Bushnell -TRS 25 Review – [Pros & Cons 2023]

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope, 1x20mm, Black

Bushnell TRS-25 Review – An Affordable Multi-Purpose Red Dot Optic

Need a decent sight optic for your red dot? Then, look no further. Bushnell has come up with yet another innovative gadget that is another well-designed marvel, the Bushnell -TRS 25. Though there is no dearth of red dot optics in the market, you would always want the best and technologically advanced gear to team up with your AR.  Considering the latest and top models which are affordable and user-friendly are few of the prerequisites that need to be looked into.

If you are a shooter who is seriously anxious about aiming your shots with precision and accuracy and will go to any lengths to acquire the right kind of equipment to improve your aim then the most important accessory you need to include in your hunting gear is a good quality and powerful red dot sight.

For those shooters who are a little conscious about the price, and are on the lookout for a value for money accessory then the Bushnell -TRS 25 is ‘the’ ultimate option you can ever find. It is an outright affordable optic that does not scrimp on features nor on the product quality. Your mission of finding the most suitable red dot optic to aid your aiming skills has now finally come to an end.  Just remember not to confuse yourself with other substandard and cheap options that are both low on quality and durability.

To help you gain a better insight about the product and its unique features we have here for you a review of one of the most affordable and best performance rifle mount optics, the Bushnell -TRS 25.  Read further and satisfy your queries about its various features and other specifications and also find out the pros and cons of this optic in this review.

Bushnell TRS-25 Feature and Specs

  • Multi-coated optics
  • 100% shockproof
  • CR2025 battery
  • Tube Diameter: 30mm
  • Power: 1x
  • Parallax Adjustment: Fixed

Is the Bushnell TRS-25 one of the most affordable optics available in the market today?

At this price range you just cannot ask for a better deal. The Bushnell -TRS 25 is a fantastic device which is compact, lightweight and absolutely great in terms of quality as well as the price. It has some attractive features that are quite comparable to some high-end optics and at the same time will be pretty inexpensive too.  This model is sturdy but lightweight and also has multi coated optics to enable clearer visibility. Other commendable features include a rough all-weather design that is also easy to transport. Considering the number of features this accessory boast of, the Bushnell -TRS 25 is a truly affordable option that is worth considering.  An undoubted value for money gadget, it’s a must have for all shooters.

To know more in detail about its salient features and fully appreciate its potential, read this informative review.  This valuable data will surely help you to find out for yourself that the Bushnell -TRS 25 is indeed the perfect optic that will complement your red dot


The main purpose of using a red dot optic while shooting is assisted shooters to aim better. The Bushnell -TRS 25 will definitely provide you with all the support with clear images of your targets and also give you the confidence to aim better. This optic helps to magnify the image of the target and also enables you to see other details.  This model offers up to 1X power to your red dot.


The Bushnell-TRS 25 is a 30-mm tube that is 2.4 inches long and weighs a mere 3.7 ounces. The outer body of the sight is constructed using a tough aluminum.  This accounts for extra strength and endurance and also helps to reduce the weight of the gadget. Further protection from corrosion and scratches is due to the hard – anodized exterior construction. The craftsmanship and the finish of the entire accessory are quite good and help keep the optic looking sleek and new for a fairly long duration.


The best part about the Bushnell -TRS 25 is that this is an optic that works well even in low- light conditions. The reason being the lenses are multi-coated to increase the transmission of light. The coatings offer better clarity even in darker conditions.

Eye Relief

Eye Relief

Since the Bushnell -TRS 25 has an unlimited eye relief, it can be easily used even with both eyes kept open.  This helps to keep the hunters more aware of their surroundings and in turn, also provide faster target acquisition. There is no need of centering and because this is a parallax free design gadget, there is plenty of scopes for you to use your optic comfortably without compromising the accuracy of your shots.

Field of view

The field of view is the area that you can view through your optic. If the field of view is wide it helps shooters to see a greater distance and aim better shots. The Bushnell -TRS 25 has an excellent field of view that is unlimited.  So, enjoy peering through your scope and track your targets with greater precision.


The Bushnell-TRS 25is a pretty versatile accessory that can be easily mounted on any Picatinny rail or weaver style. The optic can be secured with an Allen style cross screw that secures it to the rail.  Mounting as well as removing the optic is both easy and do not take much of an effort. This red dot optic is compatible for use by a variety of rifles, thus making it a versatile accessory It is stable and easy to mount and can be operated quite easily.

All Weather-proof

The Bushnell -TRS 25 is constructed to be fog proof by purging it with Nitrogen gas. This removes all moisture content which in turn prevents fog formation.

The gadget is also water-proof and can be safely used even in wet weather.  It comes with specially designed O-ring seals which keep dust, dirt, and moisture from getting inside.


Made with high-quality materials and designed to be tough and rugged, the optic performs well in almost all kinds of situations. Even though it is considerably lighter in weight it works extremely well and can sustain its performance in any type of weather conditions. Its durable construction contributes to the fact that this optic is highly dependable and will deliver optimum performance for a long time to come.


Priced at less than 100 bucks the Bushnell -TRS 25 is a must-buy for every shooter. Getting such a wonderful product at an even more wonderful price is kind of hard to believe.  It is worth every penny and more as it is an extremely handy and useful accessory that will never let you down even in the worst of environments. Its durable structure, advanced optics, and affordable price are a lethal combination which is simply hard to resist.


  • Improves the capacity of your riflescope
  • Provides more precision and extra accuracy for every shot
  • Clear reticle when settings are adjusted properly
  • Multi-coating on lenses for better clarity
  • Fingertip-adjustable elevation and windage settings
  • Used to easily track down targets
  • Shockproof, fog-proof and water-proof
  • Easy to mount and easy to detach
  • Long battery life which lasts for about 3000 plus hours for about 125 days
  • Absolute value for money


  • It appears to be too small as compared to a regular scope to be used with rifles.
  • Dot intensity tends to get a bit blurry when the setting is a bit high.
  • Dot brightness gets limited due to ambient lighting conditions


The best value for money optic – The Bushnell -TRS 25 is one of the best red dot sights you lay your hands on to get the best shots with your red dot. An extremely lightweight and compact device this optic will provide you great clarity and crisp images at a price that is truly affordable. The Bushnell -TRS 25 is one of the top-selling optics in the market today as it boasts of some technically sound features that deliver full-size performance in a sight with a reduced size and lower power consumption too. The affordable price tag is definitely one of its high points. Excellent customer reviews and the popularity of this accessory are proof of its untiring performance.

When you are armed with the Bushnell -TRS 25 by your side there is no doubt that you will have a great shooting experience no matter how hard or tough the conditions may be.


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