ToThep 7 Best RC Cars Under $100 In 2021 – [Reviews & Buyer Guide]

Best RC Cars Under $100

Are You Looking For The Best RC Cars Under $100?

If you thought only kids played with remote cars, then you are mistaken; today with the technological advances that RC cars have made, they have become the favorite pastime of not only the young but the old as well. No; not all RC cars are expensive. Here is a list of the best RC cars under 100 that anyone can buy.

1- Hosim All Terrain RC Car 9112

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Hosim All Terrain RC Car 9112

Probably one of the best gifts that one can give a racing car enthusiast is the Hosim All-Terrain RC Car S912.  It is a bright blue, fierce RC car that not only looks powerful but also performs to match its looks. This 2.4 Ghz 2 WD remote control truck is suited for all kinds of terrain. One of the fastest RC cars, this vehicle can attain speeds of 33 mph.


The electrical brushed 390 motor provides this all-terrain vehicle the power to achieve speeds of almost 35 mph. This vehicle is equipped with large tender compound RC off street tread, aluminum entrance shock tower battery, and charger. If you know how to use RC’s you will never be short of thrills as you maneuver the beast on the sand and the water.

Superior control

To gain better control the manufacturers have used the S-truck suspension which provides the truck the ability to handle shocks better while preparing to move it seamlessly across terrains. It is crucial that all RC automobiles come with this feature.

Long life

There is an overheating safety function in the circuit board which ensures that the system switches off when overheated thereby protecting the RC car. This feature improves the efficiency and the life of the car.The battery is low voltage and equipped with a device made specifically to protect against overcharging

Good quality tires

The tires are made of PVC rubber and are soft, anti-skid and shock proof protects the inner components from damage during usage. It has rear wheel drive with ball bearings.

Protected chassis

The design of the front and rear wheels is such that the chassis is always protected during an impact as the wide wheels take the impact.

Notable specifications

  • Speed of 35 mph
  • 2.4 Ghz radios system
  • Sponge insert in the rubber tires for better grip
  • Remote control distance is 100 meters
  • Charging time is 150-180 minutes
  • It can move forward backward, left , right and turn and climb

Overall summary

Ideal for beginners, the Hoshim has a few drawbacks. Care should be taken on wet surfaces because reviews have shown that the traction is a problem on wet surfaces. Despite its power, the range is a disappointment to those who love speed and immerse themselves in RC gaming. Despite the minor cons the Hoshim is a great buy for those new to the world of RC cars.

2- Haktoys HAK101 Blue Upgraded Invincible Tornado Acrobatic Stunt RC Car

 Haktoys HAK101 Red Upgraded Tornado Acrobatic Stunt RC Car, Multi-functional Radio-Controlled Rechargeable Vehicle with Flashing LED Lights & Music Switch, Safe & Durable, Gift for Kids, Boys & Girls

This bright attractive toy is sure to make you a favorite with kids. It is an attractive package meant to entertain toddlers and babies. Bright colorful LED lights, tricks and wheels that light up will enrapture kids. It’s3-point axle system allows the vehicle to set itself straight every time little hands turn it upside down.

Stunts that thrill

The HAK101 invincible turbo twister is one of the most popular RC cars for toddlers and preschoolers. Spiral spins, awe-inspiring flips, and 360-degreecoiling are tricks that will engage the toddler.

Safe for kids

The soft rubber material used for constructing this piece makes it safe not only for the kids but also for your floors as it doesn’t leave any marks. The antennae are made of plastic and are safe for kids.

Notable specifications

  • Colourful LED lights
  • Action tricks
  • Translucent wheels that light up
  • Streamlined body
  • Charging time: 90 minutes
  • Run time: 12-15 minutes
  • Range: 40 feet
  • Frequency: 40 MHz
  • Moves forward, backward, left and right

Overall summary

If you are looking for a budget friendly, kid friendly RC car, then the HAK fits the bill. It is a well-constructed sturdy RC toy designed for kids over 3 years of age. It looks goods, performs amazing stunts and plays music to stimulate the brain development in toddlers. A little over $20, this is not the best RC car under 100 but the one that will bring a smile on your toddler’s face.

3- Distianert 9300 Electric RC Car

RC Car, Distianert Electric RC Car Offroad Remote Control Car RC Monster Truck RTR

If you are looking for durability and performance under one head, you should look at the Distianert 9300. It is at the higher price at price under $300 range but well worth the money. Sturdy construction, heavy duty wheels and functionality to match justify the price. With a full charged battery, you can enjoy twenty minutes of high speed (the 9300 achieves 30 mph) fun.


The 9300 has been designed to offer you realistic racing and off-road game experience.  You can experience speeds of 30MPH thanks to a powerful mini sports car motor. Besides that, it is also strong, durable and powerful.

Responsive controls

It is not easy to control a car with your hands, especially when the terrain is rough and tough. But the Distianert has responsive controls which make the process easy. The strong turbine makes sure that the vehicle remains stable on concrete, grass, sand or any terrain.

Shock resistant

The 9300 is one of the best RC cars under 100 by virtue of its ability to withstand the shocks and sudden impact on rough terrain due to the presence of the springy material in its tires.

Rugged wheels

Only rugged wheels can provide stability and performance in racing cars. The 9300 has wheels that are well supported by springs that handle pressure generated from shakes and falls. The wheels are made of durable rubber that can withstand any terrain. The anti-slide spikes make sure that the car moves smoothly even on wet unstable surfaces

Notable Specifications

  • 4 GHZ frequency
  • PVC chassis
  • 15-25 minutes of play time on full charge (depends on playing operations)
  • Additional 30 minutes with the extra battery (depends on playing operations)
  • Charging time: 2-3 hours
  • Weight is 2.5 pounds

Overall Summary

Priced a little less than $100, the Distianert 9300 RC car not modeled after any original car. Several reviews have found the car to be the fastest in this price range. A common complaint received on this product is that though it is fast and has a good battery life, it is not durable and does not last long. It is recommended for everyone above the age of 8.

4- Babrit Master RC CAR

Babrit Master RC CAR

The smaller versions have made way for the bigger beastly and more powerful RC cars that mimic real life racing cars. The Babrit is not the expensive prototype of real cars but is as powerful as any of the miniature versions around. It is fast and furious and goes off road like a charm. It is not a waterproof car but going through puddles doesn’t disorient it, just don’t submerge in water.


Fitted with one of the most powerful motors you can achieve a speed of up to 50 km/h with this model. The independent shockproof system protects the electronic components within from damage that vibration at such high speeds usually cause.

Sturdy design

The Babrit is made of PVC which can withstand not only rough terrain but also almost inhuman treatment that kids some time subject their toys to.

Notable specifications

  • 1:18 proportional off-road vehicle
  • Can reach speeds of up to 50 km/h
  • Has an independent shockproof system
  • Charge time is 100-150 minutes
  • Control range is 150 meters
  • Anti-skid hi quality rubber tires
  • Weight is 530 g
  • Playing time:10-12 minutes

Overall summary

A few dollars shy of 100, the Babrit is a powerful machine that is easy to use for tiny hands. It is lightweight has anti skid tires that prevent the vehicle from toppling over when the terrain changes specially to wet ground.

5- illuOkey RC Car SOMMON SWIFT

illuOkey RC Car SOMMON SWIFT High Speed 32MPH 4x4 Fast Race Cars

One of the best RC cars under 100 for cross country roads is the illuOkey RC Car Sommom Swift. It is a high-speed car that reaches up to 32MPH.A sturdy design combined with the powerful technology has produced a vehicle that performs on par with real life cars.


Not only good looks but also durability and toughness are a part of the Sommon. It is made from explosive proof PVC, has independent shock proof system and full metal bearing parts that can prevent damages caused by vibration.

Superior handling

Racing cars need better handling and support which in this case is provided by the four wheels independence suspension system.

Notable Specifications

  • 4GHz Radio Control System
  • Charging Time:120mins
  • Playing Time: About 30-40mins
  • Control Distance: 50M
  • Speed: 32MPH (45km/h)
  • Functions: Turn Left, Turn Right, Forward, Backward
  • Item Weight: 320g

Overall summary

Make sure you never bump into obstacles when playing with your Swift because it is a high-speed realistic cross country vehicle that can cause injury and be damaged in the process. The Sommon Swift is ideal for older kids and adults. It is a complete package with a powerful motor, pre- and post-absorbers, 4-wheel drive, hi-Q rubber tires and anti-skid wheels. This little fellow can drift, climb, sin donuts, pop wheelies, launch jumps when in able hands.

6- Babrit X9 Flying Cars Quadcopter Car Remote Control Car

 Babrit X9 Flying Cars Quadcopter Car Remote Control Car and RC Quadcopter Remote Control Drone Flying Vehicles Black

When you are bored of playing a car fly the Babrit X9 quadcopter. A unique combination of a helicopter and remote car, the X9 can reach two speed levels in both forms. It can perform a thrilling 360 degree flip too. And the best part is you can switch between the beginner and the expert mode effortlessly.

Land and fly mode

You can be a pilot or a race car driver when playing this unique combination of technology and product of gravitational laws of physics. The 2.4 Ghz transmitter uses frequencies ranging between 100-200 giving you various ranges to experiment and enjoy. The land mode is automatically activated when the car touches the ground.

Notable specifications

  • Land and fly mode
  • 360-degree flip
  • Can switch between expert and beginner mode
  • 4 channels to choose from: up, down, left ,right, sideward.
  • Charging time is 90 minutes.
  • Flying time is 6 minutes
  • Weight is 650 g

Overall summary

An economically priced two in one RC car this Babrit is suited for those who want to explore flying alongside speed racing. The quadcopter is a well designed and constructed car that will please all age group car enthusiasts. You can maneuver it and do roll overs. It is especially fun to fly at night with the lights on. It needs a bit of expertise to control the machine.

7- Remote Control Police Car

Remote Control Police Car, 4D Motion Gravity and Steering Wheel Control,

This car not only looks powerful and menacing but is one of the best RC cars under 100. It is a new generation RC car that comes close to driving the real car. With the simulating steering wheel, you can get the feel of driving the car as you turn it right and left or use neutral.

4D motion Gravity and simulating steering wheel

The steering wheel of the car is in your hands and you can turn left, right, reverse and do everything you do with a real car. It is the new generation remote control car where you even can control the left and right blinkers and push to start feature.

Complete control

The remote control provides you complete control on the doors, the police siren, lights and even real car sound effects. You can decide if you want to be the good cop or the bad one.

Notable specifications

  • 4D motion gravity and steering wheel control
  • 1:12 scale car model
  • 2.4 GHz radio control for maximum performance
  • Powered steering, doors
  • Real car sound effects

Overall summary

If your kids are crazy about police cars and sirens, you most certainly must consider this product as it is different from the routine RC cars that kids play with. The 4D power steering wheel gives the user the actual feel of driving a car. It is a modestly priced vehicle that is value for money.

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When you want to choose a gift for a child or a car enthusiast the first gift that comes to one’s mind is the RC car. With rapidly advancing technology now even these toy cars are realistic and are modeled around real cars. You can choose RC cars from under $ 50 to several hundred dollars based on the features, design, durability and quality.

The Best RC cars under 100 are decent performers and are suited for those who are looking for budget-friendly gifts that are not exactly world class but can last long if well-taken care.

Hopefully, the above guide has offered you enough insight to choose a product that appeals to your sense of adventure and your budget.


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