes care of most of the work. Your music is going to sound incredible no matter what.Therefore, the only thing you will need to do is adjust the basic settings and you are good to go.


An easy way to gauge the quality of a product is to look for a warranty period offered by the manufacturer. The Teac TN300 turntable comes with a 30-day full money back guarantee and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for a complete peace of mind.


  • High-quality sound
  • Extremely durable with a stylish design
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to set-up in minutes


  • A switchable preamp would have been a nice addition


Whether you are a complete newbie or a seasoned audiophile you will instantly fall in love with the high-quality sound of the TN 300 and its great looks. Its glossy exteriors and a rugged construction will keep your turntable looking new for a very long time.

It is very simple to use and hence is great for both beginners and professionals alike. The phono pre-amp if one the best features of this turntable as it lets you connect to any sound system.

The TN 300 remains as one of the most popular turntables and this is evident from the many positive customer reviews. It is also one of the few quality turntables that come with a pocket-friendly price tag. Go ahead and get one yourself. You will be listening to some great music in no time and having fun at the same time.

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