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Best Banana Plugs

Are You Looking For The Best Banana Plugs?

Named for their distinctive shape, these plugs are essential for connecting your speakers and amplifier to a stereo system, and finding the best banana plugs for your particular project and budget can be a small but crucial step to minimize your frustration. They’re generally easy to use since you can connect them without the help of a screwdriver, and because they tend to work well on a variety of systems. However, it can get confusing to choose the right ones due to the fact that there are not only several types of plugs, but widely varying levels of quality between brands. We’ve tried to take away some of the confusion for you by giving a brief explanation of the different types, as well as links to some of the best choices based on price and customer reviews.

Types of Banana Plugs

You can find a wide variety of banana plugs on the market, here is a rundown of the different types:

  1. Strike plugs accept their wires from the back and provide a fast and simple way of installing speaker wires.
  2. Ocelot plugs, also known as open screw plugs, guarantee a good connection between your speaker cable and receiver unit. With Ocelot plugs, you insert the wires once and never have to worry about them coming out again.
  3. Deadbolt plugs use self-crimping teeth to create a simple, secure, and low-profile connection.
  4. Pro Maestro plugs use gold connectors, heavy-duty steel casings, and a tight cable-screw design for a durable, high-quality connection.
  5. Silverback plugs have a silver-colored casing and unique dual screw lock design, allowing a secure connection and smooth signal transmission.
  6. Diamondback plugs use a spring-locking mechanism to make a secure connection and ensure continuous high-quality sound.

If you want to get the best banana plugs out there without wasting a lot of time searching and researching, have a look below:

#1: Mediabridge ULTRA Series Fast-Lock Banana Plugs

[Top Rated]

Mediabridge ULTRA Series Fast-Lock Banana Plugs - Corrosion-Resistant 24K Gold-Plated Connectors - 5 Pair Per Package - (Part# SPC-BP2-5 )

Attach banana plug with your speaker wire and supply a smooth signal path from different audio components, such as a speaker to video/audio receiver, amplifier, and other sound application. It works well with spades, bare wire, and banana plugs and AWG speaker wire. Crimping teeth and connectors are coated in gold-plating 24K for lasting erosion-resistance. The corrosion-resistance offers secure fitting with no distortion, natural sonic exactness, and clarity. A broad base reduces shorting for maximum transfer of a signal, and a two-piece screw-on design is good for the reliable finish.

ULTRA series of special plugs are designed for premium materials for a pro-grade output. With the help of self-crimping, 1-time installation is easy, and the low profile builds only 1” stick out. The color-coded can easily distinguish left from right to activate matching polarity. With the use of fast-lock, it is easy to plug and play alternative to bare wire setups and take away soldering and crimping hassles.

High-quality Signal Path

For a high-quality signal path among all audio components, the banana plug is attached to the speaker wire. It is compatible to use with an audio component. For your convenience, a step-by-step installation guide is available. Every plug has one female plug connector on the base to hook up speakers to one output. The plugs work really well to amplify the voice of your stereo system. Make sure to consider the manual before installing these plugs. With their screw-down design, they offer an amazing grip behind your equipment.

The Verdict

You will get five pairs of Mediabridge ULTRA Series Fast-Lock Banana Plugs to attach to speaker wire and get high-quality sound from your audio components. It is compatible with banana plugs. Spades and bare wire.  With a simple installation guide, it will be easy for you to install these plugs.

#2: Monoprice 24k Gold Plated Banana Plugs

 Monoprice 109436 24k Gold Plated Speaker Banana Plugs, Closed Screw Type (5 Pairs)

With the help of Monoprice 24k Gold Plated Banana Plugs, the speaker installation will be a breeze. These are specially designed for speakers or amplifiers that use conventional binding posts. It is easy to make the connection on the back of the amp, and it is safe for everyone. There is no chance of stray wire threads to create short crossway contacts. The high-quality plugs are similar to a closed screw and accept spades or bare wire. They are designed to adjust speaker wire between 12 and 18 AWG easily. Every pair has a plug coded red and other one coded black, for easy identification and polarity. It is one of the Best banana plugs.

Get Rid of Corrosion and Get Even Connections

The body of the plug is constructed of brass that is plated with gold to avoid corrosion and ensure even connections. The multi-pack comes with five pairs of banana plugs. It is ideal to connect the center channel and satellite speakers in the 5.1 channel system. Color-coded red and black rings enable you to maintain the polarity. The high-quality banana plugs are closed type screws.

It is quite easy to install the speaker with Monoprice 24k Gold Plated Speaker Banana Plugs. You can easily make the connection on your amp. The installation looks clean and easy, and these work well without any trouble. You can take all plugs to use two small pliers. If you are using these plugs, run off your equipment and pull out one plug at a time.

The Verdict

The Monoprice 24k Gold Plated Speaker Banana Plugs offer positive and secure contact with special binding plugs. Every order has five pairs, and you will get a total of ten plugs. Color-coded rings enable you to manage proper polarity.

#3: Silverback Speaker Wire with Banana Plugs

Silverback Banana Plugs of Sewell enable you to offer high-quality sound. With the help of gold plated secure and heavy-duty connectors, you can enjoy a secure connection with your speaker and amplifier. It features a tight cable-screw and light casing design. The unique two screw lock design ensures your sound cable more than an open screw or single screw design. Double screw connectivity offers a secure connection, maximum durability, and crisp and clear signal with signal transmission through contact.

Why are the Sewell Silverback Banana Plugs good?

Banana plug interface also called a binding post that is referred to as a female post. The female binding post connection accepts the banana plug available commonly on all video and audio speaker wall plates, receivers, and speakers. Special features of banana plugs make it easy to install and get crystal clear voice signals for your whole life. Unscrew the casing of the banana plug to reveal the core. Feed a bare conductor of the speaker wire to its core.

The pure connectors of copper are at the center of the banana plug allow ideal signal pass-through. You can easily install, double screw, and properly fasten for effective soldering. All qualities offer a hassle-free and efficient solution and amazing signal quality.

The Verdict

Sewell Silverback Banana Plugs offer a substitute to insert the bare speaker wire in the equipment. Wires will be frizzy or pulled out after time passes. Enjoy robust and permanent connectors at the end of the speaker wire.

#4: Cable Matters Closed Screw Banana Plugs

[Best Choice for Speakers]

Cable Matters (7 Pairs) Crimp & Twist Closed Screw Banana Plugs for Speaker Wire

The Cable Matters Closed Screw Banana Plugs are specially manufactured for speaker cable. These are copper fitted with one ferromanganese tip. The whole plug is gold plated to avoid corrosion and ensure a smooth connection. It is a cost-effective and convenient multi-pack with seven pairs of plugs. It is ideal to connect the center speakers and satellite in the 5.1 and 7.1 channel surrounding sound system.

Ideal for 12 – 18 AWG Speaker Wires

The Cable Matters Closed Screw Banana Plugs are ideal to use with the 12 – 18 AWG speaker wires. It features a closed screw design and color-coded red and black rings to maintain proper polarity. You will get a limited lifetime warranty and excellent support for the product.

These plugs are rugged and solid and offer sheer brilliance. You can insert the wire to a detachable handle and bend almost 1/8” of the cable over the internal area of the case and screw the facade piece on.

The Verdict

With the help of Cable Matters Closed Screw Banana Plugs, you can experience 100% improvement in the sound. It comes in a 7-pair pack with 14 plugs and ideal to connect your center and satellite speakers to your AV receivers. With the help of 360-degree threads, it will be easy to unplug and plug the plugs.

#5: Sewell Direct Strike Banana Plugs

 Strike Banana Plugs, 7-Pair, By Sewell Direct

Strike Banana Plugs, one of the Best Banana Plugs, come with V-lock technology for a secure and fast connection. The strike plugs are revolutionary plugs to make clear and the faster connection between speaker device and wire. It is one of the shortest banana plugs available on the market. The plugs use the new patent-pending technology that enables you to get a secure connection without screws instantly.

Specialty of V-lock Technology

The v-lock technology integrates a conductive cone in the banana plugs that work well to give a great amount of surface area for the amazing possible connection. The strike plug is only 1.5 inches long, and almost half of this length will extend out of equipment after plugging in the strike. You can install in seconds without solder or screw. You can install it easily by unscrewing the base of the strike plug to almost halfway. Insert one bare conductor of speaker wire through the base of a plug.

Continue pressing the wire in the banana plug to its maximum point and screw the back of the plugin to its place to securely clamp down the wire and get a secure connection.

The Verdict

You can use the best banana plugs of Sewell to enhance the efficiency of your speakers. These are designed with patent-pending special V-lock technology. The technology incorporates the cone in the banana plug that spread the wires out while you push in the cable.

#6: Sewell Pro Maestro Banana Plugs

 Sewell Pro Maestro Banana Plugs, 24K Gold Connectors, 12 Pair

Strengthen and clean up the connections of your speaker cable with these plugs that feature special gold plated connectors, compact cable-screw design, and gold-plated connectors. The installation of these plugs is simple with a flat-head screw drive or blade. You need to unscrew the head of the banana plug and feed the wire of the speaker through a hollow casing and unscrew the bolt of cable. You can feed the cable of the speaker and tight the cable bolt. Finally screw the plug of banana together, and it will require only 30 seconds to complete this operation.

Excellent Quality Features Amazing Quality of Sound

The Sewell Pro Maestro Banana Plugs are designed with high-quality material to improve the quality of sound. The installation procedure is easy because all step-by-step instructions are available. The plugs feature a copper strand and screw in the design.

Final Verdict

It is one of the Best Banana Plugs to enhance the performance of your speakers and amplifiers. You can install the plugs easily with the help of easy instructions. Almost 30 seconds are enough to install these plugs.

#7 Sewell Direct Deadbolt Banana Plugs

Sewell Direct SW-29863-12 Deadbolt Banana Plugs, 12-Pair

Get the best connection with the least amount of hassle with Deadbolt Banana Plugs, which only take about in 30 seconds to install. These types of plugs will help you get the most out of your sound system without wasting time soldering and crimping. These plugs use self-crimping teeth to offer a low-profile and an extremely secure connection. This means that you’ll drastically reduce installation time while the low profile enables you to put the receiver and speaker closer to your wall.

Self-Crimping Teeth and Fast-Lock Technology

The Deadbolt Banana Plugs uses solder or screws to hold the cable. They are secure enough and take some time to install. The banana plugs use self-crimping teeth to provide a secure connection without needing any solder or screws so that you can set up in less time with your speakers. It features a fast-locking technology, 24K gold plated connectors, and comes with the durable casing. The quick-lock technology enables you to install each Deadbolt Banana Plugs within 30 seconds.

Deadbolts are the smallest plugs for a cleaner installation and allow you to keep your equipment near the wall. The plugs feature 24K gold-coated connectors and an amazing connection that last for the life of your cable.

The Verdict

With the help of Deadbolt Banana Plugs, you can get the most out of your audio system. You can ensure the secure and safe connection from the speaker cable to the receiver to small banana plugs. With the use of self-crimping teeth, you can get a secure, low-profile, and simple connection without screws or soldering.


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