The 4 Best Scopes For 45-70 in 2021 – [Review & Buyers’ Guide]

best scope for 45-70

Are You Searching For The Best Scope For 45-70

Do you struggle to aim with your .45 to 70 and hit your target every time you shoot? Have you wasted a lot of bullets in your innumerable attempts at being successful? Maybe, it is time to get some additional accessories for your rifle. If you have been contemplating on getting a shooting scope, you are on the right path, but do you know which is the best scope for .45-70?

Just like no two rifles are alike, no two riflescopes are similar. A great rifle with a poor scope is no good, while on the other hand, a poor rifle with the right scope can do wonders. If you are a novice to the field, it is natural to get intimidated by the sheer choice in scopes and the mind-boggling jargon used with each. ( Check also our detailed review about WSM scopes )

Wading through the sea of reviews and customer feedbacks, we have narrowed down the choice to four of the best scopes for .45 -70. So, before you step out on your next hunting expedition do go through this guide to find a scope that will suit your budget and your type of hunting; yes, scopes are very specific and no single scope is suited for all kinds of shooting.

1- Primary Arms 1-4X 24 Illuminated Scope, Black

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When it comes to endurance and toughness the Primary arms 1-4X 24 Illuminated Scope is definitely one of the best scopes for .45-70. This multicoated lens system, fog resistant waterproof scope is value for money. You don’t need to use your glasses when using this scope because of the eyepiece can be adjusted.

Multi coated lens

In addition to been weather-resistant, this scope has a lens that are coated to reduce glare, enhance light transmission and present an image that is crisp and clear.

Illuminated reticle

It is always testing to get accurate shots when the light is low and your target is moving. A normal reticle is not of much help in such situations. Primary Arms have hence introduced the illuminated reticle in their scope. Now, when you focus on a target in low light conditions you will see a red spot in the intersection of the horizontal and vertical cross hairs. This will increase your accuracy and you will have a better success rate. The brightness knob on the side allows you to change the brightness through 12 levels of brightness.

Quality build

Primary arms are compact lightweight and durable – three features which make the piece endearing because you don’t want a scope that adds additional weight to your rifle, or performs below par in harsh weathers and is bulky to carry when you keep changing your position.

Notable Specs

  • It has a 24mm objective which is compact and light weight
  • Illuminated center dot reticle for low light shooting
  • 90′-23′ Field of view at 100 yards
  • Fog resistant, waterproof body to withstand harsh weather
  • 30 mm Tube, 11.75″ Long tube

Overall summary

The Primary Arms is probably one of the most affordable and best scopes for .45 -70. It is well designed, sturdy, compact and handy. Its weather resistant features along with its illuminated reticle dot make it desirable especially for those who hunt in low light conditions.

2- UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope, AO, RGB Mil-dot, QD Rings

Probably one of the few 100% nitrogen filled and fully sealed scopes today, the UTG 3-9X32 is good value for money. It is shock proof, fog proof, and rain proof. This scope is suited for all levels of shootings and can be comfortably attached to an airgun or firearm. It withstands rifle recoil fairly easily.

True strength platform

The use of the true strength platform ensures that you have a scope that is sturdy and built to last. The smart spherical structure makes the interaction between the outer and inner tubes of the scope smooth and effortless.


This scope has been subject to rigorous testing and has been found to meet all standardization and testing procedures. It is reliable and its well-constructed turrets make way for precise windage and elevation adjustments. And the best part is that the turrets can be locked.

Parallax free view

​​The adjustable wide angle front objective lens ensures that there is no parallax error whether from a distance of  3 yards away to infinity. This is a rare feature very few scopes offer in the market.

RGB Side Wheel Illumination

In varied environments and lighting conditions, this RGB illumination gives better access to the reticle light making the usage more effective and productive along with being comfortable.

Range estimating Mil-dot reticle

The range estimating concept is highly advantageous for all kinds of shooters because it enhances your accuracy and the chances of striking the target when you are able to estimate the distance between the object and you. The mil-dot reticle uses dots along the crosshairs; the regular mil-dots in the market have only 4 dots in each direction which gives you 9 directions to aim whereas this UTGhas 9 dots giving you an amazing 19 aiming spots.

Compact and lightweight

The small size and lightweight nature mean that you are not unduly burdened with additional weight when you are traversing the jungles, jumping over boulders and have to deal with unsteady terrain all the time. Furthermore, it also offers you several mounting possibilities and is useful for tactical shooting.


It is conveniently priced below $100 thus not putting unnecessary strain on your pocket.

Notable Specs

  • 1-inch tube with 30mm diameter
  • Emerald coating for maximum light transmission
  • Premium Zero Lockable & Resettable Turrets with 1/4 MOA Per Click Adjustment
  • Range Estimating Mil-dot Reticle
  • Adjustable objective
  • Accommodating eye relief
  • Shock proof, fog proof rain proof.

Overall summary

For those working on a budget, the UTG is a great buy, it is a great value for money and is suitable for all levels of shooting. Though it is cheap, it is durable, is easy to adjust, the optics are bright and crisp and it is easily mountable. In addition to that, it comes with some cool accessories like a 2” sunshade and lens covers and detachable QD rings.

3- LEUPOLD VX-2 1.5-4×28 IER Scout Scope, Duplex Reticle, Matte Black

Leupold VX-2 1.5-4x28mm IER Scout Duplex Reticle Scope

In your search for best scope for .45 to 70 do not miss out on one of the top notch rifle scout scopes in the market – the Leopold VX. One of its biggest advantages is the long eye relief which prevents scope eye which normally results for rifle recoil. Like all Leopold products, this VX-2 is built to last.

Duplex reticle

A good reticle stands between accuracy and failure. The duplex reticle is one of the most common reticles used in the market; there are several types and modernizations available in it. It basically consists of horizontal and vertical lines intersecting in the center; the lines are thin in center and thick otherwise. This type of reticle is extremely useful for targeting fast moving objects.


The main job of a good or top riflescope is to magnify a distance or small object sufficiently to aid in shooting.  Of course, that doesn’t mean too much magnification is good; it is not. It actual reduces your field of view and makes it difficult to find the target. So, depending on your use choose magnification. In this case, the magnification ranges from 1.5 to 4 power making it an effective optical aid at close ranges like 25 yards for excellent accuracy. And if you are proficient enough you can achieve even long range shots of 200 yards minimum.

Generous Eyebox

The position of your eye behind the scope while shooting is very important especially when you use magnification and your field of view changes. It is very important that you maintain the eye in the eye box for effective shooting. The Leupold has a very flexible and comfortable eye box that makes it easier and faster to adjust your eye behind the scope. It leads to quick target acquisition and also gives you high head position and improved sight.

Scratch-resistant lens

Nothing is more annoying than to be distracted by scratches on your lens when you are aiming at a moving target or for that matter any target. The Leupold exterior lens has a diamond coating on it which makes it not only abrasion resistant but also aids in transmission of light. You can’t blame the scratches anymore for missed targets. In addition to that, the lens edges are blackened to reduce diffusion and glare.

Notable Specs

  • 28 mm objective lens diameter
  • The main tube diameter is 1”
  • Scratch resistant diamond coated external lens
  • Index matched lens system1/4 MOA/click impact point correction along with windage and elevation adjustment
  • For rapid focusing, there is a threaded fast focus eyepiece.
  • Matte finish body

Overall assessment

The Leupold is a very pricey scouting scope that is sleek to look at and light and nice to use. Despite its price, it is not the best in the field and is suited for those who want more eye relief and not too much magnification.

4- Aim Sports 2-7X42 30mm Scout Scope/Rangefinder

Aim Sports 2-7X42 30mm Scout Scope

Probably one of the best scopes for .45-70 is the Aim sports because of its high magnification of 42mm and a tube body of 30mm diameter.​This is a toughie made from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum. It is treated with nitrogen and sealed with weather seals to make it weather resistant. You need not worry about recoil and eye fatigue with this one.

Rangefinder reticle for accuracy

The reticle is one of the most important parts of a riflescope as your accuracy and precision depend on it. A good reticle will not interfere with normal shooting. This scope has a rangefinder reticle that offers power and is dependable if you are looking for accuracy. It does not interfere with normal shooting.Rangefinder reticle aids you inaccurately calculating the distance between you and the object and also in calculating the height of the object.

Sturdy body

Made from aircraft grade aluminum this scope is durable and can last long. Furthermore, it is lightweight at 14.5 ounces and not overly heavy despite its length of 11.25 inches.

Comfortable eye relief

Holding your scope at a comfortable distance from your eye is paramount during shooting. Often due to low eye relief users suffer from eye fatigue besides poor accuracy in hitting targets. This Aims Sport has an adequate eye relief of 8.5” -10.5”  which protects you from recoil. It is also useful for quicker acquisition of the target.

​​Magnification is 2X-7X

Magnification is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing a scope. The higher the magnification is, the better it is as they will bring distant objects closer. Aim Sports 2-7X42 30mm Scout Scope has a magnification of range of X2 to X7 which means that you can magnify an object 7 times its size.

Objective Lens

Objective lens determines the field of view of a scope. It is good to have bigger objectives but not always as they will add to the weight of the scope and that should be in proportion to your rifle. Aim Sports has a large objective lens of 42mm  that facilitates low light hunting as well as having a low profile mold. Though it is the medium size lens it does not add to the weight of the scope.

Notable specs

  • 2-7X42 30mm long eye relief scout scope
  • Magnification is 2X-7X
  • Standard Tube diameter of 30 mm
  • Medium size objective lens of 42 mm
  • Tube Length is 11.25″

Overall assessment

Where you look for value for money, the Aims Sports  2-7×42 is definitely worth it. Along with a large objective complimented with a 7 X magnification and comfortable eye relief the Aims also comes with one year warranty. Don’t miss checking it out in your quest for the best scope for .45-70.

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Each customer has his own strengths and weaknesses and as a result what is good for one need not be good for another. You have to choose a scope suited to your comfort range and vision and type of shooting and not base it on price and popularity. Having said that do go through various reviews about the top and best scope for .45-70 before you zero in on a model that is affordable, cheap and reliable. Don’t forget to pay attention to the warranty of the scope in the process.




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