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Best Garage Lighting

Get Rid Of Dim Garages With the Brightest And The Best Garage Lighting

In most houses, the garage doubles up as a workshop. So your garage lights should not only help illuminate your garage but should also be bright enough for your workshop purposes. Below we have handpicked the top models and put their reviews together to help you choose nothing but the best garage lighting for your needs.

1- Barrina LED T5 Integrated Single Fixture (Pack of 6)

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Barrina LED T5 Integrated Single Fixture (Pack of 6)

These LED garage lights from Barrina are great if you want to illuminate a large area of your garage. It comes in a pack of 6 and saves you money in the bargain.

Each single fixture light is only 20W but gives out 2200 lumens of light and 6500 K of super bright cool white light. So when you use this light you can save up to 65% of your electricity bill. Despite its brightness, the bulb is cool and produces very less heat.

The light gives you complete plug and play convenience as it comes with a cord which can be plugged directly into a power outlet. They have been designed to add up to 6 lights in a series. They can lock into each other or can be used with the provided connectors for spaced installation. Simple U-brackets make wall mounting and mounting under cabinets a breeze.

These lights are not only much cooler than regular lights but are also environmentally friendly as they are free from mercury. The lights have a life of up to 50000 hours and are absolutely maintenance free. It is also backed by a 3-year unlimited warranty giving you complete peace of mind.

2- Hyperikon LED Utility Shop Light

Hyperikon LED Utility Shop Light

The Hyperikon LED utility shop light will not only help you replace your harsh fluorescent lights but will help you slash your electricity bill by 60%. This is because this double fixture light is only 38W as opposed to almost 100W when you get fluorescent bulbs.

It will last 45000 hours which means you can forget about replacing your light for more than two decades. And its price will give cheap lights a run for their money. It gives you 4000 lumens of light which is much brighter than fluorescent lights of higher wattage. But the 4000K light gives you a natural daylight glow which is soft on your eyes.

The industrial grade steel housing makes it durable for years of performance. Enjoy the convenience of plug and play as this light comes with its own cord that can be plugged into a nearby power source.

Installation is a breeze as it comes with everything you need in the box. You can use the S-hooks and the provided suspension cord to hang your light to the desired height. This way you can use the light to illuminate your workbench or other work surfaces for maximum brightness where it is required the most. Simply pull the chain to switch the light on or off.

But you can also directly mount it on the ceiling if required or simply use the LED tubes with the existing fixtures. These lights are absolutely versatile. It comes with a five-year unlimited warranty for a complete peace of mind and the DLC 4.1 energy certification will only add to your delight.

3- EShine 3 Panels LED Under Cabinet Lighting

EShine LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting

If you are looking for lighting to go under cabinets for illuminating a work surface, then this LED light from EShine will be your best best.

This one has the lowest power consumption of all the lights in this review. As if the under $40 price tag wasn’t good enough, the 12 W rating will simply cut your energy bills to make you jump with joy. What’s even better? Turning the lights on and off when not in use is done with just a wave of your hand.

So no more trying to find pull chains in the dark or looking for remote controls that keep disappearing. The IR sensors will translate your hand movements into on and off signals.

The light comes as 3 panels which is enough to cover even a very large work surface. They also come with connectors that can be used to create one long stretch of light if required. You can choose a warm light of 3000k or the cooler 6000k white light depending on your requirements.

As LED lights are long-lasting, the housing is also made of equally long-lasting materials for durability.

Installation is super easy as you can mount the lights with screws or just use the included 3M stickers for a damage-free and hassle-free installation. When done just connect the power cord and plug it into a power source. The lights also come with a full money refund with no questions asked.

 4- Lithonia Lighting 4 ft. White LED Flushmount Wraparound Light

Lithonia Lighting 4 ft. White LED Flushmount Wraparound Light

This Flushmount wraparound light from Lithonia lighting is a great looking light for your garage. The flush mount design makes your garage look large and less obtrusive, unlike suspended light fixtures. So it is perfect for garages or storage areas with a low ceiling. What’s even better is that it can be both ceiling and wall mounted.

This light is Energy star rated and will give you 2400 lumens of bright LED light at just 40 watts. So you can use your light all you want without worrying about high power bills. You can easily replace your existing fluorescent lights with these LED lights. Retailing for under $40, it is a very affordable garage lighting option that adds value over time as it uses less energy.

This light will last you up to 50,000 hours of usage and is made of durable plastic that will last its life.  It has a color temperature of 4000K and yet is not harsh on your eyes as it comes with an acrylic diffuser. This thermally formed diffuser ensures that there is maximum transmission but uniform distribution of light.

It uses integrated LED technology which means the light is low on maintenance and you can forget about frequent bulb replacements. It is also CUL listed and hence complies with both the US and Canadian safety standards. It is also backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

5- Leonlite 4-PACK 4ft 40W LED Utility Shop Light

Leonlite 4-PACK 4ft 40W LED Utility Shop Light

If you are looking to buy the best garage lighting for your home and one that also has a great price, then you should get yourself the 4-Pack 40W LED light from Leonlite. A 4-pack not only saves you money but also gives you more value in the long run due to its low power usage.

As its wattage is only 40W you can reduce your electricity consumption by almost 60%. Despite using low power, it gives a high output of 4000 lumens which is very bright but natural as it has a color temperature of 5000k.

The frosted lens ensures that the light is uniformly distributed and is not too bright to hurt your eyes. It can be both suspended for workbench use or surface mounted on the wall or ceiling. Installation is straight forward without cumbersome wiring to worry about. Simply link together the 4 light fixtures and plug to a single power source.

The pull chain for on or off is great especially if you want to use it above a work surface. If you are environmentally conscious then this light will be a great choice as it is free from mercury. It is also safe as it is free of infra-red rays, UV rays or other harmful radiations.

Forget maintenance or replacement of bulbs as these lights last up to 50000 hours and are shock and corrosion resistant. It is also backed by a 5-year warranty in addition to being energy star rated and ETL listed.

6- Hykolity Utility LED Shop Light

 Hykolity Utility LED Shop Light

The Hykolity Utility LED light is perfect for tall garages as it can be suspended from the ceiling. The mounting height range is between 8 feet to 16 feet giving you the option of using it for both workbenches and for general illumination.

The LED light is extremely bright at 4800 Lumens and is only 40W as opposed to more than twice the wattage in other types of lights. Due to this, you can save almost 75% of your electricity bill.

The length of the light is 4 ft. which is long enough for most garage applications. Even if you want more brightness you can buy more of these double fixtures and connect them in series. Then simply plug the series of lights to a single power source.

A hanging pull chain helps you switch the light on and off easily. All the components of the light are made of high-quality materials that will last you a really long time. From the pull chains to the housing everything is designed to match the life of the LED lights which will easily go beyond a decade. The housing is made of composite aluminum for durability.

The 5000K light fills your garage with bright and natural daylight. Installing your lights is very easy thanks to all the mounting hardware that comes in the box. This light is backed by a 5-year unlimited warranty and is also ETL certified for a complete peace of mind.

7- SkyGenius 35W Daylight LED Corn Light Bulb

SkyGenius 35W Daylight LED Corn Light Bulb

If you are looking for an extremely powerful light option for your garage or outdoor use, then the SkyGenius 35W LED corn light bulb will be a great choice.

It is a fact that LED lights use less energy than other types of bulbs. But this light uses only 1/10th the power of incandescent light bulbs and even lesser power than even some energy-saving bulbs. It gives out 3500 Lumens of light and 6500K of cool white light.

The corn bulb design ensures that there is 360-degree coverage and so you won’t have to worry about dead corners. Every part of your garage is well illuminated and not just your work surface as in the case of some suspended and wall mount lights.

The light uses aviation grade aluminum which is not only durable but is also very effective in dissipating heat. The housing is made of ABS plastic which is known for its durability and is also corrosion resistant making it last a very long time.

This super bright light is better than other options because it cuts out the annoying glare that you get with powerful lights. Thus it is especially great for indoor use as in the case of a garage. As the light is super powerful, it can also be used in a variety of outdoor applications such as backyards, patios, driveways etc. It is backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

 How To Select The Best Lights For Your Garage Use?

Best Garage Lighting reviews

Check the following before you decide to buy your garage lights to get the best lights for your needs.

1- Lumen rating

With LEDs, the lumen rating and not the wattage decides how bright your light will be. A 40W LED light is much brighter than a regular 100W bulb. A lumen rating of 4000 lumens is ideal for garages as it can be used for both general illumination and for work surface use.

2- Color temperature

The Correlated color temperature (CCT) denotes how cool or warm your light is. It is measured in Kelvins. For garages, a 4000 to 7000 kelvin range is ideal. Even though your label may say, cool white or natural day light, always check the Kelvin rating to be sure.

3- Controls

Pull-on cords for switching on and off may be great for work bench lights but those with motion-sensing are better for dark garages. They will save you from groping in the dark and from minor accidents.

4- Usage hours

LED lights are generally long lasting, but check the life of your lights on the label. It will be denoted as number of hours. Typical LED garage lights last more than 40,000 hours and can last you decades depending on your daily usage.

5- Housing durability

Look for housing made of corrosion-resistant steel or durable plastics that are long-lasting as the lights themselves last you donkey years.

6- Installation

LED garage lights come pre-wired and are plug and play lights with a cord that can be directly connected to a power source. They also come with suspension cords and S-hooks for suspension mounting.

7- Certification

Check for ETL listing and safety standards compliance certification. Energy star rating or DLC listing helps you cut down your energy bills.

Finally, in addition to our review, it also helps to talk to your friends or colleagues to ensure that you find only the best garage lighting for your needs.

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