Top 25 Influential Tech Companies In 2018

In today’s world technology is ruling our lives. There are tech companies all over the world making technology better. They strive to make technology easily available for masses. They aim to make technology practical and future ready as well. Be it a B2B or a B2C company, any company that started small and has made a big name for itself is worth looking at. The success story of each of the tech companies that are now ruling the market are inspiring.

We have with us a list of the top 25 tech companies that have been greatly influential. They have impacted not just the lives of their customers but also the other businesses around them. These are companies from a diversity of sectors in technology. These have made their way to the top because their growth, progress and the stock values in the recent times have shown that these have a bright future. These are the ones that have the biggest chance of emerging as market leaders. Some of these are small but they might make it big anytime in the future, anytime real soon!

Why do tech companies have such an impact on the market?

While there are so many domains out there, the tech companies always seem to have an upper hand. Why is that?

  1. They aim at connecting and collaborating. They help companies, business from all corners of the world to connect and collaborate with each other. They help bringing a unity among the influential businesses so as to help do business better
  2. They aim at connecting the businesses and customers. Technology has made it easier to remove all communication barriers between customers and business. So businesses can reach out better to their customers and customers feel more confident in doing business.
  3. They help make processes simpler. Within any organization small or big there might be a conventional workflow that has been followed for ages. But with the growing market demands certain changes would have to be incorporated so as to make businesses better. Tech companies help enhance the existing processes rather than fully replace them.
  4. They help better data management. Data security being a prime concern the tech companies might help businesses in every domain store and manage their huge volumes of data efficiently. They also significantly improve the security and thus prevent data leaks. Those tech companies that offer cloud solutions help include the scalability factor to allow businesses to expand without any boundary.
  5. Automation is the need of the hour. Be it a testing domain or a production area, there might be several places in an organization where redundancy is crucial. Redundancy in some areas can improve the overall quality of products and services delivered. To incorporate acceptable redundancy that actually makes a difference tech companies can help automate whole or parts of the processes involved.

These are just a handful of things that tech companies all over the world do to help the enterprise better. Given that scenario, here are the top 25 tech companies to watch

Top 25 Tech Companies In 2018

1- Apple

A pioneer in the smartphone market, the company has revolutionized the way people use their phones. Apple products continue to be a major source of inspiration for the electronic gadget makers. With several new product lineups to be released in the coming months, the company’s stocks are said to have a good scope.

2- LinkedIn

There are companies and there are people with talents. This platform came as a liaison bringing them all together. LinkedIn has helped companies find suitable talents from all over the world. This has helped enhance the career of professionals all over the world. With the ever increasing options to search and connect with people across the world, this is a company that holds a place that is hard to replace.

3- NTT data

This is a company that has made a name for itself in innovation and delivery of technology that actually matters to people. NTT delivers future ready mobility solutions that make it easy for the customers and for the businesses. Germany’s economy has been one of the strongest. Becoming a significant part of the German market takes a strong company and NTT has been one.

4- Amazon

AWS – Amazon Web Services has continued to make the implementation of cloud infrastructure easy in every possible way. Amazon also has a global presence. Though the market is getting tough for the cloud solution providers Amazon has held a strong place from the beginning and continues to offer a stiff competition.

5- JiboInc

Technically, it is not yet an influential company but a tech company to watch, one that is sure to make a revolution thanks to the innovative concept. In today’s world where smart home automation solutions are craved for, Jibo is a robotics company that has promised to change the way the world sees robots.

6- Paycom

With a long list of awards and recognitions won the company continues to help businesses in various industries save huge investments on payroll and HR management. This fast growing company is also deemed to be a great place to work. With all these benefits to boast it continues to hold a strong place in the list of the top tech companies of the world every year.

7- Oomnitza

The flexible SaaS provider offers a plethora of tech services that have make the progress towards IoT simpler. Asset tracking has never been this easy. Given the fact that the solutions can be seamlessly integrated with the existing framework, it also makes it solutions easy to adopt.

8- Sprinklr

The importance of Social Media management needs no introduction. Even in a time when the awareness about the need for SMM was less, the company started offering tangible practical solutions. The conventional CRM solution that a business has already implemented would not have to be altered or replaced to incorporate Sprinklr’s solutions.

9- Illusive networks

To keep up with the talented hackers and the growing cyber security threats, the company offers the best future ready Cyber security solutions. Though the company was founded very recently, it has seen a steady and promising growth thanks to the reliable solution offered. Cyber attacks could be found at the early stages so that any further damage to the network can be avoided. This can also help prevent future attacks.

10- Arista networks

Recognized as an influential company by several boards, this networking firm has managed to established itself in the strong competitive market. With a sales growth that is promising the company has its stock values on the rise. It has also been ranked among the fastest growing companies of the recent years and has been voted one of the best workplaces as well.

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11- Branch metrics

Mobile apps are known to be essentials for businesses in the current market status. Branch metrics help application development companies by removing all the silos and making apps better. This would help developers tap the full potential of apps through its efficient and powerful tool sets. This can result in a creation of a personalized and immersive app experience.

12- Doctor On demand

Balancing the right amount of technology to help the healthcare industry this is a company that makes the delivery of quality healthcare prompt and simple. With the ease of chatting with the doctor on the smartphone, this solution has established itself as a pioneer in modern day healthcare. Though a relatively small company as of now, it has shown a growth that raised it to a bright spot in the market.

13- Aruba networks

This company aims at taking mobile enterprise solutions to the next level. It offers distributed enterprise networks that allow appropriate connection of the remote and local users to the corporate network. It is an HP enterprise company that specializes in dependable LAN solutions for companies of all sizes and industries.

14- Ozy media

It is not your usual news site. Consisting of the widest collection of content from around the world, this is a company that crafts news segments that the current generation really look for. These are influential news segments that really matter to the “Change Generation”. With the millions of subscribers it delivers daily updates with their innovative content.

15- Matterport

With some of the most prospective investors in hand, this is a company that has been growing well and growing fast. With the increasing demand for VR applications this companies offers a solution that is practical and productive. It allows 3D virtual tours that enhance the real estate industry. But that’s not all, it also offers VR solutions in engineering and construction as well as travel and hospitality industries.

16- Equinix

This is a company that established data centers to make communications better between businesses and their partners and the customers as well. It is a market leader in global colocation market. With its global presence the company’s solutions are easy to acquire as well. It offers a wide range of solutions including the protection of digital assets, enhancement of application performance and more.

17- Segment

There are multiple data sources today. Customers access the products and services of a business on their smartphones, desktop PCs, laptops and more. Then there is the data that is already there on the cloud. To unify all the data to result in a more acceptable and practically useful data set Segment comes in. Data collection from multiple sources is made simpler with Segment. This data can then be relayed to the respective units in the apt forms.

18- Flexport

So what is a freight forwarding company doing on our list? This is a company that is worth a special mention because of the trillions of dollars growth and revenue it has been making. Freight forwarding charges continue to be a burden for businesses. Technology has been used the right way to make different types of freight forwards easy, manageable and simple to track. This can help save time as well as money.

19- Ellie Mae

Mortgage applications have been automated with this company’s innovative solutions. The whole process can be streamlined so as to make it easy to track and quicker to process. Most of the small lenders in the US have benefited a great deal from the solutions offered by Ellie Mae. With the shares growing more than 1400% from its IPO this is a company to watch in the coming years.

20- NetScout

With a sales growth average over 37% this is a fast growing company in network and application management. With smarter cloud implementations the company has a variety of other solutions including security solutions, monitoring platforms, cloud management platforms, network test solutions for handheld devices and lots more.

21- Ebix

Ecommerce as well as On-demand software solutions have been the strongest offerings of Ebix. They have assisted the insurance industries with their end-to-end solutions. With their offices located in the some of the most prominent cities of the world, they have continued to expand their base and grow steadily.

22- Riverbed technology

Covering solutions for a wide range of industries the company tackles problems associated with WAN networks. WAN optimization solutions offered by the company allow cloud-centric progress to happen without any hassle.

23- Simpl i learn

This is a cloud computing company that has made a name for itself due to the strong CRM products it offers. This has also been a market leader in the CRM industry and has shown a quick growth. Sales productivity of companies that utilize the solutions have been see to show positive development.

24- Fortinet

This is another cyber security solutions provider on our list. Ranging from basic anti-virus solutions to massive firewalls the company offers a wide range of solutions to suit every business and every type of customer. In terms of the revenue this is the 4th largest company offering network security solutions.

25- Gigamon

Traffic monitoring technology has been offered by Gigamon in an easy way. The Gigamon visibility platform allows viewing the data motion in the network simpler. The best part is that the solutions offered are scalable and thus even to meet the future data demands this platform would be suitable.

This is not an exhaustive list. There are numerous tech companies around the world whose names we might not be very familiar with. But these are the ones that make the products and services of the market giants easily accessible.

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