Netgear Arlo Q Plus HD Security Camera Review – [Pros & Cons 2023]

Arlo Q Plus Review

Netgear Arlo Q Plus – The Best HD Security Camera For Your Home

Whether you are at work or on a vacation, worrying about the safety of your home is inevitable. But when you have a reliable HD security camera such as the Arlo Q you can relax knowing that your home is always protected.

The Arlo Q plus comes with some great features and at an affordable price point making it an irresistible option even for the budget-conscious. Stay away from cheap ones that may work for a maximum of one week if you are lucky. After all, investing in a reliable home security device is well worth your money any day.

From remote live feeds to motion alerts to night vision and even a two-way communication feature, the Arlo Q can give some of the more expensive and top models a run for their money. Read our review below and you will completely agree with us.

Arlo Q Plus Specs

  • A high 1080p resolution for high definition videos
  • A 130-degree field of view for wide coverage
  • A good Wi-Fi range of 300 ft. without obstacles
  • Night vision mode for recording in the dark
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet and PoE options for wireless and wired transmission
  • Two-way audio communication with built-in mic and speaker
  • Free cloud storage for playing back recordings from last 7 days
  • Easy to install and takes under 10 minutes for complete set-up

Why Is The Arlo Q The Best Security Camera That Money Can Buy?

Netgear Arlo Q Plus

When it comes to the safety of your home, you shouldn’t compromise on quality. Home surveillance should also be in tune with our fast-paced lifestyle. That is why the Arlo Q will be a great choice as it packs a ton of features in an under $200 price tag.

If you are tired of reading multiple reviews that only leave you more confused, then you have come to the right place. We have teased the features of the Arlo Q plus below in great details to help you understand if this is the right one for your home.

High Resolution

You can watch what is happening around your home in crystal clear quality thanks to the 1080p resolution. With a lens that has a 130-degree field of view, your camera allows you to see more whether it is outside your home or inside a room. Nothing can go unnoticed from the powerful eyes of your camera.

Night Vision

Poor light conditions can affect video quality but not when you have the Arlo Q plus. It has Infra-red LED lights that turn on once the sun goes down and lets you see everything in great detail. Now you can go anywhere you want and stop worrying about the safety of your home during the night.

Remote Surveillance

Watch live feeds no matter where you are directly on your smart phone, smart devices or PC as this camera works with the ArloQ app.It’s a user-friendly app with which you can control your camera remotely. Turn your camera on or off, activate or deactivate night vision and do more even when you are away.It even comes with an 8x zoom option to see finer details like a car number plate or see people’s faces clearly.


Even though you can watch the live feed anytime you want, you may miss out an important event if you are busy at work or on a vacation. But the Arlo Q Plus will send you instant alerts through text messages or email whenever any sound or movement is detected. You can then quickly use the app to see what caused the movement or the sound.

The motion sensor can detect movements effectively up to a distance of 15 feet. But if you have pets and constantly receive false alerts, then you can even adjust the sensitivity accordingly. Another way to avoid frequent false alerts is by using the custom activity zones features. With this feature you can select zones that are known for activity and thereby false alerts can be avoided.

Two-Way Audio


Not only can you see videos remotely, you can also hear what’s happening and even interact with your family members with the two-way communication features. A built-in quality microphone and speakers ensure that you feel in control of what’s going on around your house. Stay connected to your family or talk to your pet when you’re away or even scare away a casual intruder.

The two-way communication can be done using the Arlo app on your smart devices such as phones and tablets. It can also be accessed from your computer from a browser. This feature will let you feel completely in control.


The Arlo Q plus comes with three convenient modes to make home surveillance more effective and less annoying. You can choose from the armed, disarmed or the Geofencing modes.
When the armed mode is selected, the camera will quickly record a 5-second clip and send an instant alert to you.

The disarmed mode can be used when you are home to stop receiving alerts. But when the Geofencing mode is selected, the camera is automatically set to the armed mode when you leave home and disarmed when you return. This is a cool feature that uses the geolocation of your phone to change modes.


The Arlo Q plus comes with not one but three set-up options to connect your camera to the network. Use the Wi-Fi option for connecting the Arlo Q plus directly to your Wi-Fi. But if the Wi-Fi range of 300 ft. is not enough, then you can make use of the Ethernet or PoE options.

The PoE set-up features a PoE adapter which acts both as a power source for your camera as well as a slot for internet connection.So you can minimize the cables used for the overall set-up. But if you want a more reliable connectivity to the internet, then you can opt to use the Ethernet cable which can be connected to a router for internet connectivity.


The Arlo Q plus comes with a 7-day free cloud storage that lets you access and playback videos from the last 7 days. This is sufficient for most users but if you want round the clock recording then you can choose to pay for it through monthly subscription.

Even though cloud storage and remote viewing through internet is great, there are times when your internet connection could be interrupted due to various reasons.That is why the Arlo Q plus comes with a built-in memory card slot for local storage of recorded videos.


If you want more coverage around your home, then you can add more cameras and never let any area unprotected. You can add up to 15 cameras for a complete home surveillance system and control all of them with a single Arlo Q app. You can watch up to 5 live video streams simultaneously and not miss out on any details.

Great Looks With Reliability

Unlike some other cameras, the Arlo Q plus is not just good-looking or overly complicated to give a false sense of security. It has got a killer combination of good looks, reliability, and user-friendliness making it a perfect choice for home owners.

Easy To Install

It can be quite frustrating to spend hours on installation or get professional help to install your security camera. But the Arlo Q plus is super-easy to install and takes under 10 minutes for complete installation and set-up.

It comes with four screws for easy wall or ceiling mounting. You can also place it on a table or use the magnetic feature to mount in on an iron surface. But if you are completely new to installing security cameras, then you can use the easy installation guide which will let you get your cameras up and running in no time.


  • Sharp videos on night vision mode
  • Alerts for both motion and sound
  • Ability to download and share recorded footage
  • 7-day free cloud storage to give you freedom from monthly subscription fees


  • Though the audio quality is very good the audio transfer speed falls below expectations.


Home surveillance is not an expensive affair anymore. With easy to install features and remote surveillance options and high-definition videos, security cameras have become a must in every household.

You don’t want to leave your home unattended when you are away. The Arlo Q plus will not only keep a watchful eye on your property when you are away, it also gives you the power to hear what’s going on around your home and let you communicate visitors or delivery persons.

With Wi-Fi connectivity, instant sound and motion alerts, 7-day free cloud storage and an inbuilt slot for local storage the Arlo Q plus give your home security that is reliable and hassle-free too. So go ahead and fill your shopping cart with one or more of these beauties and you will never worry about leaving home again.

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