AI And Creativity

In the present-day scenario, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is something that has taken charge of lives and in most cases in a very creative way. Experts firmly believe that the life of the human beings is significantly changing in more ways than one can even imagine due to the invasion of AI into our everyday living. Let us first find out more about AI and creativity before we learn about their applications.

Defining Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Intelligence exhibited by machines is called Artificial Intelligence(AI). It is also a much-studied and worked uponarea in the field of computer science that deals with the creation of intelligent machines that can think, work and react like humans. Most AI equipped machines are designed to perform a variety of operations which are comparable to decision making and creative learning levels in human beings.

Defining Creativity

The act of turning innovative and imaginative ideas into reality is what creativity is all about. Creativity is basically the ability to be to conduct or perform a variety of actions in completely different and novel ways to bring about interesting and new solutions. The basic creative thinking process involves thinking out of the box and then processing those ideas. Just having a whole lot of ideas which seem innovative but cannot be put to use doesn’t imply being creative. Creativity involves passion, desire for innovation and the commitment to deliver.

Creativity and AI


Creativity with Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be a deadly combination which has massive potential in just about creating a whole new generation of creative brands and their likes. In today’s world where AI dominates most of our lives in the form of technological gizmos, the demand for newer experiences that will fare very well with consumer expectations, their needs, and requirements and finally match up with their emotions and passions is something that is going to be the need of the hour. There is a whole new world of possibilities to look forward to and this combination of creativity and AI is already on the verge of major breakthroughs.

There are many ways in which AI and creativity can be applied. A number of creative experiments are already being tried out by several well-known brands and all of them are all set to bring about real transformations in the field of technology and our daily lifestyles. AI is the future of all technological advancements and when used with an element of creativity is going to create a whole new lifetime of experiences.  let’s take a look at a few top examples of how AI and creativity have influenced our lives-

Creative applications of AI in the real world

In Computers and Phones


Transformation plays an important part in growth, creativity, and applications. Virtual personal assistants like Siri, Cogito, Cortana, Google Now, Alexa, Echo and several others are now taking charge of providing information on your computer, laptop, phone or even through personalized apps that you have downloaded.  AI plays an important role in the collection and relaying of data and the involvement of creativity is the feature that makes the entire process appealing and innovative.


Most of us have played virtual games and have often wondered how the computer is so intelligent and does it really have a brain like us? While playing computer games, video games or gaming on a variety of devices, we are in fact playing with or against AI. With the advent of avariety of story-based and action-infusedgames, the creative aspect of AI has really taken a forefront to make games more interesting and enthralling too. Many games create life-like situations where one is forced to use analytical and logical reasoning to be able to deal with them.

In Cars


Smart cars or intelligent cars are also creating waves in the virtual world. Have you ever thought of witnessing a person checking his emails and sipping his coffee while his car drives him to work? It seems a little bizarre and far from reality, but this scene is not too far away. ‘Tesla’, Googles self-driving car project which is experimenting with the ‘autopilot’ feature is soon going to convert this into reality in a really big way and this can really be helpful for physically challenged people or people who are unable to drive out. It would also be aneffective application for self- parking.

In Online Marketing

Large retailers and e -commerce websites like Amazon, eBay, Target, Flipkart and much more are able to earn huge amounts of money due to the purchase prediction features by analytical algorithm inbuilt into their software. this software uses creative AI to probe into the likes and trends favored by their customers and anticipate probable things you might be on the lookout for.

In Entertainment and Music Related Apps

Apps like Netflix and Spotify also work on similar principles of following the kind of movies and videos you like to watch and the music you prefer to hear. Based on your preferences the software will recommend music and movies which match your tastes. These apps are particularly created by monitoring your choices and inserting them into learning algorithms to help you select your choices easily.

In The Travel Industry

With all other industries making extensive use of AI and creativity in designing their software and machines, the travel industry couldn’t be left far behind. Boxever is the example of one such company that has used AI and a great deal of creativity to focus on improving the experiences of clients while traveling. with the help of Boxever, the aim is to help customers have delightful experiences throughout the travel period by offering their personal choices that they would really appreciate and enjoy.

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In The Field of Healthcare


AI has barged into the field of healthcare with leaps and bounds and is now tackling all kinds of diagnostics at par with human physicians. AI systems are now being widely used to assess and treat patients. Some of the activities already being taken care of AI with the creative touch are collecting data for personalized medicines, improving lifestyles of the disabled, using robotic pets to take care of patients dealing with depression and also helps keep them active.

This is just the beginning and there are numerous applications already in use in various other fields and sectors and are just taking the whole world by storm and already life seems unimaginable without these features that have become an integral part of our daily lives.  There are many more such applications waiting to see daylight and herald a whole new wave of creative AI applications. These new generation of creative AI applications are so revolutionary and innovative that they are going to give the most intelligent of human beings a tough competition.

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