Dell SE2717HX Full HD Monitor Review – [Pros & Cons 2023]

Dell SE2717HX Review

Dell SE2717HX Review – High-Definition Viewing That’s Pocket-Friendly

Do you love to play games a lot or like watching movies on your computer? Then you definitely need a high-definition monitor that can handle the requirements of gaming and let you watch movies in rich color and exceptional image quality.

But if you have been on the wall about buying a high-definition monitor because of a budget constraint, then stop worrying. The Dell SE2717HX is full HD 27” is an affordable monitor that comes packed with enough features to give more expensive monitors a run for their money. It is perfect for you if you like a budget-friendly monitor without compromise on quality or features.

From the latest thin bezel looks to a full HD resolution to game-friendly features and much more, the Dell SE2717HX is chock full of features. You will never have to buy a cheap monitor just to save some money. They usually don’t last too long or even perform to match your expectations.

Below is our in-depth review of the Dell SE2717HX which will help you decide if it is the right one for your requirements. Read on to find out more details.

Dell SE2717HX Features and Specs

  • High-definition 27” monitor with a resolution of 1920 x 1080
  • Rich colors and ultra-sharp pictures
  • Wide viewing angle for minimum color distortion
  • AMD FreeSync technology for lag-free gaming
  • ComfortView technology reduces eye strain
  • Backed by a 1-year limited hardware warranty

Why is the Dell SE2717HX the most affordable Full HD 27” monitor?

Dell SE2717HR RVJXC 27

It not very often that you find a great product that has even some high-end features thrown into it but does not cost a bomb. The Dell SE2717HX is one such product that is a buyer’s delight. It makes perfect sense to have only the features you need and not pay extra for those that you will probably not use.

The Dell SE2717HX is perfect for every computing and gives you the necessary eye comfort for extended use. Its full HD features and AMD FreeSync technology makes it an ideal choice for even movie viewing gaming without any frustrating lag.

Below we tease the features of this great monitor so that you can understand its capabilities and make an informed choice.


The display is first of all really large to give you an amazing viewing experience. It produces crystal clear images and videos as it has a Full HD resolution of 1920×1080. The panel uses in-plane switching technology to further enhance the overall quality of the images. This technology is what gives you the same viewing experience no matter where you are seated.

The display is quite wide with an aspect ratio of 16:9 so everything you see looks quite magnificent. All your images and videos look vibrant with the 16.7 million colors to give you the most satisfying viewing experience be it movies or just your regular TV shows. Another aspect of the display that gives you sharp images is the dynamic contrast ratio.

The dynamic contrast ratio decides how dark your darkest black on the screen is. The SE2717HX has a high dynamic contrast ratio of 8000000:1 and therefore give you extremely crisp pictures that are a treat to your eyes.


The screen size is 27” which is large enough to view movies or play games. Its dimensions are 24.5 in x 7.3 in x 18.1 in and can be placed on your desktop. Though it does not come with the necessary mounting interface for wall-mounting, it will hardly be required if you are using it for offices or regular home use.

Easy on the eyes

Even though we are aware that continuous viewing is not good for our eyes, sometimes it becomes unavoidable, especially if you are working or playing games. But don’t worry about that as the SE2717HX is equipped with Comfort View technology which reduces eye strain by reducing the amount of blue light emitted by the screen.

The screen also comes with the flicker-free technology to add to your eye comfort. As if all that wasn’t enough, the screen comes a matte finish and cuts out glare. Due to so many eye-friendly features, you can comfortably work even for long hours or watch movies back to back all you want.

Wide viewing angle

If you have used a laptop you know what a slight change in viewing angle could do to your images. But the SE2717HX comes with a wide viewing angle of 178/178 degrees that will keep your colors intact no matter where you sit. This wide range is made possible by the use of in-plane switching technology.


When you work long hours, it is easy to develop strain in your neck and shoulders if you don’t have the screen at a comfortable viewing angle. You may either be looking up thereby hyper extending your neck or looking down and putting pressure on your neck. But this won’t be a problem with the SE2717HX as it comes with both a forward and backward tilt to give you enough room to adjust the screen to a comfortable viewing position.


The SE2717HX comes with one HDMI port and one VGA port. You can hence use with both the latest generation of PCs as well as the older ones. Even though the number of connecting ports may not seem like a lot, it is good enough for those who don’t want to shell out extra money for features that they would not use.


If you are a hardcore gamer, then you will absolutely love the SE2717HX as it has a response time of 6ms. But the refresh rate is only 60Hz which is not good enough for gaming. But don’t you worry as this can be taken care of by connecting your gaming console to the monitor using an HDMI cable. This boosts the refresh rate to a whopping 75 KHz which is perfect for gaming.

Another gaming-friendly feature is the AMD FreeSync technology. You will never have to put up with annoying artifacts, screen tearing or stuttering that take the fun out of gaming, The FreeSync technology ensures a smooth performance no matter what the frame rate so that you can play without being troubled by lag or ghosting.


Not only is the size of the monitor itself massive to give you a great viewing experience but the SE2717HX is also designed to be aesthetically pleasing. It comes with a glossy slim bezel that adds a touch of sophistication to the overall looks of the monitor.

The screen contrasts the bezel with its matte finish. This does not only give it a great look but also cuts down annoying glare for a frustration-free viewing experience. Care has been taken to make the rear of the monitor look stunning with its curved back and an all-black finish. The monitor will easily blend in with any décor and enhance the overall looks of your room.

The base is smaller than regular monitors but is super-sturdy. The angled neck gives you enough room to adjust the tilt angle of your screen to get the most comfortable viewing angle.


If you are an energy-conscious person or simply one who like cost savings on your energy bill, then you will love the SE2717HX. This is because it comes with Energy Star certification to use less energy and hence is good for the environment too.


Quality is something you get by default when you buy the Dell SE2717HX as it comes from a reputed brand that is one of the top names in computer monitors. You can also enjoy peace of mind knowing that it comes with a 1-year limited warranty for hardware.


Lastly, this is a great Full HD monitor that you will get at such a pocket-friendly price. Whether you want to upgrade your old computer display or get a gaming monitor without paying through your nose, the SE2717HX will fit your bill.


  • Dell ComfortView reduces eye strain during extended viewing
  • Wide viewing angles due to in-plane switching technology
  • Forward and backward tilt for optimum viewing angle
  • A refresh rate of 75Hz that is great for lag-free gaming
  • Great looks with a thin bezel and curved back
  • An affordable price point despite many great features


  • There is no VESA interface for wall-mounting
  • The monitor’s stand has only tilt but no height or swivel adjustments


Top monitor models are aplenty in the market they can also be very expensive and may not fit your bill if you are budget-conscious. The Dell SE2717HX comes at a pocket-friendly price and yet packs in enough features to give you more value for your money.

It is not without a reason that it has some great customer reviews and is one of the best-selling monitors. Whether you want a large monitor for working comfortably at office without eye strain or watch movies in high-definition at home or simply play your favorite high-definition games, the Dell SE2717HX will be a great choice.

As it is so affordable and comes from a reputed brand such as Dell, you don’t even have to think twice before buying one. You cannot go wrong with your purchase with the Dell SE2717HX.


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