Top 6 Best Gaming Keypads In 2021 – [Reviews & Buyer Guide]

How To Choose The Best Gaming Keypads?

Are you beaten in every one of your computer games? Do you lack speed, expertise or a good gaming keyboard? If you are ready to micro-manage the swift battle mechanics, the spells, the taps, the swish and the strike it is time to switch to the best gaming keypad in the industry.

1- Razer Nostromo PC Gaming Keypad

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 Razer Nostromo PC Gaming Keypad

The Nostromo from Razer can be customized to suit all kinds of games. For comfortable gaming, there are 16 buttons that are designed to provide greater accuracy and crisper response.

Ergonomically designed

The buttons are laid out in a manner that they are easily reachable and aid in attaining maximum accuracy while gaming. Further, to reduce the strain on the wrist there is a soft rubber wrist pad provided that gives support to the hand.

8-way directional thumb pad

It is really easy to toggle between various buttons on the keypad due to the 8-directional thumb friendly joystick. It is best suited for average size hands.

Notable features

  • wrist pad that is adjustable
  • ergonomic design
  • backlit keypad
  • can store upto 20 profiles
  • 16 programable hyper response

Overall summary

Attractive looks, intuitive controls, and ergonomic design make this gaming keypad popular among all kinds of gamer. The software can be easily customized the keys to suit any game and give you the extra edge during gaming. But remember it is not cheap.

2- Logitech G13 Programmable Gameboard with LCD Display

 Logitech G13 Programmable Gameboard with LCD Display

A die-hard gamer’s friend, the G13 is an ergonomically designed keypad that allows you to swap maps and profiles easily.Quick fire command, all WASD controls and macro keys that can be programmed are the key features to this lightweight keypad. Hand fatigue is a thing of the past with this innovative and easy-to-use device.

More number of keys

There are 25individual contoured keys that are programmable and they are at your beck and call. The layout is so designed that you will experience minimal hand fatigue. The soft wrist pad comes to your rescue during usage.

LCD screen display

The display can be used as a timekeeper for all your maneuvers and to keep track of the CPU and RAM usage. There is a backlight on and off for the LCD. It is an easy way to follow up on your game statistics.

Onboard Memory

The onboard memory allows you to save up to five ready-to-play profiles and assign different colors to each profile. You can also store key maps and macros which can be easily recorded without pausing the game. In addition to that, you can pre configure the settings of your choice for few games.

Notable features

  • Ergonomic design that aligns comfortably to your fingers
  • Can store up to five profiles in the onboard memory
  • Backlight can be customized from hundreds of colors
  • 25 programmable keys
  • Analog stick
  • LCD display for information on game statistics and system information.

Overall Summary

Whether you are playing The Lord of the Rings or Call of Duty the G 13 is one of the most affordable yet high performing gaming keypad out there. Its ergonomic design, three game modes and the nice array of keys are a treat to the avid gamer.

3- Delux T9 46-Key Singlehanded Wired Gaming Keyboard

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 Delux T9 46-Key Singlehanded Wired Gaming Keyboard Professional Ergonomic Gameboard

This truly is a steal in the gaming world. Priced just less than $40, this device performs way beyond its price. It has an ergonomic design for comfort, backlight for better visibility and well-placed space bars for greater utility.

Ergonomic design

It is paramount that the keypad you use be comfortable and prevent hand fatigue since gaming can go on for long periods of time without respite. The T9 is designed to provide support for your wrists and keep wrist and finger pain at bay.


Priced a little under $40, the Deebol is a good buy. It is ergonomic in design and compact and portable to accompany you on all your travels. Having all the necessary features, this product is worth the price.

Compatible with all

The Deebol is compatible with all operating systems including Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows.

Notable features

  • Four special keys for convenient gaming
  • Compatible with Windows Vista,7,8, XP and 2000
  • Wide back pads for greater comfort
  • AWSD keys for single handed use
  • Built-in backlight
  • Suitable for both left handers and right handers.

Overall Summary

An ergonomically designed easy-to-use keypad that is excellently priced. It is suitable for single handed use and forms a deadly combination with a gaming mouse.

4- Genovation ControlPad CP24 USB HID

 Genovation ControlPad CP24 USB HID

The CP 24 comes with 14 programmable keys which can be programmed at two levels; this feature provides you with 48 keys. These keypads consume low power and hence conserve energy.

No need to install software

Almost all gaming keypads require you to install a software for using the keypad to its optimum best. In this case, by connecting the keypad with the provided USB you can overcome this step. The keypad is easily detected by windows and the appropriate driver downloaded; this also allows easy programming of the keypad.

Easy to use switches

The switches are easy to press and use. They are light and feel good on touching. You can dampen the sound by putting ring dampers.

Notable features

  • 24 programmable keys with relegedable cap covers
  • The LED can be programmed
  • Multimedia keys are supported when connected with a USB
  • It consumes low power
  • The rate of key switches is 50 million operations.

Overall Summary

Genovation is a leader in keyboard manufacturing and it is no surprise that this product is a sturdy well-built keypad. You can customize each key and use the keypad not just for gaming but for other applications also like Corel draw and create macros for word and excel

5- 1byone Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

 1byone Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Professional Single-Handed Keypad with 29 Programmable Keys and Full RGB Backlit LED Control for Windows PC, Black

This gaming keyboard can be used not only by gamers but also by video editors and designers. Comfortable to use, great visibility and compatible with Windows Vista and other Windows operating systems, you can have complete control with greater accuracy with this device.

Anti-ghosting technology

Where speed is paramount you can’t afford to have keys ghosted. To overcome all ghosting issues, the 1byone keyboard comes with the anti-ghosting technology which allows you to maintain your tempo during playing. The mechanical keys add the satisfying click to the whole process.

Build your persona

You can customize the RGB backlight to reflect your personality. You can choose from over a dozen configurations and patterns to light up each key and respond to your commands.

Notable features

  • 29 programmable keys for greater control
  • Anti-ghosting technology used
  • Ergonomic design to minimize hand fatigue
  • Customizable backlight
  • 12-month guarantee.

Overall Summary

If you have budget constraints than go for the 1Byone which is one of the top single-handed gaming keyboards. It is a mirror of the standard keyboard on the left side and all the keys are programmable using the software provided.

6- Belkin n52te Tournament Edition

 Belkin n52te Tournament Edition Game Pad

Leave the chaos of gaming behind with this highly responsive and swift keypad. FPS, MMORPG, and RTS can all be played with this keyboard. There are a staggering 104 functions that can be customized making it one of the best gaming keypads functionality wise.

Razer Synapse memory

Store your own profiles for each game and can use additional performance tools. It gives you the freedom to play as you want without having to install any software.

Easy to use gamepad

The keypad is small compact and the keys are easy to access and use. The thumb-friendly joystick can be programmed to suit your style of playing.


There is a wrist pad that provides support to the wrist and reduces strain on the hands while the backlight enhances the visibility even in the dark making it very easy and comfortable to use the keypad. There are non-slip rubber pads that provide stability to the device.

Notable features

  • 15 programmable keys
  • 8-way thumb pad that can be customized
  • Wrist pad can be adjusted
  • Razer embedded memory.

Overall Summary

The programmable keys, the intuitive response, and the embedded memory make this device a hot favorite among gamers.

Best Gaming Keypads Buying Guide

Best Gaming Keypads Reviews

Do not mistake the keypad for a keyboard; it is not. It is just an additional device that will enhance your gaming performance comfortably and with less fatigue to your wrists, fingers, and elbows. It has limited keys that are designed to facilitate quick and efficient gaming movements.

Avid gamers can’t imagine a single moment without this tool. A gaming keypad can be used to customize some standard responses by the player, enable specific macros in tune with the game. They also come with multimedia functions and attractive displays- enhancing the entire gaming experience.

How to select the best gaming keypad?

Not all gaming keypads are made same. There are several differences based on the usage and the expertise of the user that you need to make note of before purchasing the device.

  • Number of Keys: Optimum performance is possible only with agile tapping and alert reflexes. That is the reason many manufacturers include several keys to quicken the transition between two actions. But too many keys are of no use as they will distract. The ideal keypad should have 20-25 keys.
  • Ergonomics: One of the main reasons for purchasing a gaming keypad is to reduce hand fatigue. Hence ensure that your hand fits comfortably into the pad. The top gaming keypad will have adjustable axes to suit your individual needs.
  • Key switches: Where speed is of the essence, key switches matter. They are usually of three types:
    • Silicone domes: These are the most commonly used switches. The only drawback with this type is the feedback which reduces the speed of strokes.
    • Scissor keys: These keys are normally used in ultrabooks. Though they are better than silicone domes, they are not too sensitive and are hard to repair.
    • Mechanical: Durable, easy to repair and customizable, the mechanical keys are ideal for all kinds of gamers. They do not require any extra devices, thereby saving money too.
  • Backlight: Once you enter the realm of games you will lose track of time;therefore, it is advisable to have a keypad that lights up in the dark too. Of course, with several hours of play, you will be able to play without looking at the keypad.

For additional comfort, you can look for analog control sticks, panels that can be removed and modular buttons. These features are not a must.

Types of keypads:

  1. All-purpose models: These are similar to the regular keyboards with mechanical keys but with some extra macros and fancy backlighting added in. they are most suitable for FPS, RTS, MOBA of the bygone era.
  2. MMO keyboard: These are expensive sophisticated keypads the avid gamers use. They have macros in multiple rows and are space consuming.
  3. Tenkeyless keyboard: Small, compact and portable, these keyboards have done away with the number pad all together. You can combine these keypads with gaming mouse for optimum results.

Given below are 7 of the best gaming keypads based on several user reviews, technical specifications, and overall customer satisfaction. Before you buy, determine the kind of games you intend to buy and if you need an auxiliary device in the first place.

Final Thoughts

First and foremost, decide if you need an additional gaming keypad. Next, determine the type of games you play and what are the features best suited for your kind of gaming. Finally, choose one model from the above list because they are some of the best gaming keypads in the industry. They are tried tested and have been reviewed by authoritative sources in the field.

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