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Top 25 Influential Tech Companies In 2018

In today’s world technology is ruling our lives. There are tech companies all over the world making technology better. They strive to make technology easily available for masses. They aim to make technology practical and future ready as well. Be it a B2B or a B2C company, any company that started small and has made […]


Trust Google to never fail to surprise its users. It has always known to be one step ahead of the rest. Right from anticipating what the technology market needs next to becoming the biggest search engine, Goggle has proven its worth more than once. In the latest move by Google, could possibly take the complete […]

Internet of Things – The Past Present And The Future


IoT or Internet of Things has been a rage in the recent times. In an age where we like to stay connected where we like to control things at the tap of a finger, IoT has the best future. The concept of connected things is not new to us. In fact, it has been there […]

Deep Dive Into How DFP Safe Frames Block Malvertising


A fully SEO optimized, monetized, and influential blog is the goal. Monetizing comes with its share of challenges among them is keeping your blog from turning into spam central. The world of malware is a whole different animal, and it has penetrated advertising as well. Malvertising Malicious advertising, or malvertising, is when hackers embed malicious […]

AI And Creativity

In the present-day scenario, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is something that has taken charge of lives and in most cases in a very creative way. Experts firmly believe that the life of the human beings is significantly changing in more ways than one can even imagine due to the invasion of AI into our everyday living. […]