Top 9 Best NiMH Batteries of 2021 – [Reviews & Buyer Guide]

Are You Looking For The Best NiMH Batteries?

Have you ever had a “National Geographic” moment when you almost captured the picture of your lifetime when your battery died? Whether it is the high-end cameras or music players, they all drain energy fast necessitating the need for frequent charging or using alternates like the best NiMH batteries in town.

The need for reusable and low costing batteries has increased since the debacle of the rechargeable alkaline batteries. Several renowned battery manufacturers have joined the fray to produce rechargeable batteries especially for gadgets that guzzle energy.

The Ni-MH batteries are the preferred choice of the masses and the manufacturers alike.

Why are NiMH batteries better?

These are the new age batteries which are not plagued by memory effect which just means that unless a battery is fully drained you should not charge it or it will lose its efficacy. This phenomenon is commonly associated with alkaline batteries. The Ni-MH last longer and can be charged whenever you assume they are short of power. They save time and money and are more eco-friendly than the other batteries.

A few notable points

  • The total amount of energy that these batteries store ranges from 1200mAh to 2700 mAH.
  • These batteries lose charge doing nothing, hence to overcome this drawback newer versions have been released called LSD or low self-discharge.
  • The lower capacity batteries can be charged around 1000 times in a slow charge mode while the higher potency ones which are in the range of 2100 to 2400mAH can be charged 600 to 800 times.
  • They are not suitable for smoke alarms which are used only occasionally as these cells lose charge even when not used.
  • Finally, unless you run three to five charge cycles these batteries do not reach their peak output and capacity.

Based on their voltage, capacity, storage time we have compiled a list of nine of the best Ni-MH batteries that you can use in your electronic gadgets like music players, digital cameras, handheld games, PDA, and toys.

1. Panasonic BK-4MCCA4BA Eneloop AAA

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 Panasonic BK-4MCCA4BA eneloop AAA 2100 Cycle Ni-MH Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries, 4 Pack

A well-known name in the electronics segment, Panasonic AAA rechargeable batteries are real workhorses. The company claims the batteries maintain almost 70% of their charge even after 10 years.

Environmentally conscious

The Green Energy Certification Center certifies the pre-charging of all the Eneloop batteries. These batteries are pre-charged using power generated from the Sun. This is also the reason these batteries are ready to use immediately after removing from the box.

Can be recharged 2100 times

The normal Ni-MH batteries can’t be charged over 1000 times but these Eneloop batteries can be charged upto 2100 times. This feat is possible as the conductive layer of the electrode has been improved to increase the conductivity and improve the durability of the cell.

Retain charge when not in use for 10 years

When these Ni-MH batteries are stored in ideal temperatures they can retain acharge for upto 10 years if not used.

Notable features

  • Can be recharged for upto 2100 times
  • Retains 70% charge when not in use till 10 years
  • No memory effect- can be charged anytime
  • Can be used in temperatures around -4F.

Overall Summary

The unbelievable number of 2100 times of charging opens several possibilities for these cells. They can be used in your day-to-day devices and also other high drain devices and camera flashes. Made in Japan, you need not worry about the quality of the product.

2. EBL AA 2800mAh Ni-MH Batteries

 EBL 8 Pack AA Batteries 2800mAh High Capacity (ProCyco Technology UL Certified) AA Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries, Battery Case Included

If you were to go by reviews, then the EBL seems to be a name to reckon with. Users are satisfied with this relatively unknown brand that promises performance at par with the top brands in the field amazingly cheap. Since this is a new company try the cells with your cheaper gadgets first before using on others.

Capacity that lasts

The 2800mAh will last you for as long as you use your device at one go. The improved version of cathodes in the batteries ensure that the batteries can also be charged upto 1200 times while reducing the discharge rate.

Supercell lattice technology

This ensures that the batteries can store more power and last longer. The greater space in the crystal lattice also ensures that the batteries have a low discharge rate and can retain their power for 3years.

No fear of explosion

The exterior steel casing ensures that even under high pressure the battery doesn’t explode.

Notable features

  • 2800mAh capacity
  • Can be charged 1200 times
  • Retains 75% charge when not in use
  • Pack contains 16 batteries
  • Pre-charged.

Overall Summary

This pack is an economical solution to your gadget needs. Trust your peers’ reviews and try the product.

3. Energizer Recharge Power Plus

 Energizer Recharge Power Plus AA 2300 mAh Rechargeable Batteries, Pre-Charged, 4 count

Now, this is one name that everyone relates to in the context of rechargeable batteries. This set is great quality at affordable price. Performance wise these batteries compete with the top brands as they also offer 2000mAh capacity.


Fewer batteries will last long and provide more power than any AA batteries. Built to last, these batteries are ideal for all electronic gadgets that depend on battery power.

Environmental friendly

It is sad to see the number of batteries that end up in landfills and harm the ecosystem. One of the easiest ways to reduce this is to use rechargeable batteries like the energizer which has a lifetime of five years.

Notable features

  • A pack of 4 AA batteries that are rechargeable.
  • 2300mAH capacity
  • Come pre-charged and ready to use
  • Retain power for upto one year
  • Has a 700 recharge cycle.

Overall Summary

With a fully charged AA Energizer battery set you can click up to 230 photos on your digital camera. Yes, these batteries are cheap but perform at par with their expensive brethren. The power remains stable for all devices.

4. SunLabz AA Rechargeable Batteries

SunLabz® AAA Rechargeable Batteries (8 Pack) Highest Performance NiMH 1000mAh

Recharge 1000 time and still, you will be surprised with the performance of the SunLabz batteries. They are manufactured to reduce charge discharge and retain power for a longer duration. All your household gadgets can use these rechargeable batteries. They may not be the best Ni-MH batteries but they are worth a use.

Multiple recharge

These cells outperform the normal Ni-Cd cells by a huge margin. With their ability to recharge up to 1000 times, they have a higher density and greater capacity than other batteries.

Suitable for all gadgets

The SunLabz rechargeable batteries can be used for digital cameras, flashes, remote control, handheld games, toys and remote controls.

Notable features

  • 1000 times recharge cycle
  • Ecofriendly
  • 2000mAH
  • Pack of 8.

Overall Summary

When you use SunLabz batteries you are indirectly contributing towards a greener planet. The batteries last long and can be used with almost all household gadgets.

5. Tenergy AA Rechargeable NIMH Battery

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 Tenergy Centura AA Low Self-Discharge LSD NiMH Rechargeable Batteries, 1 Card 4xAA

The Centura is one of the best Ni-MH battery suitable for all music players, CD players, and other audio and video devices. With an ability to retain upto 85% of its charge even after not using for a year, the battery is a good buy.

Suited for cold temperature

Unlike your regular alkaline batteries which drain rapidly in cooler temperatures, the Tenergy Centura Ni-MH batteries perform optimally even in -10 C.

Long lasting

These batteries are low self-discharging kind and hence retain 70% when stored without using for 2 years.

Notable features

  • LSD Ni-MH batteries
  • Suitable for temperatures as low as -10C
  • Can be used in everyday gadgets
  • Recharge cycle of 1000

Overall Summary

A cheap and environmentally safe alternative to all alkaline batteries, the Tenergy is worth buying for those who can’t live without their gadgets. It will save them money and the environment from toxic batteries.

6. Garmin Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery for GPSMAP

Garmin Rechargeable NiMH Battery for GPSMAP 64s

Not one of the favorites of users, the rechargeable Ni-MH battery from Garmin has received mixed reviews from customers. It is built exclusively for the GPS and lasts much longer than the regular alkaline batteries. Price wise it is not cheap.

Easy to charge

You can charge the set either with an AC adapter or by using the USB cable and connecting to your computer.

Notable features

  • 2000mAh
  • Suitable for GPSMAP 64 and Oregon 600 series

Overall Summary

A Ni-MH pack suited for GPS MAP and Oregon 600 series the Garmin is not a much-favored brand. Having said that, there are customers who are pleased with the ease of use and long-lasting nature of the batteries when compared to the alkaline batteries.

7. M2cpower® Ni-MH 2800mAh AA Rechargeable

 M2cpower® NiMH 2800mAh AA Rechargeable Batteries (8 Pack)

Another set of Ni-MH batteries that are designed to have a long life.  The batteries are certified and they match all OEM standards.

Long recharge cycles

You can use these batteries in your solar powered garden lights or in the CD player and recharge them when drained as many as 1200 times. Longer recharge cycles also mean more savings.

Low Self Discharge

A common feature in most of the Ni-MH batteries in this list, the M2cpower rechargeable can retain upto 80% of their charge when not in use even for years. But remember to store the batteries at 20 C for peak performance and optimum capacity.

Notable features

  • Pack of 8 AA rechargeable batteries
  • Capacity of 2800mAh
  • Meet OEM product standards
  • 12-month guarantee from the manufacturer.

Overall Summary

One of the best NiMH batteries according to several customer reviews, the  M2cpower have proven their mettle and lived long enough to tell their tale. They are a good mix of long life, great power, and zero memory effect.

8. Mr. Batt AA Rechargeable Batteries

 AA Rechargeable Batteries (8 Count) NiMh 1.2V 2600mAh High Capacity Low Self Discharge

How do you store the batteries you don’t use? Sometimes it is confusing to distinguish between used and unused batteries until you try them individually. To overcome this feature, and also to store your batteries safely the Mr. Batt batteries come in a transparent plastic case.

Ready to use

You can use these batteries right out of the box as they are pre-charged.

Low self-discharge

1200 recharge cycle and 80% charge retention is possible due to the low self-discharge feature. As a result, you can use the batteries longer and with more power.

Notable features

  • 8 packs of AA rechargeable batteries
  • Comes pre-charged
  • Can retain 80% power even after one year of no use
  • Has 1200 recharge cycle
  • 30 days money back offer by manufacturer
  • One year guarantee against defects
  • Plastic case to store the batteries.

Overall Summary

These batteries were well received by users and several customers are immensely happy with the way the batteries have lasted and performed not only in their remotes and flashes but also their handheld games. A decent quality at an affordable rate.

9. AmazonBasics AA High-Capacity Rechargeable Batteries

 AmazonBasics AA High-Capacity Rechargeable Batteries (8-Pack) Pre-charged - Packaging May Vary

These rechargeable batteries from AmazonBasics provide the extra power when needed and last really long. They are made in Japan and are known to retain at least 65% of their charge even after three years; that is commendable in Ni-MH batteries which lose charge went not in use too.

Retain charge

These batteries can be used to power your everyday gadgets and also those that do not see the light of day often. They are known to retain their charge upto 3 years due to the low self -discharge technology.

Ready from the word Go

These cells are ready to be used once out of the box. They do not need to be charged for a specific time before first-time use because they are pre-charged using solar energy.

Suitable for cold climates

These batteries perform well even in cold temperatures where normal batteries drain faster and lose charge much more rapidly than in warm climes.

Notable features

  • pack of 8
  • retains up to 65% charge even after 3 years
  • the capacity of 2400mAh
  • made in Japan.

Overall Summary

If you use a lot of devices that are high drainers then this set of AmazonBasics will be very handy. Reasonably priced, these batteries can be used from rarely used flashlights to daily-used portable music players as they maintain their capacity even during storage.

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If you are a gadget freak then there are no two ways about which side of your bread is buttered – the Ni-MH should certainly be your first choice. The lack of memory effect is a huge relief; you can always charge your batteries till you leave without worrying about killing the battery before its time is actually up.

Just a piece of advice in this section is that when dealing with new brands at low cost try them with your not so expensive devices before using them with your digital cameras and portable music systems.


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