Top 5 Best Handheld GPS For Hunting In 2021 – [Reviews]

Looking For The Best Handheld GPS For Hunting?

Let’s suppose you are standing right next to the tree and have a game around the corner. You focus, stay still, stop breathing in, and then finally, take your shot. You didn’t knock it in a key point, and the adrenaline move makes the deer run anxiously.

You’re going after it and fortunately find it, way far in the forest. But hang on, you ran way far from the tree-stand, and you have no clue the way to get back. You’re lost, yet this didn’t have to come about. Not when you had your trustworthy Gps unit in your hand.

It’s precious time you did a little something to avoid these cumbersome situations that only lead you to lose time and energy. Therefore, we made a collection of, in my view, the best handheld GPS for hunting. Getting these, you won’t end up being troubled by the thought that you ever drift, and rather, have the flexibility to pay attention to your quest.

As effective as electronics are nowadays, to become a ready hunter, you should think about the reality that is going “old school” may be most beneficial. Just what does this mean? You ought to be capable of finding your spot and your route of traveling the “old-fashioned approach;” make use of a compass.

Working with a compass requires a chunk of coaching and training, but it doesn’t matter you will be, or what are the conditions, you’ll find the right path. Weigh it up; you won’t ever need to bother about electric batteries dying or not having the ability to connect with geostationary satellites; the compass will continue to work.

Over time of developing the modern technologies, we can benefit from today’s Gps solutions which are super easy to use and offer great comfort for folks in almost any position around the world. Let us review each product down there.

#1- Garmin GPSMAP 64st, TOPO U.S. 100K

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 Garmin GPSMAP 64st, TOPO U.S. 100K with High-Sensitivity GPS and GLONASS Receiver

This particular GPS 2.6″ screen allows you to effortlessly understand its numerous features along with its pre-loaded topographic routes and satellite images. A new 3-axis compass is normally built-in, so you’ll always appreciate your planning. An altimeter tells you just how far you’re above sea level, and will help forecast weather tendencies. This unit works off a couple of AA power packs or the elective standard rechargeable Ni-MH pack. According to the reviews on the internet,let’s break this product down in features.

Explore the Ground, Get the Bearings

GPSMAP 64st has a globally basemap with pigmented relief and is loaded beforehand with TOPO 100K, that consists of coverage of the complete U.S, including Florida, the Hawaiian Islands along with Puerto Rico. And yes, it features a 1-year BirdsEye Satellite Dish Images subscription — each of the tools for significant hiking or trekking.

Map details consist of nationwide, local and state recreational areas and woodlands, together with landscape curves, height information, hiking trails, streams, ponds and sight-seeing opportunities. GPSMAP 64st includes a built-in 3-axis tilt compensated digital compass that displays your traveling even if you’re standing still. It has the barometric altimeter trails differences in pressure to determine your exact height, and you can easily make use of it to plan barometric pressure as time passes, which will help you keep a watchful eye on changing climate conditions.

Share Easily and Connected

In an affordable price,this GPS can share the waypoints, paths, tracks as well as geocaches easily with other like-minded devices. Your pals can also enjoy your favorite backpack or cache without awaiting you to connect to your laptop — just push “send” to send your details to the Garmin handheld. Using Smart Alert, you can easily receive email, text messages and notifications from your iPhone 6s or later. Keep in touch while not having to drill down your backpack for your cell phone.

The Verdict

If you are going to start a trip to the ends of the world or a demurer day backpack, this Garmin GPSMAP 64st has attributes you’ll enjoy, and you will find it one of the best handheld GPS for hunting.

#2- Garmin Foretrex 401 Waterproof Hiking GPS

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 Garmin Foretrex 401 Waterproof Hiking GPS

Made for the armed service, this Foretrex 401 is approximately 20 % smaller compared to the genuine 101 and has the same measurement back-lit screen. This 401’s capacity to replicated itself wirelessly with one more 401 is fairly useful for rapidly sharing objective waypoints and paths among team associates.

Go back over Your Steps and Keep Track of Your Data

Wherever your journey walks you, you may never be worried about losing your way using the Foretrex 401. Foretrex tracks your way and shows it as a sprinkled trail on-screen. Simply switch on Foretrex’s TracBack option, and you will go back over your way the place you started. Keep an eye on your altitude and bearing by using Foretrex 401’s digital compass along with barometric altimeter. Foretrex 401 enables you to make and keep tracks to just about all of your preferred locations and gives other helpful tips, such as an excursion, sunrise/sunset situations and hunting and angling details.

Even for more information, link up Foretrex 401 to the wireless equipment, for instance, a heart monitor, cadence sensing unit, or attach it to the bike using the add-on bike mount.

Get Connected

You have been busy studying and then you want to keep and evaluate your things to do. Using a straightforward link with your laptop and the World-wide web, you can easily get a comprehensive evaluation of your actions and transmit paths to the outdoor system using the Garmin Connect. This particular one-stop site provides a task table and lets you watch your adventures on a map by using Google Earth. Have a look around other tracks uploaded from a lot more than twelve million buyers and share your ordeals on Facebook and Twitter. How to get started is not difficult, so get around, search, and share.

The Verdict

This Garmin Foretrex 401 Gps device is an exceptional little, wrist-mounted Gps unit. As we discussed, the standard information you get just by using it while walking or running is pretty informative. You don’t get the speed time, but considering the rest of the details that you simply do have at your fingers, and the lightweight Garmin unit, it’s perfect for outdoor pursuits and escapades.

#3- The Garmin GPSMAP sixty-four with High-Sensitivity Gps

 Garmin GPSMAP 64s Worldwide with High-Sensitivity GPS and GLONASS Receiver

GPSMAP sixty-four includes a 2.6″ sunlight-readable shade display that facilitates BirdsEye Satellite Images (membership required) and The Garmin Custom Roadmaps. Tough and water-resistant, GPSMAP sixty-four runs on the quad helix aerial for exceptional reception. As this device believed to be cheap in price tag but you should look down what it has.

Add Maps

Incorporating more routes to GPSMAP sixty-four is a breeze with the variety of in-depth topographic, sea and road routes. With four Gigabytes of built-in memory space and sd card port, it is possible to download TOPO 24K plus 100K routes handily and hit the way, connect BlueChart® g2 cards for your good day on the water or even city Gps NT® map information for turn-by-turn course-plotting on streets (see road directions tabs for matchups).

GPSMAP sixty-four will also support BirdsEye Satellite Images (membership required) that allows you to download satellite pictures on your unit and incorporate them with your routes. Moreover, this 64 works with Customized Maps, a map structure that lets you change paper and digital maps conveniently into online maps, free of charge.

Find Run

GPSMAP sixty-four facilitates electronic geocaching with 300,000 loaded beforehand caches with suggestions and information from, and it has a 16-hour battery lifespan. By heading digital, you aren’t only helping your surroundings, but also bettering performance. GPSMAP sixty-four saves and shows key details, such as area, geography, problems, tips, and information that means there’s no longer manually joining matches and paper printouts! Slender and compact, sixty-four is the best associate for your outdoor passions.

The Verdict

As it is not top rated on Amazon but it will surely satisfy your expectations. Extremely accurate and practical, by using a user-friendly interface. A possible problem can be a red-colored pixel that shows up in the center-left section of the display after 7 days of use.

#4- Standard Horizon HX870 Floating 6W Handheld VHF with Internal GPS

 Standard Horizon HX870 Floating 6W Handheld VHF with Internal GPS

This state-of-the-art HX870 VHF/GPS features a 66-channel WAAS Gps navigation receiver, letting you transfer a DSC distress information, report your situation or send phone calls with your coordinates, best for daily use or incorporating to your pitch bag. This workhorse HX870 consists of 6W of broadcast power, a new die-cast chassis, IPX8 completely submersible water-resistant rating along with long-lasting 1,800mAh Li-Ion batteries. GPS functionality contains map-reading to your waypoint, DSC (Digital Selective Calling) applications such as Location Request, Position Record, and waypoint venturing.

Built-in DSC

Just press and hold the red button, and then it transmits a computerized electronic distress information to the particular Coast Guard and all sorts of DSC radio-equipped vessels. Rescuers immediately know who you really are, where you stand (using Gps device coordinates), the category of your vessel and the cell phone numbers of your unexpected emergency contacts. Keep in mind that to make these options work, you have to sign up this particular radio stations and find the MMSI Number (just like a maritime contact number) through BoatUS (for BoatUS associates), Sea Tow line or the particular U.S. Squadron.

Built-in sixty-six Channel WAAS Gps navigation receiver

An incredibly delicate sixty-six channel WAAS receiver will allow the HX870 to secure on to a situation swiftly and precisely. With location details shown clearly on the screen, the consumer can show location details by using DSC and find their way to waypoints while using waypoint routing option of this radio.

No longer looking to memorize the manual. A whole new Simple to Work Menu program makes this by far the most user-friendly handheld available on the market. DSC contacting, location sharing, waypoint and course routing, direction-finding to DSC distress contact all can be practiced with just quick and easy steps. This brand new state-of-the-art feature helps you continually monitor and show position details all the way to 9 pre-selected vessels. Their placement details are shown on the particular compass page in accordance with your area on the screen.

The Verdict

Never the less, HX870 is that often it’s not too perfect for night routing due to the fact that the back-lit screen is quite bright. Likewise, it’s heavy when compared to the majority of handheld sea radios. Apart from those a couple of minor defects, if you’re looking for the best all-around superb transportable VHS/GPS/DSC communications gadget, this HX870 is a good choice.

#5- Garmin 72H Waterproof Handheld GPS with High-Sensitivity

 Garmin 72H Waterproof Handheld GPS with High-Sensitivity

Make a rush with this Gps device 72H, a light in weight, water-resistant portable that drifts. Simple but sturdy, this GPS 72H includes high-sensitivity navigation and a universal serial bus connection and its particular large display, easy operation along with rock-solid functionality.

Get Geostationary Satellites Rapidly and Store Important Details

Stay on course quickly with this Gps device 72H’s high-sensitivity receiver. GPS 72H gets satellite transmissions swiftly and monitors your local area in difficult conditions, for example, big tree coverage or heavy canyons.

This Gps navigation 72H is undoubtedly NMEA 0183 compatible. To send details to or out of your device, GPS 72H effortlessly connects to the laptop via universal serial bus. If you are into sailing, searching or angling, you should use this 72H’s built-in celestial details, which consists of tide data, sunrise/sunset situations and hunting and angling work schedule.

Use on Water or Land

Don’t get worried about dropping this Gps navigation device in your drink. This GPS 72H skims in water, and it is IPX7 water-resistant to stand up to the unintentional slam dunk or splash in the river. No matter if on land or water, this GPS 72H can easily save as much as 400 of your favorite locations in storage and show you your spot (no road or landscape maps).

The Verdict

A terrific part of gear which can be useful to have while out on vessel and you will have to tag a specific location/Anchorage to get long-term research.

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