The Best ID Badge Holders – [2021 Reviews and Buyers Guide]

Best ID Badge HoldersThe Most Convenient Way To Carry Your Cards

Whether it’s your credit card, driver’s license, or work ID, there’s no getting around the fact that small pieces of plastic make modern life possible. Younger generations seem to be more comfortable with a card-oriented life, while the aging population is still coming to terms with it. Regardless, it’s wise to keep these cards safe and handy, which is something the best ID Badge holders on the market can help you with. If you’re thinking they’re all the same and that there’s no need to peruse the different options, think again. If you’re dreading the tediousness of the search, not to worry, we’ve done it for you. See below for everything you need to know, as well as the best products available. 

What to Look for in the Best ID Badge Holders

You can choose from a wide range of styles and types, including the following:


You can either choose a flexible case or go for a stronger rigid case that doesn’t bend much and offers more protection.


How the card’s face should be placed. It’s normally found in Horizontal, Vertical, and Multi-directional, where both sides can be used.


Small would be ideal for something like a social security card, then medium for most ID cards, and large for something like a work or conference ID.

1- Specialist ID Vertical Top Load THREE CARD Badge Holder

**[Editor’s Choice]**

Specialist ID Vertical Top Load THREE CARD Badge Holder

best ID badge holders

The Best ID Badge Holder for Versatility

One of the most rugged ID card-holders with lanyard, the Specialist ID is manufactured to hold up to three credit cards of standard size. You need not struggle to reach out for the individual cards, a mechanism at the back card slides up the card of your choice; truly innovative.

Functional Lanyard

Besides carrying your ID around, the lanyard comes with a detachable key ring where you can attach all keys that matter. This way, everything that you need is on your person.

Can accommodate three cards

Almost everyone carries a minimum of three cards nowadays – ID card, credit card, and access card to their residence or office. With this product, you can have all three in one place.

Notable features

  • Polycarbonate transparent holder
  • Heavy-duty lanyard included
  • Can reach back cards with a simple mechanism on the back which pops up the two hidden cards
  • Detachable metal clip and keyring are part of the lanyard

Overall Summary

We are living in an uncertain world where we are expected to respond and react instantaneously. When you use the three-card holder from the Specialist ID you have taken the first step towards readiness as you can conveniently carry your keys and three important keys on your person always.

2- Wisdompro Leather Double-Sided ID Card Holder

**[Highest User Rating]**

best ID badge holders

If you are the kind who doesn’t like “plasticky” stuff, this PU leather badge holder might interest you. There are a window slot and a card slot in this product. It comes with a black detachable polyester lanyard of 23 inches.


If you like the look of leather but are against cruelty to an animal and avoid animal products, this badge holder from Wisdompro will suit your choice. It has the aesthetic look of real leather but is made from PU leather which is more durable and long-lasting.

Notable features

  • Crafted from PU leather
  • The front window is clear for visibility
  • Quality lanyard made from polyester
  • Free cleaning cloth provided
  • front pocket measures 2.54×3.6 inches
  • back pocket measures 2.54x 3 inches.


The WisdomPro badge holder is important looking, durable, and can hold up to 3 cards at a time. Made from synthetic leather it can be used by those who are uncomfortable using leather products. The lanyard is handy and has a hook to hand keychains or small lockets or keys.

3- Blackhawk CIA Neck Lanyard

best ID badge holders

The CIA lanyard from Blackhawk is ideal for all electronic ID cards that need to be clearly displayed at all times. Despite its rugged and durable design, it is actually quite easy to use, allowing the cards to slide in and out easily without resistance. The sturdy design holds two cards in place.

Functional lanyard

A great deal of thought has gone into designing this lanyard. Its ability to break away makes it a safety feature. Should your badge get stuck somewhere when still around your neck, you can be safe by just pulling it apart.

Notable features

  • Rugged construction
  • Can hold two cards
  • Lanyard is 5mm thick and comes attached with a 3mm rope that can be broken away for safety
  • Transparent in nature
  • A clear vinyl pouch provided.

Overall Summary

An impressive looking long lasting lanyard that promises to keep your ID card safe and secure and with you at all times.

4 – Witz See it Safe Waterproof ID/Badge Holder Case

**[Best Weatherproof Design]**

best ID badge holders

Best ID Badge Holder for Watersports

The adventure-loving individuals are always in a predicament as to how to protect their ID cards from the elements. But now just invest around $7 and be at peace every time you step out to scale new heights for the WITZ ID card holder is built for souls like you.

Resilient and long-lasting

The main criteria when roughing it up is sturdy protection for yourself and your belongings. It is convenient to be hands-free at such times. The WITZ card holder is made from ABS plastic that is crush resistant. The o-rings keep dust and water away from important cards.

Can float

God forbid if your badge holder comes free of the lanyard in the middle of any water sport, you need not panic as the case can float and it is waterproof.

Notable features

  • High-quality waterproof design
  • Made from ABS plastic that is resistant to crushing
  • Can float when airtight
  • Lanyard and Carabiner provided
  • Wide enough to hold almost 7 cards
  • Easy to open.

Overall Summary

Be it snorkeling or swimming in the sea, your cards and bills can always remain by your side with this waterproof ID badge holder from WITZ. The only issue according to some user reviews is that the plastic latch tends to break a tad too soon.

5- Kate Spade New York Women’s Id Clip, Black Dot

best ID badge holders

For those of you who like to look fashionable and like wearing a brand, this slightly more expensive ID clip from Kate Spade is worth a look. It has a clear window on one side and a closed black with white polka dots on the reverse.

Easy Maintenance

The cardholder is made from silicone which is durable, long-lasting, and most importantly easy to clean and wash.

Pleasing looks

The holder sports a charming look. It can easily go with any attire. The metal hook looks classy and elegant. You can attach any lanyard or keys of your choice or just clip the holder with your handbag.

Notable features

  • Crafted from 100 % silicone
  • Can be hand washed
  • Metal clip provided.

Overall Summary

This badge holder from Kate Spade is not on top of the list of best ID badge holders but it most certainly is a looker, a tad expensive though.

6- Identity Stronghold Badge Holder

best ID badge holders

One of the Best ID Badge Holders for Durability

Sturdy, strong, and with a promise to protect your cards the Identity Stronghold badge holder endears itself to many office goers, especially government officials. It also protects from elements of nature. And if you think it must be pricey, you will be delighted to know that it’s actually less than $10.

Shield from data theft

You are no longer safe from prying eyes; nowadays even without touching your card, individuals can steal all your credit card information and empty your account if they choose. With contactless cards abound, the risk is manifold. Hence you need protection from such incursions into your privacy. The Identity Stronghold badge holder promises to be the shield that will protect your privacy.

Easy to use

Do not be fooled by the sturdy design; it is very easy to insert and pull out your card from the holder single-handedly. The open-face design ensures that the card is always locked in and there is no risk of it accidentally dropping down.

No need to remove the card to use it

Usually, any products that are designed to prevent access to RFID chips in your cards necessitate the taking out of your card each time it is used. But with this Identity Stronghold cover, you can avoid this process. The cover is so designed that by just pressing the tabs at the top, the card can be read; no need to physically remove it.

Notable features

  • It prevents access to RFID chips in your cards
  • Manufactured from durable polycarbonate
  • Can accommodate only one card
  • Easy to use
  • Is water resistant especially saltwater as the springs are made of stainless steel
  • Made in the USA
  • Approved by FPIS.

Overall Summary

Probably one of the best ID badge holders in recent times, this product has received positive reviews from all users. It is affordable, durable, and weather-resistant and most importantly RFID blocker. Thus, providing complete protection for all your precious cards. According to some users, this holder is not suited for clamshell cards.

7 – Specialist ID Heavy Duty Sidekick Retractable Badge and Key Reel

 Super Heavy Duty Sidekick Retractable Badge and Key Reel - Carabiner Clip - with THREE Card ID Badge Holder by Specialist ID

Specialist ID products are manufactured to withstand the wear and tear that badge holders undergo on a regular basis. Thus, a good quality badge holder requires a class carabiner that is provided by Specialist ID. So, if you don’t like hanging a badge around your neck and are more comfortable clipping it to your trouser buckles or your handbag check out this product.

Sturdy is its name

The first word you can associate with this product is “sturdy.” Built from lightweight polycarbonate, this heavy-duty badge holder is one of the best ID badge holders in town. You can keep up to three cards and three to four keys. The carabiner can hold up to 4 ounces of weight.

Mighty Reel

The reel is easily retractable and does not twist on itself. The cord used is 24 inch Kevlar that as everyone knows is synonymous with durability.

Three is not a crowd

The badge holder is oriented vertically and can hold up to three cards of standard credit card size. One in the front where there is a clear window and two at the back. They can be easily accessed by pressing a button; there is an independent lever for the front card and a common one for the two cards at the back. Both the cards will pop up and you can choose whichever required.

Notable features

  • Badge holder made from polycarbonate
  • 24 inches Kevlar cord is used for retraction reel from Key-Bak
  • Lifetime warranty on the reel
  • Vertical badge holder
  • Can carry 3 cards od standard size

Overall Summary

It is the best ID badge holder for those who often must carry several ID cards and keys. The quality carabiner, the strong retractable reel, and the sturdy badge holder form a complete package.

8- KEYLION Heavy-Duty ID Card Badge Holder (10-Pack)

best ID badge holders

10 durable and long-lasting clear cased ID badge holders from Keylion are economical and suitable to hold a variety of standard-sized cards. The company is registered in the US and adheres to the laws of the land. You can keep your credit cards, library card, driver’s license along with the ID card.


The cardholder is clear and transparent as a result it can be used on both sides. Thus, you can keep two cards in place of one. The holder can also be used to store cash or small SD cards.


Id cardholders normally go through a lot of wear and tear and substandard pieces die a pre-mature death. The Keylion holders have an additional 60% more thickness than the standard badge holders; each layer is .65mm thick.


This clear badge holder can be folded any number of times but it will not tear. Even the lanyard holder does not split. Can withstand varying temperatures Extreme heat and temperatures as low as -30 do not affect the quality of the card. The card does not crack or disintegrate.

Notable features

  • Manufactured from durable polyvinyl chloride or PVC
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • can stock up to five cards of standard size
  • outer dimensions are 4.6×2.76 inches
  • inner measurements are 3.54×2.48
  • waterproof with a resealable zip
  • can attach a lanyard, key chain or retractable reel clip
  • no toxic additives, stabilizers, and plasticizers added
  • Eco-friendly.

Overall Summary

These holders are ideal for protecting your ID cards and other important cards from dirt and water. You can buy this cheap package of 10 cardholders to keep your kid’s ID cards or for any seminars and business meets. They can be attached to a lanyard or a keychain. You can even store small SD cards and cash and leave your purse behind.

9- Fushing ID Card Holders

 100 Pcs Clear Plastic Horizontal Name Tag Badge ID Card Holders

It is nice to know and read about quality products and the many advantages they have over their peers but sometimes it is not practical or necessary to invest in badge holders that are expensive. Fushing offers 100 pcs of clear ID badge holders in a horizontal orientation for around $13-$14. They are economical and serve the purpose in meetings, trade fairs, and other get-togethers which require ID for a short period.


If you need bulk badge holders, the Fushing products are economical and a good buy. They are clear cases that can be attached to a lanyard or a carabiner.

Notable features

  • Made from clear plastic
  • Horizontal orientation
  • Economical
  • Outer measurements are 3.9×3.3”
  • Inner measurements are 3.5”x2.2”.

Overall Summary

If you need to buy ID cardholders in bulk, the Fushing is a good choice. It is reasonably priced.

10- Clear waterproof badge holder by Rocclo (10-Pack)

 Rocclo Waterproof Type PVC ID Card Holder, Clear, Vertical Style, 10-pack

The product is crafted from PVC and is durable and strong.  Normally waterproof covers are very thick and interfere with the scanning of cards, but that is not the case in this piece.

Falling cards is a thing of past

Zip seals of low-quality products open and cards fall. The Rocclo claims to be strong in this aspect. Its zip seal is strong and prevents cards from sliding down.

Notable features

  • Made from PVC
  • Vertical orientation
  • Clear style
  • Flexible
  • The pack contains 10 pieces
  • A waterproof nature.

Overall Summary

This pack is a great buy for those looking for a waterproof cardholder. It is inexpensive and decently durable. Ideal for cards that are not used daily.

11- Specialist ID Multi card holder

Black 2 Sided Rigid Multi Card Holder by Specialist ID (1 Pack)

Suitable for most office ID cards, this heavy-duty black colored badge holder is two-sided. It does not come with a dustproof or waterproof cover.


A sturdy and resilient cardholder that can withstand high temperatures without cracking or breaking apart.

Can’t use the magnetic strip

If your cards have a magnetic strip then do not buy this piece as it is not meant for cards with magnetic strips and does not allow the scanner to read the cards.

Notable features

  • Open-faced design
  • Durable
  • Vertical orientation
  • Fits two cards.

Overall Summary

A decent product that can be used to hold ID cards that do not have a magnetic strip.

12- Silver-colored badge holder from Acctrend

 Acctrend Aluminum Badge Holder with Detachable Neck Lanyard, Silver(1PACK)

How long can you wear the same boring black or transparent holder? Make a style statement even with your cardholder and opt for the aluminum badge holder from Acctrend. It is functional and durable.

Wear it as you will

Attach it to a carabiner and tuck it by your hip or on your handbag. If that is not appealing, just attach it with a clip to your shirt. You can also do the traditional way of using a lanyard and hanging it around your neck.

Looks can be deceptive

The holder looks slim, sleek and delicate but you will be delighted to know that it is a sturdy piece sans the weight.

Notable features

  • The case is made from aluminum
  • Fits two cards
  • 2 PVC slices provided for either side
  • Detachable and adjustable lanyard included
  • Vertical orientation
  • Outer size is 3.94”x 2.28”
  • The inner size is 3.35”x2.09”.

Overall Summary

A sturdy good looking badge holder that can be attached in several ways to suit your mood and style on any given day. Reasonably priced.

13- Brady ID Badge Holder

If you are looking for a heavy-duty no-frills badge holder go for the Brady. it is reasonably priced and comes with a resealable top that keeps dust and moisture away. It is not the most popular on the list but that does not define its quality and functionality.


Made from thick plastic, the holder is durable and can withstand the rigors of daily usage. Its zip seal on top protects the card from water splashes but do not depend on it during torrential rain.

Notable features

  • Vinyl vertical badge holder
  • Resealable top
  • Fits standard credit card size IDs
  • It can fit two cards.

Overall Summary

An economical solution to ID card losses and damage, the Brady available for less than five dollars does a decent job of protecting your cards. It can be clipped or attached to a lanyard.

14- Heavy-Duty ID Badge Holders from EWR Products (10-Pack)

 10 Heavy Duty ID Badge Holders Clear Vertical Vinyl PVC with Blue Resealable Zip

Your ID badge holder should withstand the wear and tear of daily life. EWR Products offers you a pack of 10 clear vinyl ID badge holders at a very affordable price. The holders are thicker, stronger, and have a watertight seal better than most in the industry.

Thicker edges

It is often the edges that give way first. The sides rip apart and if you are not vigilant, your card might slip through or get damaged when exposed to moisture. EWR products address this specific problem and have made the edges of the cardholder thicker and stronger. As a result, these holders last longer and don’t disintegrate fast.

Professional look

Looks do matter with something as important as the ID card. The thick blue zip that makes the holder watertight also serves the dual purpose of giving the badge a professional look.


The ID card holder is made from clear heavy-duty vinyl that is flexible and durable. The card has a 1mm thickness.

Notable features

  • Made from heavy-duty 1mm thick vinyl
  • Has a blue zip seal to protect contents from water
  • Can hold 3-4 cards at a time
  • Outer measurements are 4-15/16 x 3-1/6 inches
  • Inner measurements are 3×2-5/8 inches
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth included.

Overall Summary

For that waterproof protection for your ID card these vinyl badge holders are a good buy. Attach it to a lanyard or a neck cord or to your bunch of keys, you will never borrow or lose your ID card again. It is economical and worth buying.

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So Which are the Best ID Badge Holders for You?

We have listed some of the best products under this category but the choice is galore and there are several other products that you might come across in your research. Though the product itself appears insignificant you know by now its importance and the need to choose a good quality badge holder that will last a long time and protect your cards from damage.

Before you finalize just to ensure that the holder suits the need – long term or short term; whether it meant for outdoor use or indoor-only and what kind of card will you be inserting in the holder. Once you know the answers to these questions, you can narrow down your choice and select something that suits your taste and your budget.


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