Top 9 Best Triple Monitor Mounts of 2021 – [Reviews & Buyer Guide]

Best Triple Monitor Mount


Are You Looking For The Best Triple Monitor Mounts?

Whether you are a hardcore gamer who wants to play high-definition games on a wider screen or a working professional who needs to use multiple monitors at the same time, a multi-monitor stand is absolutely essential.

These stands allow for a great range of movement and allow you to view the screens comfortably. But how do you find the best triple monitor mount for your requirements from the plethora of products in the market? Don’t you worry as we have put together the reviews of some of the top models and the best sellers so that you may buy the one that is right for you. Read on for more details.

1- EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Mount Stand

[Editor Top Pick]

EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Mount Stand Desktop Clamp Supports

If you are looking for a triple monitor mount with a lot of adjustment features, then you will love the EZM deluxe mount. It is perfect for tight office spaces and let you work with multiple monitors at the same time.

You can fix three monitors up to a size of 28” each making it very versatile. The stand is designed to fit monitors with VESA 75 or 100 mounting interface.

The monitors can be adjusted to the desired height with the up and down movement of the mounting heads. The side mounting heads are capable of 360-degree tilt and 180-degree swivel to let you position them anyway you want. The center mounting head, on the other hand, has a tilt and swivel angle of 30 degrees.

You can easily set your monitors to your viewing angle and avoid glare. More importantly, these extensive adjustment features reduce neck, shoulder and back pain that is associated with fixed monitors.

Fixing the monitors or changing them is a breeze as the bracket come with a quick release feature. The base comes with two options for a cleaner look. Both the pole and the base are sturdy to hold the weight of all three monitors and are durable too. To make things easier for you all the hardware required for mounting are provided in the box.

You can either use the free standing base or mount the stand on the desk with the help of grommets. The latter option is ideal if you want to clear more space on your desk for items like your keyboard, mouse and other paraphernalia.

This affordable triple monitor mount packs quite a number of features for its price point.

2- Mount-It! Triple Monitor Stand MI-2789

 Mount-It! Triple Monitor Stand Freestanding LCD Computer Screen Desk Mount for 19, 20, 22, 23, 24 Inch Monitors VESA 75 and 100 Compatible Full Motion, 66 lbs Capacity, MI-2789 (3 Horizontal Monitor)

When it comes to mounting your monitors buying a cheap product can prove to be disastrous in addition to it causing strain on your neck. But you can avoid all of this with the Mount-it Triple monitor stand. It comes at such a pocket-friendly price to give cheap mounts a run for their money.

The MI-2789 comes with three arms which come with height adjustments for the best positioning. In addition to this, the side arms come with a 360-degree tilt function to not only give you the best possible viewing angle but can also be adjusted to avoid annoying glare on the screen.

The screens can also be vertically fixed and lets you choose between landscape or portrait orientation. The base is sturdy and stable to hold all three monitors in place and is made of durable materials for a long-lasting performance.

The mount is compatible with a host of monitors such as Acer, Samsung, LG, Dell, HP, ASUS and much more. You can fix LCD and LED monitors from 13 to24 inches giving you a big range to work with.

Installation is simple as the mount is compatible with both VESA 75 and VESA 100 bolt patterns. The heavy duty base can withstand up to a total weight of 66 lbs. and 22 lbs per arm. The raised positions of the monitors give a clean look to your desk and give you more space for keyboards and your mouse.

But if you don’t want a free standing base, then you could also choose to use the grommets that can be fixed to desks up to 2.5 inches thick. This further clears up desk space.

This mount helps reduce neck, back and shoulder pain due to the various adjustments. This is a must have for people who need to use multiple computers all day.

3- VIVO Triple LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand STAND-V003T

 VIVO Triple LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand Heavy Duty & Fully Adjustable 3 Screens up to 27" (STAND-V003T)

The VIVI triple LCD monitor desk mount is for you if you want a quality mount but at a pocket-friendly price.

You can mount three monitors from 13” to 27” on this heavy-duty stand thereby allowing you to mount monitors of varying sizes. The mount is made of high-quality steel and aluminum to be sturdy and durable. It can hold up to 22 lbs per mount giving you a completely wobble-free experience.

Each mounting head has a 15-degree tilt angle upwards and downwards giving you a total of 30 degrees for the best possible viewing angle. This helps you view the monitors without neck strain or glare. The mounting heads also feature a full 360-degree rotating angle and a full 360-degree swivel angle. So you can switch from portrait to landscape settings in a jiffy or even share the screen with a fellow worker.

Install your monitors with ease as the mounts are VESA 75 and 100 compatible and these mounting interfaces are commonly found in most monitors. This triple monitor mount helps you maximize the use of space in your office or home as you can fit three monitors in a very small space. As the monitors are perched on the mount head, there is a lot of space on the desk for things like your keyboards and mice.

But if you want to clear up even more space on your desk then you can use the heavy-duty C clamp instead of the free standing base to secure the mount to the desk. Even the unsightly cords can be organized using the integrated clips that come as part of the mounts cable management system.

All in all, this mount will let you focus more on your work by enabling an ergonomic working condition.

4- Jestik Horizon Triple Monitor Mount M-S230S

 Jestik Horizon Triple Monitor Stand- LCD Monitor Stand, Monitor Mount, Triple Monitor Arm - Shift The Way You Work - 3 Screens Up To 27" Monitors, 17.6 lbs Capacity Per Mount, With Clamp Mount Option

If you like to pay for nothing but only the best then the Jestik Horizon triple monitor mount can very well be the best triple monitor mount for your needs. It comes with everything you will want in a triple monitor mount.

This mount lets you tilt, rotate and swivel your monitors anyway you want allowing you to customize it to your needs. It can hold three monitors from 15 inches to 27 inches and up to a maximum load of 17.6 lbs. per mount.

Each head has a full 360-degree rotation angle for quickly switching from portrait to landscape positions.

The pole is longer than most models in the segment measuring 18 inches long and is made of durable materials for a long lasting performance. The base too is very sturdy and holds the monitors in place without any wobbling.

Fixing the monitors to the mount is super-easy what with the quick release feature of the brackets. So you can even swap monitors easily when needed.

Despite the raised mounting heads that give you enough space for your keyboards and mice, the wires can make your desk look cluttered. But this mount comes with a brilliant cable management system that hides away the unsightly wire for a more organized look.

Don’t worry about the safety of your monitors because they are easy to slip on and off with the quick release option. The mount comes with an anti-theft kit to protect your monitors when you are not around. So you can go for your coffee break or even go to pick up your favorite sandwich from a nearby shop without worrying about your monitors.

5- Seneca AV Triple Arm Desktop Monitor Mount SD13

 Seneca AV Triple Arm Desktop Monitor Mount for 13"-27" Screens, Black (SD13)

The Seneca AV is yet another affordable triple monitor mount that we will review.  Whether it is high-definition gaming or working with multiple documents at the same time, this mount will help you rock them all.

This mount has been designed to support three monitors that range from 13” to 27’ in size. So you can get the largest viewable screen when you use three 27” monitors mounted side by side. Each arm can hold monitors weighing up to 17.6 lbs. The mount heads are compatible with standard VESA 75 and VESA 100 mounting interfaces.

The full arm assembly can be moved up and down to let you set the monitors at the perfect viewing height. This is very important to reduce neck strain that usually happens when you have to either look up or bend down to view a fixed monitor. The base has a sturdy design and is made of durable materials for a wobble-free and long-lasting experience.

With a 90-degree tilt angle you can set your monitor at the perfect angle to avoid glare. The side arms also come with a 180-degree swivel angle. With so many adjustments, you will never have to worry about having a comfortable viewing angle. You can also adjust the monitors to share your presentations with a colleague.

Mounting three monitors together saves a lot of space be it your office or home. What’s even better is that you can adjust the height of the monitors to free up a lot of desk space. So you can organize keyboards and mice for a neat look. There is also a grommet option which lets you fix the stand to the back of your desk.

Don’t worry about installation as it is very simple and the mount comes with all the tool and hardware letting you get started in no time.

6- Elitech Aluminum Alloy Triple Monitor Stand

 Elitech Aluminum Alloy Triple Monitor Stand Table Desk Mounts for Three LCD Monitors, Free Standing, Fully Adjustable Double Arms

The Elitech triple monitor stand is a great looking stand with some great features thrown into it that are comparable to some high-end models. This is the best triple monitor mount if you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing stand that also improves the quality of your work.

The mount has been designed with two 29.2” doubled-linked swing side arms for two monitors. The central pole has the third mount head for another monitor. All three heads can be adjusted for the perfect height.

The monitors have a tilt angle each of 30 degrees up and the monitors can be rotated to a 260-degree angle for choosing between landscape or portrait positions. The side arms swivel left and right giving you the best viewing angle.

It can hold three monitors of up to 24” size giving you the ability to mount monitors of varying sizes. The mount is made of high-grade aluminum and iron for a long-lasting performance The base is very sturdy as it is much broader than other models in the segment. Each mounting head can easily withstand up t0 17.6 lbs of weight for a wobble-free performance.

Monitors that are VESA 75 and VESA 100 compatible can be installed on to this mount in either the vertical or horizontal position. Installation is super easy and the stand comes with all the tools and hardware for a hassle –free and quick set-up.

Installing your monitors high clear up a lot of space on our desk and let you organize your keyboards, mice and other items. The mount also comes with an integrated cable management system to organize cords that clutter the work space for a neat look.

Share presentations, work on multiple monitors and free yourself from work-related body strains and aches.

7- Vemount Articulating Triple LCD LED Computer Screen Desk Monitor Mount

 Vemount Articulating Tilt Swivel Triple 3 Arm Desk Monitor Mount Stand for 14 15 17 19 20 22 23 24 27 inch LCD LED Computer PC Gaming Screen, Up to 66 lbs, Vesa 50 75 100 mm, Safe C-Clamp

This triple monitor mount from Vemount is not only good-looking by has a lot of features to give you complete peace of mind while working with multiple monitors.

The stand can hold three monitors up to 27 inches in size when there are arranged in a triangular fashion. If you want to position them in a straight line then you can use monitors up to 24 inches in size.

The triple arm freely moved up and down the pole to let you adjust the perfect height. The monitors can be tilted up and down freely as it has a total tilt angle of 180 degrees. The tilt angle plays a vital role to cut down glare and reduce neck strain.

With a full 360-degree rotation feature, you can turn your monitor to landscape or portrait position in a fraction of a second. It also has a 360-degree swivel angle. As if all that wasn’t enough even the side arm joints have a 180-degree articulation giving you so much freedom to position your monitor in the best viewing angle.

The mount is made of high-grade steel and aluminum. Each mounting head can support monitors up to 22 lbs. in weight.

Fixing the monitors to the mount head is a breeze as they are compatible with the standard VESA 75 and VESA 100 mounting interfaces. You can either use the heavy-duty base of the mount or fix it to the back of your desk with the given C-clamp for a cleaner look. It can be fixed to desks with a thickness ranging from 0.2” to 3.5”.

All the necessary tools and hardware for installation come in the box for a quick and frustration-free installation.

8- Sewell Triple Monitor Mount

 Sewell Triple Monitor Mount, Supports up to 3 24" Monitors. 360 Degree Rotation of Screens

If you want an affordable triple monitor mount that ticks all the boxes and is dependable, then the Sewell triple monitor mount might be a good choice for you.

With this mount, you can support three monitors up to a size of 24” each. It has a number of pivot points and let you get the best viewing angle. You don’t have to endure strain on your neck, shoulders or back which happens with fixed monitors. You also don’t have to run around trying to use multiple computers when you can have three monitors together even in one compact cubicle.

The mount heads have an adjustable tilt angle of 30 degrees. You can adjust the height of the monitors up to 15” by moving the arms up or down the central pole. The monitors can swivel a full 360 degrees and can be rotated to a full 360-degree angle for portrait or landscape orientation. The arms too come with joints for extra adjustments. You can fit all standard monitors with the VESA interface onto the mount heads.

In addition to being able to fit more number of monitors in tight office spaces, this mount also gives you a lot of desk space as the monitors are high up on the stand. So you can fit multiple keyboards, mice and other devices with ease. You can further improve the desk space and get a neat look if you use the grommets instead of the free-standing base. These grommets can be fixed to desks with thickness up to 3.5 inches. As there is no drilling involved, installation is simple and straight forward.

In addition to the above, the mount also comes with cable clips that let you organize the cables and keep your desk clutter-free.

9- FLEXIMOUNTS Full Motion Triple Arms Desk Mount M15

 FLEXIMOUNTS Full Motion Triple Arms Desk Mount LCD Stand for MSI Dell Asus Acer Samsung Monitor(M15)

Buying the best triple monitor mount doesn’t have to make you break the bank. The M15 from Fleximounts is a quality mount you can get at an unbelievable price point.

It can support three monitors ranging from 10 -27 inches in size. It comes with a number of adjustment features to let you set your monitors at a comfortable viewing angle. This mount is compatible will all popular brands of monitors such as Dell, ASUS, Samsung, Acer and more.

You can tilt each of the monitors up or down by 15 degrees to avoid neck strain and glare from lights and windows. Each of the mounting brackets also has a 180-degree swivel angle giving you more position settings.

Unlike other models, the mounting arm is a single solid piece without joints for all the three monitors. Each mounting head can support a load of up to 22 lbs. This allows for a sturdy set-up that is free from wobbling. Adding to this is a sturdy base and a thick pole taking wobbling completely out of the equation.

Triple mounts save a lot of desk space and let you fit more monitors in your office or home. If you want more clearance on your desk, then you can opt for the grommet mounting that comes in the box. With this, you can fix your stand to a desk with a thickness ranging from 20mm to 50mm.

Installation is a breeze as it is simple and straightforward. The mount comes with the standard mounting hardware including grommets to get you started in no time. Get this mount and forget achy necks and shoulder forever

Our Recommendation

  1. Jestik Horizon Triple Monitor Mount M-S230S (Best Overall)
  2. Mount-It! Triple Monitor Stand MI-2789 (Best Cheap)
  3. Elitech Aluminum Alloy Triple Monitor Stand (Best features to price ratio)

How To Select The Best Triple Monitor Mount?

EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Mount Stand Desktop Clamp Supports

1- Compatibility

Look for the following compatibility.

  1. Size – Monitor mounts have limitations on the size of monitors that they can accommodate. Therefore look for the sizes that the mount you choose is compatible with. Most stands can support monitors up to 24 inches and larger ones can support monitors up to 27 inches.
  2. Brand – As with size, most quality mounts are compatible with monitors from a wide variety of brands. Always check to see if the mount is compatible with your specific brand of monitors.
  3. Mounting interface – All monitors come with the standard VESA 75 or VESA 100 hole pattern for mounting. Ensure that you mount is compatible with these standards for ease of installation.

2- Flexibility

When you have three monitors to deal with, you will need a lot of adjustment settings to get the best possible viewing angle and height. Look for these features in your mount.

  1. Tilt angle – This lets you tilt your monitor up and down to avoid glare and neck strain. This can range anywhere from 15 degrees to 180 degrees.
  2. Swivel angle – Being able to move the mounting head gives you a range of movement. The same effect can be achieved if the arms of the mount have swivel This can range from 90 to full 360 degrees.
  3. Rotation angle – This feature lets you rotate the monitor to use them either in the landscape or the portrait orientation. This is usually a full 360-degree rotation but some mounts may not allow full 360-degree

3- Budget

Multi-monitor mounts come in a range of budgets to suit every pocket. As a rule of thumb, it is better to stay clear of cheap ones. However, look for quality brands that will give you a quality product just a few extra bucks.

4- Mount type

Most triple monitor mounts come with a free-standing base. But if you want more desk clearance look for one that comes with a grommet option.

5- Durability

Ensure that the stand is made of durable and heavy-duty materials like aluminum or iron. It should also have enough weight bearing capacity to support your monitors.

Finally, read up reviews or ask your friends or colleagues for recommendations before you decide on buying a triple monitor mount.

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