Fenix UC35 Rechargeable Flashlight Review – [Pros & Cons 2023]

Fenix UC35 Review

Fenix UC35 Review – Let There Be Light!

Have you been looking to buy a good EDC flashlight for your tasks? Then look no further. The Fenix UC35 is an affordable flashlight that combines the power of LED and an in built rechargeable battery to give you a powerful flashlight that goes on and on.

It is super-bright and is capable of an output of 960 lumens when used in the turbo mode. This is powerful enough to light up even your entire backyard.

Don’t ever buy cheap flashlights that are sold on the market, which will frustrate you with their poor quality and may even fall apart after a few uses. The UC35 is good value for your money as it lets you do more with its pocket-friendly price tag of under $100.

Read our review below to know more about the capabilities of this wonderful EDC flashlight and decide if it will be the right one for your needs.

Fenix UC35 Specs

  • Five different modes for varying the intensity
  • A powerful strobe mode with an output of 960 lumens
  • A rugged body with IPX8 waterproof certification
  • Cree XM-L2 (U2) lights that last 50,000 hours
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty

Is The Fenix UC35 The Best EDC Flashlight?

Fenix UC35

The Fenix UC35 is a powerful EDC flashlight that has a rugged construction for a long-lasting performance. From a max light output of 960 lumens to a hard-anodized aluminum body to water-resistance and more, it is chock full of features giving you more value for your money.

Below we look at each of the features of this little flashlight in great detail to help you understand its capabilities.


For a flashlight of its size, the UC35 produces unbelievable brightness to the tune of 960 lumens when used at maximum brightness settings. This is good enough to light up even a driveway in the dark. A powerful CREE XM-L2 (U2) LED powers this flashlight which together with a smooth reflector gives an incredibly bright beam of light for your tasks. The beam can reach up to a distance of 200 meters which speaks for the amount of brightness.


You can choose from five different modes to control the amount of brightness required for your tasks. The five modes in order are Tubro, Eco, and Low, medium and high. To use these modes you will need to click the side button sequentially until you get to the desired setting. With use, you will be able to get to the right mode without even thinking twice. That’s how easy it is to use the UC35.

But if you want to use the maximum output of 960 lumens ten you will need to use the additional mode which is the strobe mode. To enable this you will have to long press the side switch. This strobe mode is very useful where you want to use the UC35’s powerful light as a signal or to even disorient a person if needed.

Intelligent Memory

Don’t worry about having to click the light switch in order to get to your favorite light mode every time. To make your life easier, the UC35 comes with inbuilt intelligent memory that will remember the last used brightness mode when you turn it on.

This will come in handy when you use the UC35 for routine tasks that only require a particular brightness level. The memory feature, however, is not applicable to the strobe mode.


The Fenix UC35 may look small but it is really durable and rugged owing to its superior construction. The entire outer body is made of aircraft grade aluminum for a long-lasting durability. The outer surface is textured to provide you a great amount of grip no matter under what conditions you use your flashlight.

It comes with a hard-anodized finish that is scratch resistant, water-proof, rust-resistant and anti-abrasive. The flashlight also has anti-roll design which will prevent it from rolling down when placed on a table.

The strength of this tiny flashlight is evident by its high impact resistance of 1m. So even if you drop your light accidentally it will resist breaking. It even tolerates being dropped on extremely hard surfaces and will continue working no matter what. To say that this little flashlight is quite indestructible is an understatement.


Even if your light is super-powerful you cannot get the best of your flashlight without an equally good lens. That is why the UC35 comes with an ultra-clear glass lens that has an anti-reflective coating on its surface.

The coating not only protects the lens from scratches and any external damage, it also ensures that the lens is clear at all times and allows the light to pass without any interference.


Don’t worry about using the UC35 outdoors especially in wet conditions as it is completely waterproof. It comes with an IPX8 waterproof rating and can withstand being immersed in water up to a depth of 2m for more than 30 minutes. This is because it comes with rubber O-rings that keep moisture completely out. So even if you are in a real-life situation where your flashlight is very crucial you can always depend on the UC35.


The UC35 is so small that it will fit in the palm of your hands. It is also super-light weighing only a mere 126 g. Why would you even think about carrying super bulky flashlights when you have a flashlight that is so light?

Though you can simply drop it into your shirt or pant pocket it is better to use the holster that comes in the box or fix the provided lanyard to your flashlight. This makes it easy to quickly access your flashlight when needed and also prevents you from losing it as it is so small.

Long-Lasting LED

The LED light used in the UC35is Cree XM-L2 (U2) that has an incredibly long lifespan of 50,000 hours. So frequently replacing the light of your EDC flashlight will become a thing of the past.

Heat Protection

As the UC35 is so powerful, it can easily get over-heated. That is why it also comes with an over-heat protection feature that dissipates the heat properly and protects the light.


The UC35 is powered by an 8650 Li-ion battery that is rechargeable. Charging the flashlight is super easy as it has micro-USB port and comes with a micro-USB cable for the purpose. But the best part of the battery is the charging time. It only takes about 2 hours for the battery to be completely charged.

Another great feature is that you can also use non-rechargeable batteries with the UC35. You will need to use two CR123 Lithium-ion non-rechargeable batteries. So even if you have a power outage in your area and you are unable to recharge your flashlight, you can still use them without a problem.

The UC35 also comes with a battery level indicator to let you know if your flashlight is running out of battery charge. Near the side switch is a light indicator that works two ways. When the battery level goes very low, the indicator shows a red light and lets you know that it’s time for a recharge. When the battery is fully charged the light turns green and you can disconnect the USB cable to stop charging any further.

Battery Safety

Don’t worry about installing your batteries with incorrect polarity as the UC35 comes with a battery reverse protection feature. In case you install the batteries incorrectly, the UC35 will detect it and automatically avoid any short-circuiting.

Easy To Use

Fenix UC35

Owing to the small size you can easily operate the flashlight with just one hand. Simply hold the light with your finger and use your thumb to press the tail switch to use your flashlight. There is also a momentary on/off feature on the tail switch which you can use for short bouts of light. This can save your battery charge a great deal.


The quality and craftsmanship of the UC35  is readily evident when you see it and feel it in your hands. The fact that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty stands proof to the durability of the device. You can use it for years together without worrying about buying another EDC flashlight.


  • A rechargeable flashlight
  • A waterproof and impact resistant construction
  • Light and compact for easy portability
  • Long lasting LED bulbs
  • Great value for your money


  • It can be charged only via USB and not a regular wall outlet as that would require you to buy a separate wall charger


Whether you want a flashlight for real-life tactical uses or just an EDC carry flashlight for general purposes, the UC35 will rock every situation. It has such a rugged construction that it can withstand the rough handling of everyday use and is so powerful to light up even an entire backyard.

It has so many features built into its tiny body and an even smaller price point that it gives even some top models a run for their money. It is not without a reason that the UC35 has some great customer reviews and is one of the best-selling EDC flashlights on the market. Go ahead get one yourself and we are sure that you will be so glad about your purchase.

Important Note:

Notwithstanding the information provided here, read instructions carefully for the proper use and maintenance of your EDC flashlight. Be aware that the light is super powerful and can even cause eye damage if directly looked into.

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